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@ec2277 said:

X-Men Apocalypse will be placed between X-Men first class and X-Men 1, then it would be absurd use the same actor of X-Men 1, to play the role of Xavier and Magneto, because they are aged in the meantime.

I only hope that Xavier and Magneto will be portrayed in a way more similar than the first movie, because I didn't liked the Xavier and Magneto of X-Men first class.

I so agree!!

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This is spite.

Almost everyone from the Buffy team could solo lol

If the other team just stands there, all you have to do to beat Hamilton is be stronger than Conner and drink some of his blood which will then give you the power of the Senior partners which Eric, Bill and vampire Tara can do because they are all stronger and faster than Conner and Angel.

Willow can be killed in seconds by vampire blitz because at the end of the day she is only human.

Illyria, and Twilight are the biggest threats on this team with Jasmine coming in close because they don't have the means to kill her, but her team doesn't have the means to kill Mary Ann either so. Glory is too unstable and cannot sustain her Glory form indefinitely getting hit hard enough has made her revert to her all too kill-able Ben form.

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@lukehero said:

@lordofallhumans: I still see willow soloing she could BFR the enemy team, if they come back from a portal. She can see Sookiebis the one using magic, kill her then BFR the rest of them. Also if she sends them all to different places only Sookie would be capable of returning and she wouldn't know where willow sent the others. The only major threat is Sookies ultimate blast which would completely drain her. After that she would be completely defenseless. If willow avoided or dodged it, Sookie would be screwed.

Willow can still use TK as well to toss things at Sookie and kill her from a distance. As far as using a ritual, not everyone can pull that off you still have to have enough mojo on you're own to cast a powerful spell. So Willow is still planetary as she can cast a spell than can effect the entire planet.

Also Dark Willow was able to summon fodder like she did at the end of season 6.

In the Night Club scene Willow and Amy cast spells that transmute and change the entire club and even seem to put people under mind control.

I still see Willow using her magic to solo.

That's fine, I was merely countering BFR with portal creation, and first you'd have to prove Willow can send multiple targets to different locations all at once, because she has never done it in the show so there is no reason to believe she will pull it out in this fight. Sookie does not need her ultimate blast, her regular light blasts have broken every spell they encountered, there is no reason to believe Willow magic will do any better against anti-magic which is basically what fae magic is to witchcraft.

While Willow is focused on Sookie, one of her many protectors, Tara, Bill, Eric or Sam can kill Willow. Sam can turn into an insect go into her mouth and shift to human size the way he did to Rosalyn, Willow is not coming back from that. That spell hardly did damage to the area it was cast in, Willow being able to use an effigy and say she is going to cast a spell that will destroy the world is different than being planetary especially when we never got to see much from her doing it, it's all speculation, we know for a fact that she was not using her power she was channeling the power of the Earth to funnel it through the effigy and it was that power that was going to burn the world, not her own power, because like I said if she was planetary she would have never left the Magic Box.

Fodder that even Dawn could handle?

Amy and Willow were together and hopped on a magic high and not fighting, I'm not applying them playing with unsuspecting humans to her being able to just do things in a battle that she doesn't really do in a battle, if she thought like that when she was fighting she would have just changed her friends and been done with it, but she didn't because she is not a fighter, just a powerful witch. Vampires, Mary Ann and Sookie are immune to mind control as far as the show showed.

I still don't see Willow as being as big a part as the rest of the more durable members of her team, baby vamp Tara could rip Willows throat out before she knew what happened, and Sookies light counters witchcraft.

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@nate8080 said:


Doesn't work, the Oathbreakers would only heed Aragon's command if they knew he was in his right mind. The whole "control Aragorn" thing is a ruse that doesn't work.

How exactly would they know he wasn't in his right mind? They can intercept telepathic commands? And how exactly does that stop Ghost Rider and the demons from his movie? They can interact with ghosts/souls.

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@lordofallhumans: Okay, if you think Sookie can come even CLOSE to stopping Willow---if you think the True Blood vamps can do ANYTHING to Glory---if you think the vamps-who would have NO IDEA what Illyria could do regarding time (they'd already be at a disadvantage if they DID know ahead of time) or the level of her strength, durability, etc.---if you think what Buffy did to the Ubervamps doesn't compare with the True Blood vamps---you have, in my opinion, a VERY low ball opinion of the Buffyverse characters. I didn't bring their COMIC BOOK personnas into this, because that would be overkill. The TV versions are more then sufficient.

