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LoL at the latest episode of TBBT

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@racob7 said:

Godzilla WRECKS.

He tanked the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.


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I'd love to see not the usual suspects, possibly Firestorm, SBP, DS, Brainiac, Captain Atom.

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after a scuffle, a decent victory for Gojira!

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I think with the fire power this team brings, not to mention the brains, Stark, Banner, Ultron, fire power + brains for the win, imo.

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Just watched Altered States, wow, what a trippy movie! Do yourself a favour and watch it! Interesting and different.

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@teerack said:

I guess if you don't know a lot about him and just think Joker is a simple psycho that could sound like a pretty compelling argument, but that's just not the case at all. Joker is one of if not THE most complex and explored characters in the entire DC universe. What this approach does it it cuts him down and makes him look like a simple sociopath when in fact there was always a ton more to him. Just think about every famous or decent Joker story there has ever been, and what would be the one big theme you'd find across all of his lunacy? That would be his theatrics. He is a clown, he puts on a show, the way things look and are presented are important. This just seems broken and thematically wrong.

You haven't even seen the film yet? or Leto's portrayal of the Joker acting wise. You've jumped deep and long into coming to a conclusion on what this Joker is going to be like exactly based on one photo that's been put out on purpose to generate buzz! Look, that shot is obviously designed to generate buzz being the first initial shot of his design in this movie, I find it amazing how people jump of the deep end basing everything on a promo pic on how he will suck and how much the movie will suck. I can honestly say, sure everyone has their opinion, but it's going to be hard to take seriously until it's based on the movie once they've seen it, not a photo, and not going on a rant on how they see the Joker and what he should have been according to them, again, based on one little pic a year before the movie has even come out? You honestly can't judge a movie or get a good feel for the atmosphere it's going for until it's released or see the trailer at least. Everyone has pre-conceived judgements, I get that, but to all those saying it's going to suck just because of this photo? Take a chill pill and wait till the movie comes out before you out right judge the guy as the Joker!!