Stop hogging the limelight!

    A big hello, hello, hello to everyone. If your thinking I overdid it on the 'hellos' you're probably correct, but sometimes that's apparently what it takes to draw the attention of others. As I'm sure you're all aware there are those few lucky characters in the world of comic-dom who have taken center stage among the plethora of allies and adversaries. My purpose today is not to question or analyse the attributes and characteristics of those whom are placed squarely on top of the popularity pyramid, but for once to give somebody else a chance, or at least make it known that some other heroes and villains possibly deserve more face time than they've been granted thus far. So let us help save the day from the background, but this time make an excessive display of activity and fuss in order to shift focus onto us for a change. 

Ms. Marvel #27 by Greg Horn
Funnily enough I shall commence with, what I assume to be, one of Marvel's most popular female assets, the kree-enhanced babe herself, Ms. Marvel. Reading the Avenger's reprints (in the UK) has shown Carol to be a strong, militaristic leader who can sometimes come across as overtly aggressive, but definately willing to show a softer side on occasion. Although she has featured in a fair number of incarnations of the team, my favourite so far had to be the Mighty Avengers, because for once she was given free rein, placed directly at the epicentre of it all, and let's be honest, that roster left very little to be desired. I'm fairly  sure she, at present, does not have her own series which is a shame beacuse things like her relationship with Spider-man (had it progressed any further I think would have been excellent, seriously!), which Venom reveals her true feelings towards him, was made so much more dynamic and intersting until he ditched her for Carlie Cooper. I wish to see a bit more of her personal life explored further like her past relationship with Simon Williams a.k.a Wonder Man and what she thinks of his crazy actions of late. I understand she has joined the New Avengers under Luke Cage's command (capital LOL, he's an awful character in my opinion) and webs is also featured here, possibilities perhaps? Of course I'll get round to reading those when aptly named "Heroic Age" begins sometime later this year.  
    Now for someone much less well known, whose comic-book appearances number only in the mere twenties, but I feel has great potential to become a popular figure. Equinox a.k.a. Terrance Sorenson could have garnerd more attention had he been used a regular Spidey foe rather than just another second rate criminal, of which there are becoming far too many to count. His power is likable and his strange horned, half-ice, half-fire appearance is very cool. I only noticed him thanks to a stroke of genius on Marvel's part for placing him as a mini-boss in Ultimate Alliance 2, and for that I am very greatful. I feel he would best be suited as a perfect addition to the Thunderbolts, having recently apologised to the Thing for his behaviour while playing the villain, and what appears to be a general longing for redemption. Bring on his next appearance I say.     
    Hopefully this next one hasn't completely disappeared from your memory, although he has a tendancy to vanish on a fairly regular basis, that is of course because he is the Spot a.k.a Jonathon Ohm (one would think a name like Ohm is better suited to an electricity based villain or if I'm being scientifically correct, an electrical resistance baddie, ha). Apart from Mysterio quite possibly one of my all time favourite Spider-man rogues (yes webhead is popping up here an uncanny amount of times so far). I first layed eyes on him during an episode of Spider-man: the animated series (you know, the best one!). He really hasn't featured much at all recently except as Mr. Negative's silent double agent within Hood's crime syndicate, a role which I think he performed most admirably, I was very pleased with that featuring him. Of course there is only so many times a Spider-man enemy can appear without it seeming like favouritism from the writers, unless the storyline revolves around them particularly, but the air of mystery that lends itself to the character I believe to be sufficient enough to give him a main feature in a story arc. Hell, the jackal is responsible for Spider Island right (anything can happen then). 
 Jonathon Ohm, the Spot

    Coincidentally, another Spidey rogue that deserves to be seen a little more has to be the well named Vincent Stegron, similar to Doc Connors he used dinosaur DNA, a hat tip to Ka-Zar, to grant himself powers (can you guess which dinosaur?) and I can recall a short storyline in which all the animal based characters were continually growing more feral (name of the story I think), webs included. Half-man, half-dinosaur isn't really executed enough for my liking, yes Sauron, but what's better, Pteradon of Stegosaurus? My choice is clear. This guy could be described as a tertiary presence, very rarely seeing the light of day, as with Equinox, he needs far more missions to sink his teeth into.
 Vincent Stegron

    Once again I must act as Living Tribunal does, restoring balance, by adding someone from DC, who I genuinely would like to see in less of a supporting role, Sodam Yat. Prophesized to be the greatest green lantern of them all, unfortunately after becoming Ion and perpetually self-immolating inside his beloved Daxam sun not much has been displayed of his ventures after being released from the bondage of empowering an entire race. Here's hoping.

    So in conclusion, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, I wonder if that grabbed any more attention of the oblivious, blissfully unaware writers who really should consider the 'little guy' more, see what I did there? Let's hope that somewhere along the lines these few will see a brighter future in terms of the light hitting them as one turns the page, boy how laboured was that. As for DC, I have previously mentioned I am much less knowledgeable regarding their characters, and cannot currently think of any more who I wish to see more of. Sorry DC fans, can't cater for all, all the time. Who would you like to see more of in comic books? The pleasure was all mine as always. Until the next time.
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Posted by KainScion

ms marvel cool, other 2 suck. peace

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I`d like to see almost everyone more. For example Demon and Spot.

Posted by mewmdude77

I want to see more of Toxin!

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Spidey doesn't hog the limelight, it follows him.