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Hawkeye looks dumb in my opinion. Thor and Loki look just as cool as they did in their movie. It will be interesting to see what suit Iron Man wears, thus far I haven't seen any triangular shape on his chest (his latest model in Iron Man 2) so does that mean they're discounting that stupid new element stuff I wonder? hmm.
@ninjacommando: Yeah by the looks of it, Chris Evans isn't big enough to fit it, and his head/helmet thing looks silly.
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I'm liking how they're releasing these. So the question is who carries what look like kitanas and channels some energy field through them? I got nothing.

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I started trying to write my own comic book, but decided that it fit more in novel format, so now it's turning into a book, with my own illustrations of the characters. If I had the time, I'd do it as a comic book, but my drawings take so long usually. Pratice makes perfect I guess! One day I'll be able to say I wrote a book, cour'se I'll be the only one with the only copy but who cares.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: So very true. I am disappointed Edward Norton isn't returning. The Incredible Hulk was excellent.
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Having seen Batman, Superman and Green Lantern in Justice League #1, I love their costumes! I'm not too knowledgable about the Justice League origins, but it sure seems a little daft to have the Justice Society on a different Earth, so they don't preceed them in this case, one can assume.

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I can understand there being a few teams i.e. X-force, Generation Hope, New Mutants, and obviously the split between Wolverine and Cyclops, but why would there be a need to make X-men and Uncanny X-men? Who you'd think would all be together.

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For a film interpretation that's positively great. I'm glad he's actually beefed up, just as Chris Hemsworth did for Thor and Christian Bale did for Batman, it wouldn't work as well had they not.

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Superman - big gun
Flash (Barry Allen) - he is the speed force right? recon, experience, leadership material
Ion (Sodam Yat) - Cosmic aspect, Oan battery database, big gun
Captain Marvel (Batson, preferably as Lord Marvel when he replaced Shazam) - Magical side, big gun
Captain Atom - timestream knowledge, very big gun
Red Tornado - every team needs a robot that creates tornados
Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) - for all the molecules out there
My idea is based upon superhero teams always being filled with powerhouses. Personal preference, I suppose.
I guess being so powerful they'd clash alot also, making for a greater dynamic within the team.

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I have indeed missed Iceman.

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@spiderbat87: I had heard promising things about that game, but as you say, I discarded it due to the film's, less than convincing, performance and portrayal.