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I have indeed missed Iceman.

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@spiderbat87: I had heard promising things about that game, but as you say, I discarded it due to the film's, less than convincing, performance and portrayal.
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Surely Legion is a bit unhinged as well to say the least. With all his personalities he's a complete nut! I'd think anyone who consistently goes out of their way to help as many people as they can all the time could be argued as obsessive if not a little mentally strange. In this world, everyone is selfish, me included. So all these heroes seem a little weird in the head if you ask me, the villains who want only for themselves are more comparable to real people. That's what I think anyway. To solve the problem, do what they did to Hulk, fire 'em off into space, problem sovled.

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@Loki9876: That's a very good point.
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    It would be very unrealistsic for there to be no casualties during these epic battles. I would argue that a villain is not a villain unless he does something malevolent i.e. world domination, sure, but that would most definately require killing some people. I liked it when Black Manta behind that fish counter, killed those innocent people just 'cus he's a nutter. 
    The innocents need  to realise they are really nothing in comparison to metahumans or whatever superpowered being, mutant etc. and give them a wide birth so as to avoid becoming collateral damage. I think even though they help, superheroes should genuinely be feared more than respected by the general populus, for what they are capable of.

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I think thus far it looks a treat, just as the first one. I have a few apprehensions about it, nothing major, but I don't want his powers to be exaclty the same, sure keep the devastators, and the armour and the blade, but I would like to see some new stuff. As much as I loved InFamous 2, one thing was that the powers were all too familiar (except the fire and ice). I also don't agree with the story, I loved Alex Mercer,("murderer, terrorist.... I'm all these things") and the fact he wasn't a straight cut hero, he had a malevolent side, I wish they'd have kept the same main character rather than make him the antagonist so he'll be unplayable and rarely seen (this is something I can only assume, I could be wrong). Plus Mercer tried to contain the virus, not spread it, why would he suddenly go polar opposite (no doubt all will be revealed)? I find the dead family and wanting revenge story a little cliche I must admit. These really are minor things though, I'm still very excited and hope it will be just as good as the first!

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I'm getting confused, possibly because fo the revamp. Is Tim Drake going to be slightly younger now? And is Superboy a cyborg clone now (If so, then he's like the eradicator right)?

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@inkBot: Thank you for pointing that out. I didn't mean sandbox, although that seems the best type. I meant the way in which the character is viewed, style was incorrect, so what you said - visual delivery method of the third person variety succeeds with superheros! Thankyou also for the constructive criticism, although, indentations represent new paragraphs, but this isn't a book, so I understand the aesthetic appeal requirement.
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Very good point, one which I have pondered also. "One team to rule them all" as it were. There's no need for all these sub-groups with strange or constantly altering rosters, every hero who wants to be on the Avengers and is sanctioned to should be part of a massive group. But of course there wouldn't be so many titles then.

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There's taking inspiration from, and then there's plagiarism, to me it seems this tends towards the latter. I have no problem with Barbara taking on the Bat mantle again, but why would the "tron" anti-virus resemble her? I can't imagine software taking on a gender specific form, unless we are on the grid, which this isn't. And I suppose those crimials manifested out of random code or something? A silly plot deivce if so.
@Jordanstine: What were these from? I recognise Spidey's suit but not the others, they can't be the Mighty..