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I think thus far it looks a treat, just as the first one. I have a few apprehensions about it, nothing major, but I don't want his powers to be exaclty the same, sure keep the devastators, and the armour and the blade, but I would like to see some new stuff. As much as I loved InFamous 2, one thing was that the powers were all too familiar (except the fire and ice). I also don't agree with the story, I loved Alex Mercer,("murderer, terrorist.... I'm all these things") and the fact he wasn't a straight cut hero, he had a malevolent side, I wish they'd have kept the same main character rather than make him the antagonist so he'll be unplayable and rarely seen (this is something I can only assume, I could be wrong). Plus Mercer tried to contain the virus, not spread it, why would he suddenly go polar opposite (no doubt all will be revealed)? I find the dead family and wanting revenge story a little cliche I must admit. These really are minor things though, I'm still very excited and hope it will be just as good as the first!

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I'm getting confused, possibly because fo the revamp. Is Tim Drake going to be slightly younger now? And is Superboy a cyborg clone now (If so, then he's like the eradicator right)?

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@inkBot: Thank you for pointing that out. I didn't mean sandbox, although that seems the best type. I meant the way in which the character is viewed, style was incorrect, so what you said - visual delivery method of the third person variety succeeds with superheros! Thankyou also for the constructive criticism, although, indentations represent new paragraphs, but this isn't a book, so I understand the aesthetic appeal requirement.
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Very good point, one which I have pondered also. "One team to rule them all" as it were. There's no need for all these sub-groups with strange or constantly altering rosters, every hero who wants to be on the Avengers and is sanctioned to should be part of a massive group. But of course there wouldn't be so many titles then.

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There's taking inspiration from, and then there's plagiarism, to me it seems this tends towards the latter. I have no problem with Barbara taking on the Bat mantle again, but why would the "tron" anti-virus resemble her? I can't imagine software taking on a gender specific form, unless we are on the grid, which this isn't. And I suppose those crimials manifested out of random code or something? A silly plot deivce if so.
@Jordanstine: What were these from? I recognise Spidey's suit but not the others, they can't be the Mighty..

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They say "tap into the Speed Force", but I'm sure I've read somewhere that Barry Allen was discovered to be the very source of the speed force? Surely that means he doesn't need to tap into it, ... if he is it. Or am I mistaken?

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Iceman behind Wolverine?

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@spiderbat87: Could be either or anyone. I must confess, I had no idea Colossus was in possession of a helmet.
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I think I can see Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex on Uncanny X-force.  Strong Guy on X- Factor and maybe Polaris in the background? Warpath behind Jubilee maybe on X-men. Magneto and Juggernaut on Uncanny X-men. Finally, Sunspot on New Mutants, no surprise there.

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Avengers, the Mighty Avengers incarnation 'cus everyone loves powerhouses vs. Ultron. 
Annihilation storyline, maybe.
A better spawn movie.
The whole thing that started Civil War i.e. Speedball dealing with grief and becoming Penance and the Stamford disaster, that could work, possibly.