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@lordofallhumans: Rowena is very much amped by the book of the dead and codex

That's not proven. The book has powerful spells and she can translate them, but the spell she used on Castiel was of her own creation. She was introduced as a powerful witch simply because she could kill demons which was unheard of until the colt and the very few things capable. Magically as in using magic and not acts of will she is more powerful, and Regina has better feats than Rowena and the ability to cast magic through an act of will.

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@ordinaryalan: He has his foresight, knowing what can kill an angel shouldn't be hard.

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I love Cas, but I feel like Rumple can win. Better feats more knowledge of magic and an ability that would allow him to conjure an angel blade.

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I'm leaning towards Regina in this one. Magically Rowena is more powerful than him as evidenced by her blocking his power and cursing an angel, something Crowley has yet to do, he talks a lot but we've seen at his core he is terrified by angels he can't charm. Regina is way more powerful than Rowena in my book. She also won't fall for his charm as she recognizes real evil on sight. Demons are human souls and she effectively used her magic against the soul of her fully powered mother, who has more impressive magic than Rowena or Crowley IMO.

Crowleys biggest power is manipulation, if he can trick her he can win, but he hardly uses power over charm, so Regina has a good chance of taking him.

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@outside_85: but they haven't which is why I said it has not been refuted, until it has it's just your usual song and dance about Jean/Phoenix being overrated when you constantly underrate her.

Ultimate Jean is Phoenix and would mop the floor with the Titans Raven included.

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@outside_85: I'm not gonna keep having this conversation with you every couple of months. Point is Xavier and Jean proved you only have to be a more powerful telepath than Emma to get past her diamond protection. Jean is more powerful than Emma hands down and that is not up for debate before the Jean/Emma beating Jean has enough feats against "immunity" greater than Emma's years before that confrontation for it to be consistent with Jean being the superior psi better trained and leaps and bounds more powerful.It was even shown that Emma with the Phoenix wasn't a match for Jean without its power per the Phoenix itself. If you want answers to your post then you can search the site where I have already debunked everything you believe ad nauseam.

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If true, it just sort of flies against the reason for using it, and it draws into question whenever or not there actually is any part of the modern Jean that can be used here because she's so intwined with the Phoenix that you can't tell one from the other.

Not really the confusion comes from looking at pictures without knowing dialogue. The Phoenix itself told Jean it had removed all traces of it's power from her after she used what she took from Maddie against a Celestial. For years after that she only using the name to pay respect to Rachel. After OZT Jean said she would no longer be holding back her own power and was sick of Scott thinking every time she was powerful it was the Phoenix to take back her life she began to use Phoenix imagery as a middle finger to everybody that said she can't handle her own power. Jean was not Phoenix powered again until she showed Phoenix power not raptor imagery, Phoenix power was shown in the resurrection of herself and Wolverine and using the energy of the Sun to build a ship to fly back to Earth, something she stated she couldn't do before.

If you are thinking about near the end of Morrisons run where she and Logan were stuck on Magneto's ship... yeah, she did, when the U-Men showed up on their doorstep and she didn't even notice her clothes had caught fire. (the encounter is on page 4 of this)

Once again Jean had been flaring up like that years before Morrison's run and explained she was getting a handle of HER newly manifested tk not the Phoenix, once again a case of people looking at pictures without know she had no Phoenix power per the Phoenix force in Excalibur.

Not really, because you are talking about two seperate things. Jean can and has drawn on the power of the Phoenix often enough, what she is talking about there is waking the bear that makes her act like a god. Very much the same condition Raven has with her powers, they all stem from Trigon, but she can only tap into so much of it before she turns another shade of red. Also, you yourself posted a scan of Jean, backed by the Phoenix including using altered speech, forcing her way into Emma's mind while in Diamond form on page 8.

