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@outside_85: Anybody that died as a result of them trying to regain power is her fault because they would not have had to do that if she did do what she did.

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@dextersinister said:

Lol, Quire gets stomped, Psylocke just walks up to him and punches him in the face.

Endsong was when he was still incorporeal from the power enhancing drug, post resurrection this is how he fares against Emma.

I would say that is the equal of a telepathic suckerpunch. Quire doesn't defend against it because he didn't see it coming.

Emma was using telepathy to talk to him before she poked him, that's not a sucker punch considering she has used her skill to beat another omega level mutant. Quire will get more than poked by Psylocke.

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Betsy should win, he is supposed to be more powerful but she is a combat teleapth and more skilled at fighting in and out of the astral plane. He has on panel feats that will make people that ignore logic think he will win because of feats. Logically Betsy is the more skilled telepath and will not play games with him.

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Jean is the #1! i say this because she has remained even though she has been "dead" while all the rest of these women everybody else had picked are not. When the rest of them have died and still been as relevant during and after all those years we'll talk.

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@fridric said:

It depends of the writers. Even if they are more skilled or more potentials here and here, it's too fluctuant in Marvel comics to consider certain better than others.

Writers have consistently placed Xavier and Jean above all mutant telepaths with Nate Grey only using more power and having no skill.

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It makes sense from a lot of practical standpoints.

Emma is:

  • The only grown up telepath at Scott's hideout
  • One of the most skilled telepaths around
  • A teacher
  • Has quite a bit of experience with the older Jean

That said, Emma does come with quite a few problems:

  • The centrifuge of problems surrounding Scott Summers and these two
  • Older Jean and Emma seemed to be more rivals than friends even before Summers appeared on Emma's radar
  • Emma is pushy and so is her teaching methods, that's fine and it's done with the best of intentions... just not with a Jean Grey
  • Despite all her good intentions and love of teaching, it has been remarked (by the Cuckoo's in a moment of anger) that she isn't very good at it considering how many of her students are now dead.


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@roddy010 said:

@wonkka: Agreed and excellent post. Electromagnetism is one of the strongest of the four fundemental forces of the universe. This ability gives him near infinite range so I can't understand why he hasn't been labeled as atleast an omega level threat. I guess its more to do with how taxing the extremes are to his physical body.

I'm too drunk to respond to the other things I will respond to later...his body being taxed is the only reason he will never be an a omega. An omega will transcend the body after it is taxed, Magneto needs machines to fix him if he pushes to far.

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only brought it up because you were referencing Fear itself. And while Emma might have been afraid about Jean returning, and lets be honest, everyone should be nervous if she comes back all things considered, she would not have tried to kill the girl in her sleep, and in fact didn't even know she was doing it until Namor snapped her to her senses. That was a god of fear in her head and pushing whatever fear was in her to the point of near insanity.

I referenced it because it's relevant to the Jean/Emma relationship. We know the fear god pushed her, but the fear god does not create fear, and her fear was Jean all the fear god did was exploit that.

what WOULD she have to do to make you think she can be trusted? She has been an X-man for years now. One of the most consistent things about her has been that her passion is teaching, she is good at it, and she loves her students.

Let's keep it real, she was not teaching Gen X, more than she was an administrator. Banshee was the real teacher. She didn't even know that M had a teacher in Gateway and was surprised the girl was a telepath.

I haven't seen anything point to Rachael or Psylocke being exceptionally good teachers. Sure they could teacher her, but Emma is the one who is best it. Even if both Psylocke and Rachael were there, Emma would still be the best choice IMO.

I said Rachel or Betsy would make better teachers? I have not argued that Emma is not a good teacher, I just don't think she is the best teacher for Jean. She has issues with Jean. I said if Jean needs a teacher why not the man that she raised and taught all about telepathy...Cable

Emma did not steal Teen-Jean's man, and Teen-Jean is not the one who has been the shadow looming over Emma and Scotts relationship. The idea that they SHOULD hate each other is honestly stupid.


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@darkday said:

@adamtrmm said:

Apocalypse and Proteus are not Omegas btw.

I really stopped caring about the term, maybe it did mean something in the beginning, but so much has changed since I don't really think even the writers know what to do with that title besides entitling their pet characters lol

To me it has always been writer speak for... "Watch out for these guys, they can potentially be story breakers." Almost all of the confirmed Omegas are people that on a team can completely destroy all tension in a story, so yeah I just have always thought of it as such.

@macyordie said:


I heard that Dazzler was an Omega level? Not sure though, as I'm still new to the [real] X-Men (curse those movies).

She is. I could have sworn there was some line or another about her having limitless potential because there is no limit to the amount of energy she can create so long as there is sound available.

Did they use the workd Omega? or just say she had limitless potential, because Magneto has limitless potential but an omega he is not.