One for the movie buffs (part 1)

"And [snap] take 3, Action" is what someone might say if we were making a film, but today we only discuss them. I wish to lend my two-penneth to the subject of superhero films which I have viewed. I don't feel it necessary to go further than a simple review, or at least giving my opinion. This installment shall focus only on comic book translated movies, otherwise we would be here infinitely longer. So without further ado, let's commence.

Rather than chronologically, I'll work through by order of creator i.e. Marvel, DC comics etc. One constantly overlooked and flawed only by a few supporting cast members (Jennifer Garner and Michael Clarke Duncan) is the great interpretation of Daredevil, I think the darker image and apathetic display given by Ben Affleck was top notch, and the action sequences, few and far between, were well orchestrated. Consider this an unsung hero of Marvel's cinematic endeavours, I do.

Something garnering larger audiences and profits, the Spider-man franchise, has had it's fair share of criticisms, of which I have plenty. I find all watchable and enjoyable enough. The first was ok, great to see Spidey on the big screen. The second remains one of my favourite superhero films, Doc Oc was a great choice for villain, and very well executed. I never felt Kirsten Dunst, talented and beautiful as she is, fit the role. The third installment I can only bear should I not even contemplate the storyline or the laughably weak Topher Grace as a shoe-horned Eddie Brock/Venom. I hope better things for next years exploits with the lizard, and even so I cannot understand the reasoning for using an Ultimate inspired costume. Oh Marvel, you anger me so.

Ghost Rider was pretty much dispatched as poor, although I believe it's merits lie in Peter Fonda and the special effects, and Nic Cage's performance for the most part. I so longed for one of the coolest looking villains, Blackheart, to be shown in true form and not as some pale-faced heart throb, apparently that which is discernible to mortal eye. 3 out of 5.

The Fantastic four series, and be thankful it's only a series consisting of two films. The first far surpasses the second, how stupid I find Galactus to be as a cloud, granted his real appearance may not have suited a film adaptation, so simply use someone else. I liked Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom, but he was under utilised. Oh, and I hate Lawrence Fishburne's voice for the Silver Surfer!

Sometimes a superhero film can be made to seem as if it doesn't fit into that category, case in point, The Punisher starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta. A perfect example of how well done something can be if the comical "cheesiness" is removed and a darker more serious tone is taken. This one I like very much. I have no words to describe how awful Punisher: Warzone was. I understand a reboot is in the works, although they've made one good version, why bother? 'nuff said.

Why oh why did anyone believe Hugh Jackman to fit the role of Wolverine? Yes the X-men, principal series is mediocre at best, the second is by far the most praised, and rightly so. We all know the production hell which lead to the mess that is X-men: The Last Stand. Origins Wolverine was disappointing, and I hate how they used Deapool's name for some amalgamated boss fight in the final sequences, or how Sabretooth was Logan's.... brother? Now we move on to a much more recent and far more valid interpretation, X-men: First Class, which I think is absolutely brilliant, save for it's minor problems, Fassbender and McAvoy were excellent, as were the supporting cast (except Angel Salvadore and Darwin, pointless much?!). Spawning of a much more fluent series I hope.

Now the Hulks. Both must be viewed differently, Ang Lee's Hulk is to be watched and acknowledged as a well made portrayal of inner-torment, while The Incredible Hulk is to be understood as more of sterotypical superhero film. The exception in this case is that The Incredible Hulk is so much better than it's predecessor. Shame Edward Norton has been replaced by some nobody called Mark Ruffalo, who may or not give a convincing performance as the Green Goliath.

Ah, one of Marvel's hottest properties at present, thanks to a smooth talking Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man. Jon Favreau was the perfect choice to design an exceedingly entertaining film in Iron Man one. Jeff Bridges is brillaint as Obadiah Stane, and who'd have thought he could look so evil. The second movie was so disappointing, least of all thanks to the hapless acting chops of Mickey Rourke, ha. It is unfortunate such a great actor in Sam Rockwell was used to be nothing more than a stupid adversary. I disliked the War Machine suit, seeing as it's supposedly able to take on a whole Kree fleet and emerge victorius, and essentially be more powerful than Iron Man's armour, and it was so inferior it was verging on pointless. Yes I dislike this film quite intensely.

One many may not even know exists, is the Man-thing film, which is ok if you watch it as a horror and not a Marvel film. One thing which I loved about this, if I am correct in saying is that at some point, the Nexus of all realities is mentioned. It's nothing special so don't hold your breath.

Captain America: The First Avenger was very good overall, and I'm glad to see Marvel's movies becoming better all the time. I did not, however, enjoy the lack-lustre performance of Hugo Weaving, or that plastic mask he wore. some action sequences were a little tame and his shield wasn't used to it's greatest degree, but that's fine, this is introductory material after all.

The God of Thunder took a ride upon his favourite filly. "I'm Thor" he cried, the horse replied "You forgot your thaddle thilly!" In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, a stellar cast, and surprisingly well played Heimdal by someone of a completely different racial descent (still a foolish choice in my eyes). I disliked some of the silly humour and the whirlwind romance of Natalie Portman who knew him for no more than five minutes. The Asgardian elements were the best. And although Hemsworth fit Thor perfectly I have to say the star of the film for me was Tom Hiddleston as Loki, the villains often get overlooked, not here though.

I realise I have only covered Marvel here, that is because there are so many films I shall split this discussion into multiple parts (hopefully no more than three). I do believe much of Marvel's intellectual property hasn't received a rightful transferral to the big screen, but their success in undeniable. I just hope more directors can take a leaf out of movies such as X-men: First Class and Iron Man. It goes without saying a Sentry film would be AWESOME! What are your opinions on these films? Until the next time.

Posted by ComicRP

I agree with most of what you said.  However, I completely disagree with your opinion of Hugo Weaving's performance.  But your entitled to your opinion I suppose.  I like the article and look forward to the next one.  Thanks.

Posted by Loki9876

I also dissagree at hugo weavings performance he just didn't had many to do and I also dissagree with you opinion on iron man 2, it was not as good as IM1 but it was still fun and how din't you like warmachines look it's almost the same as the comics. Thor is my favorite marvel movie.

Posted by cattlebattle

I disagree about the X-Men franchise being mediocre...X2 was one of the best comic related movies made at this point. Also, what actor would have been good for Wolverine?? Hugh Jackman was a good choice at first....but after you see him dancing and singing on Broadway its just hard to make the connection there

Posted by LordRequiem

@Loki9876: I know a lot of people praised Weaving's performance but I have just never been a fan. As for IM2, I felt there was such a lack of of action and the end fight was very anti-climactic for me and too short. The war machine suit looks ok, but I thought it was too much likeIron Man's just bulked up, I wanted it to have a more unique appearance.

Posted by LordRequiem

@cattlebattle: Sorry, I meant the series as a whole I find mediocre, the third film weighs overshadows any good in my eyes. And I said X2 was best, because it is, it's a good film, I am glad the series has been rebooted/revamped though. As for who could fit Wolverine based on acting chops and looks? Jackman has the looks, although I'd say wolverine should be a little shorter and bulkier, as he is in the comics. I think he's done well in the cartoons, always more serious than everyone else, he wasn't as much here. Off the top of my head, the best I can think of, and for this he would have to be a bit younger and have either bulked or toned or whatever, is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that's only my opinion though.