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He doesn't look like he has an inclination towards good. And looks like he's pulled a tap off the wall. That aside, decent enough, however he is no Thor, and could never replace him.

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I remember Ethan Edwards interferring with old Web head, and wasn't Wonder Man leaking ionic energy making him mentally unstable or something? I do like this team of 'not-villains' throwing down with the Avengers, they sure have the power to do so, 'twil hopefully be epic.

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They do seem very similar. As for Superman his direct copy is Hyperion, without question. Green Arrow and Hawkeye bore me so, but yes very much the same, different backgrounds but that's little excuse. I can't see Wonder woman and Carol Danvers being the same, their powers aren't, but as for being women consistently on the flagshop teams of both Marvel and DC, on that I can agree. As for Red Tornado and Vision, lol, once again they are both robots on big teams, but so long as their powers vary I have no foible with them. I think flying and super strength are becoming compulsory for many characters nowadays, which doesn't bother me, otherwise how could they throw down with all the other super-powered villain folk?!

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Arkillo leading the Sinestro corps maybe? Pretty cool, although it woud be better if it's namesake was still in charge there. I want Hal Jordan back. Put him in a new colour, rival his power with Larfleeze, one member to his corps, himself. Right?!

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I am curious as to why this time it's taking him so long 're-form' as he was shown doing this with ease after molecule man obliterated him. And when in the sun, void stated that would not achieve anything. Hmmm.

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I do hope Sentry returns in this. Although I really can't see that happening. I preffered him as a hero with problems rather than a crazed drug addict. Great writing there Bendis.

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I liked the idea of Carol and Spidey being in a relationship, her seriousness and regimented background would have worked brilliantly against his humour. Shame that didn't happen.

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@Mad_Wolverine: Yeah, I watched that it was a poor British effort. My justice would be exacted a little more strongly than having a panic attack.
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I think some won't agree just because they're used to seeing a white spidey. It does seem a little forced. Personally I've never really followed the Ultimate universe, I understand that Spidey was alot younger in this one, but my qualm is that this new character looks very young also, surely a changea in the status quo could mean a more aged one in this universe, not like spiderman: reign obviously lol (great story by the way).

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Beta Ray Bill would be awesome alongside Thor, having to kick some massive ass. I hear good things about 'Thrones' so here's hoping.