Until the resurrection Jean had only channeled Phoenix power when she used up what she took from Maddie years ago, there is nothing showing her using actual Phoenix power until she actually did a fear that was beyond her power, like resurrection and surviving the Sun. During her encounter she was trying to terrify Emma. She made reference to not throwing bolts of psychic lightning like before when we all know that Jean was not the one that did that to Emma it was Phoenix pretending to be her. Emma even mentions that Jean was merely bullying her. Another case of pictures without context. Jean used those same altered speech bubbles before Morrison's run to trick people she knew were afraid of the Phoenix. Once during the time she and Xavier were using a telepathic illusion to find out the traitor before the 12 story, once again when she attacked a shi'ar guardsmen, and again when she tricked the last survivor of D'bari into thinking he had avenged his planet by killing her. As a matter of fact she frequently used it during Revolution when she had telepathy only, each instance having no actual Phoenix power.

Was this when Emma was actually in diamond form?

If you're talking about Xavier, it was when Emma was trapped in diamond form to hold the void sliver, Scott entered her mind by Xavier using his telepathy through that form.

Before the Phoenix was introduced Cain had also lost a fight with the Savage Hulk who managed to tear his helmet off and knock him out by throwing him at a mountain. The point is how inconsistent things were back in the day.buy

Not relevant at all. First off people removing his helmet was the reason he created the skullcape to protect him from having his one weakness exposed. What was consistent was Xavier being considered the most powerful telepath on Earth never breaching it telepathically. It is also consistent that Jean possessed far more power than Xavier meaning telepathic limitations were made based on what was possible for him until he encountered a certain redhead telepath that could exceed his limits of which he himself has made note of.

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Jean solos, outside of tremendous tp/tk she can manipulate time, fly fast enough to travel to the end of the universe in about a month, beat Silver Surfer and force her way into heaven to find her father. With nothing to refute it according to the Shi'ar of ultimate Earth Phoenix basically created the ultimate universe.

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Raven Wins. Jean wouldn't be able to use her telepathy very effectively as Raven could easily use her soul to fortify her brain. With a lot of focus and control Raven would win by it might not be that easy.

Jean Grey has used telepathy against helmeted Juggernaut (twice), helmeted Magneto, diamond Emma (on three separate occasions) and power activated Cipher, all of whom were stated to be immune to telepathy under their respective conditions when Jean used her telepathy on them.

Allow me to remind everyone that Jean in this battle is without the Phoenix, which makes atleast 2 of the diamond Emma feats invalid (because they took place in Morrisons run if I am not mistaken).

Now allow me to remind you that Jean has been using Phoenix imagery as a power signature since OZT, without actually channeling the force. I'll also remind you that it was shown that Jean was not using the Phoenix until after her resurrection in the Sun. She explained to Wolverine that she couldn't simply fly them back to Earth because the Phoenix was only speaking to her and could only replace her if she let it get too close, the fact that she needed a ship to get to him and couldn't get back to Earth before the awakening of the Phoenix consciousness goes directly against any assertion that she was using the power of the Phoenix to enter Emma's mind. The fact that the heat of the Sun was beyond her power to cool down even with control over molecules, when we know a Phoenix powered Jean can survive in a Sun as well as use it's energies for her own use on two occasions is more proof of no actual Phoenix power until after death. On top of Xavier being able to get in Emma's mind but never being able to get in Cains mind with his helmet, yet Jean proved without holding back she could breech the helmet before the Phoenix was introduced. Proof of Jean not channeling Phoenix before the Sun is plastered all over this site by others and myself.

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@vashtanerada88: yeah they are not losing due to Tracy based on her freezing humans and super humans with human durability, stop acting like she has Iceman level cryokinesis, she doesn't. They don't have any fluid in their body's that behave like those of a living being besides random sperm cells, no proof that their venom which was vulnerable to fire can be frozen unless she actually freezes things on the molecular level, and freezing humans is not proof of that. Nothing is stopping a projective empath like Jasper from neutralizing her by projecting any number of feelings including self doubt to keep her powers from functioning normally. Nothing is stopping them from rushing her water form and dispersing it as opposed to using ineffective slashing attacks like Edgard did. If her rate of reconstitution is not instant that counts as a KO. Show me her being bum rushed at superspeed having her form scattered and not falling into a neat puddle or going down a drain to reconstitute after several hours, then I will only agree stalemate because she can't hurt any of them.