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It's a lot like prison.

Interesting analogy. I do agree that it's often misused for other terms, like politeness and decency. So, should a parent automatically be respected since they gave birth to you? or do they still have to earn it like anyone else in life through their parenting? I think George Carlin sums it up best..

As for religion, you often hear we should respect other peoples religion? which makes no sense to me? why would you respect something you don't agree with? Now, that doesn't mean you can't be polite and decent to that person in conversing, but, do you have to show respect for their faith? why is respect constantly referred to other peoples faith/religion? Again, shouldn't that be earned, if you want respect?

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Would like to get peoples opinions and clarification on the term respect! Let's start with the text book definition of the term: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements! So, suffice it to say, that it should be something earned, not automatically given, imo. Lets say as a parent, is it automatic that one should respect their parent, irrespective if it's earned or not, of how that child is treated? Is that a one way road, a child has to automatically respect their parents, irrespective of the fact whether it is earned or not? Let's take another example, religion, majority of people say or believe that one's religious views or beliefs should be respected? But, if respect is about a feeling of admiration for something that someone has accomplished or elicited by their own abilities, qualities or achievements, how is simply believing in something an achievement or a quality? So why in that sense should the term respect be used when it comes to someone's belief in a particular religion? what has that person done for anyone else to admire and respect anything other than the fact they believe something? Is respect used in authoritarian ways? Is the word respect misused these days? Thoughts and opinions?

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The one about Jesus' wife.

Hmmm... Adam's first wife is a good read too.

I love the mythology behind Lilith


Not as well versed!

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@erik said:

The one about Jesus' wife.

Hmmm... Adam's first wife is a good read too.

I love the mythology behind Lilith

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A butter knife is made for spreading butter, but it can become a deadly weapon if used to gouge out someone's throat. Same with almost anything else. Human greed and ambitions and desire for power cause wars, but religion has almost always been a rallying tool used to reinforce it. Usually, in the form of justifying the terms, like "we're doing this for God!" or something.

Nice analogy, well put.

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Team one poses a problem in the form of Wolverines Adamantium as Thor doesn't have Mjolnir, and he has sliced of King Thor's arm with his blades, so he can cut him.

Strength wise, he easily kicked Hulk & Thing's ass handily

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Big difference is energy output. As stated, WB was destroying tectonic plates with just his footsteps from the radiation emanating from his aura. WWH is just the strongest version of Hulk physically, not to mention the most smartest/tactical version.

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@lordraiden: Ohhh, awkward. I just don't feel like entering this thread. The zingers around here annoy me.

all good, nothing like refreshing it on the latest page :-)

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I don't see how having religion being a (big) part of anyone's life could not influence their view on reality? It certainly did mine when that was all I new, but, that was also more than partly my fault because I never ventured outside of what I was taught. Not really because anyone was holding me back, just didn't have any reason or motivation to change the way I viewed things, boiling down to maturity, really, in my case. As to the second part of your question, from everything that I've seen, read and watched, I believe so imo. I've seen and watched a lot of intelligent people using circular logic to try and convince not only other people but themselves that what they believe is true. Try listening to one William Lane Craig, he does my head in at times. What posses someone with such intellectual intelligence to believe something that is removed so far from reality is anyone's guess?

There are moderate religious people, who want to believe in something, an ideology, but none of the supernatural quantities of said stories/religion, which doesn't really make sense to me? That just basically means your ignoring most of the text, and choosing only what comforts you, just the nice, soft, positive txt, imo. If your a Christian, then I don't see how you can call yourself a Christian if you don't tell other people they will burn in hell if they don't believe in their good book and it's messiah it preaches about, because that is exactly what their book tells them to do, unless your being told your interpreting it incorrectly? Which begs the question, if the good book is sooooo open to interpretation, it's a very poorly written book for a convincing notion that a divine entity is behind it, imo.

I don't see how a book about family bloodlines and siblings selling each other into slavery, daughters getting their fathers drunk and raping them, killing unarmed women and babies etc has any divinity behind it's inspirations in it, and could definitely have done so much better as far as using it for moral codes as far as I'm concerned. Sure, I think the bible has some really great and interesting literature in it, but, to take it as a whole and call it divine in it's inspiration and say that it can not be questioned is absolutely absurd, imo. On the contrary, it is constantly being questioned now days, to the point, I'm sure, within the next few centuries it won't resemble the holy bible that most people remember it the way it was, which will be a great step for humanity and it's future imo.

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Anyone here seen this trailer yet?

Yeah, I posted it on the previous page!