You are entitled to your opinions. But you are SERIOUSLY lowballing people.

We are not EVER going to agree here.

There goes that if you don't agree with me you're low balling, when if fact you are overestimating the Buffyverse. Willow is a witch, fae magic neutralizes magic in the form of witchcraft, that is not low balling, it's stating facts. If Buffy can hand with Glory so can the vampires, and that is all I said. I have an idea of what she can do with time because they showed that all she could do pre-depowered was slow it down, as humans and vampires using their normal speeds were still moving, if Eric can see things in slow motion when he is moving then it stands to reason he can move at, at least normal speeds when everything else is in slow motion, and he is stronger by far than Angel from the show, so if Angel can deck Illyria so can Eric and so can Bill. You didn't bring their comic book personas into this because the OP gave specific versions, so anything you would have said about comic personas would not have been a valid argument in the context of this debate.

The only low balling being done is you comparing True Blood vampires to Buffy and her vampires when there is no room for comparison when watching both shows. Saying that people can provide a logical counter to your specifics points is not low balling, it's called debating. I didn't say TB would win, only that they are not helpless in this fight and have feats to match certain feats from the Buffy team.

I will NEVER care.

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@lukehero said:

@lordofallhumans: She could only Dimension hop in the certain spots like the Graveyard. Sookie wasn't that powerful in the show. She was pretty low on the Fairy Totem Pole. Sure she had powers, but all she did was fight street level vamps and she still has average human durability. Dark Willow was planetary and almost destroyed the world.

That's why I assumed you were talking about the novels(which I didn't read, but my sister & friends talks about them). Willow would drain her of magic, and most likely even sense how powerful she is. And why are you calling it Nova Bombs? It's just simple light powers, no one on the show ever said it was Nova Level.

"Street level" vamps in TB are above what is commonly referred to as street level because they are superhuman in every sense of the word, and Russell was far from being as low as those vamps and her light worked on him just fine, as well as Pam and Billith. Dark Willow was only planetary as far as sensing the pain of the world, she almost destroyed the world through a ritual that apparently can be done by anybody, since it was already tried before she found the effigy, if she could destroy the world through an act of will, she would not have had to leave the Magic Box to do it. Sookie could move through dimesions where a portal was created which is why she go in and out of the fae night club which existed on a different plane of existence. Later Warlow used his light to go to a plane they were in from near her house and then when she heard Arlene in the graveyard she was able to open a portal there which allowed Eric to find Warlow. Before the only portal that was in the graveyard was the one she and her grandfather used to escape Mabs realm and that realm was sealed, so the portal she used after she escaped was created by her when she left Warlow. The fae plane that her godmother brought her to did not have fixed portals as it was entered from various places in Bon Temps, until Sookie created a fixed one in the graveyard.

Fae magic neutralizes witchcraft, so Willow would not drain her magic, she would actually neutralize her own in the process. Her grandfather said it was hotter than the Sun and could only be used by royal fae, making it different than the light grenades used by the fae rebels, so I call them nova bombs.

She was not the most powerful being in the show, but to counter Willow BFRing her and her team I gave you her having the ability to open portals, and dispel magic which she has done in the show.

Like I said Team Buffy should win this, but like I also said arguments can be made.

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In regards to your comments, I respect that the views you expressed are how you see things, and acknowledge that this is how you feel. I, however, dis agree with what you have stated.

That's what this board is all about.

From watching both shows, I see no HUUUGE superiority, in general, that the True Blood vampires have over the best of the Buffyverse vampires (save for an updated, superior budget to display powers such as super speed better). I would match many of the apocalyptic battles that Angel and Spike were involved in-including ones with some of the very people-Hamilton, Illyria, et.al., displayed in the OP-with anything the True Blood characters faced. Angel and Spike's damage soak (especially in the later years of the shows) was ridiculous. And a Buffy that can survive the poundings of Ubervamps, Adam, Glory, and Caleb can take ANYTHING the True Blood vampires can dish out (and if she has the Slayer Scythe, their dooms will be occur all the FASTER). Her speed feats (springing a bear trap and then yanking her leg away before the trap could close, outracing cars, dodging bullets fired at her-from two guns by Darla, and from a rapid fire, multi caliber arm weapon by Adam) show she has the speed to keep up with True Blood Vampires, and her combat skill (trained relentlessly by her Watcher in classic and modern techniques, not to mention retaining the memories and skills of all the Slayers before her, GUARANTEEING an INSURMOUNTABLE advantage in combat) seals the deal that she can survive in the True Blood realm with a minimum of difficulty.

The first sign of their superiority is that humans cannot physically fight or match vampires in TB without weapons and magic, while non-slayer high school kids and librarians have engaged Buffy vamps in H2H and won. Spike spent nearly an entire season in a wheelchair, TB vamps heal instantly from wounds that would cripple a mortal but Spike was paralyzed. Buffy does not have the speed to keep up with TB vamps regardless of budget restrictions and is still quite human as far as bodily functions go, TB vamps don't need to rest except in the day time and can still stay up and function if need be. Eric moves and the world looks like it does when Illyria slows time, that is much different than dodging a bullet, her skills don't matter because her vampires are not as fast or strong as the vampires from TB, Eric decapitated three armed guards in less than a second, Russell decapitated a vampire in less time. When I see damage that a Buffy vampire did described as looking like a twister touched down or traveling several miles from one town to another faster than a speeding car can get their, we can talk about them being a match for TB vamps.

Glory would SMASH True Blood vampires. And the o---oh, there's no sense in belaboring the point. To expand (and close) on what I said before-On a team consisting of Glory! Illyria! Jasmine! Dark Willow! (oh oh) Hamilton!! and Twilight-a truly unnecessary, over-kill inclusion!!---

Glory has been taken aback by blows from Buffy and Buffy is not stronger or faster than a baby vamp like Jessica. Hamilton was knocked on his a$$ by Conner and he can't even beat Faith. Willow as powerful as she is, would be killed quick due to being human or the fact that Sookie can cancel out the effects of witchcraft creating powerful feedback. Illyria does not stop time so there is nothing to say she can stop Eric or Bill from moving completely and if Angel can punch her across a room so can Eric, Bill and possibly Mary Ann as she is more powerful than vampires. Jasmine can be hurt but not killed by them as I mentioned, but her mind control won't work. Mary Ann cannot be killed unless she believes it is time for her to meet her god and makes herself vulnerable. Like I said the only person they have absolutly no hope against is Twilight. They will not win, but they will not be helpless when we break down what everybody can do.

Holy mis-match, Batman!!

Team Buffyverse SLAUGHTERS True Blood!!!

This is spite, Spite, SPITE!!!!


Pretty sure she can do all that. The Comics are 100 percent canon as they are written by Whedon himself after the show went off the air. Pre depower she was full power. She can end time at best but would kill herself in the process.

If in the comic her parts of powers were trapped in her relics (IIRC) then she cannot access her full power pre-Time Bomb, because she did not have those relics before.

I also never stated anything about freezing time lol. she slows it down alot. Vampires like Angel, and Spike are near Mach speeds and see here as barely a blur.

In the show Angel and Spike have always fought her at normal speeds that humans can match, so like I said nobody using super speed has every actually been in the range of her time slowing, if Eric can sense things with same effect it's safe to say he will at least be able to move normally during her time slowing, and he hits harder than Angel since 176 year old Bill has feats of strength on par or better.

She can transform if she is full power, like she did in hell. Full power is full power. Her normal human form is enough to fight a dragon, after being depowered to boot. Changing periods of time is something she does in the show and in hell when she lost control of her power, going insane again.

No she can't, if the OP says it's pre-depower that means feats after the fact don't count and she was not able to transform pre-depower or there would have been no point in Time Bomb stressing that her shell could not contain her powers, if all she had to do was alter the form to a form that could.

The facts are there. Ignore them if you like. Illyria > Twilight Angel by alot. Same for Jasmine truth be tell.

There facts but when context is added to them, they don't say solo or stomp. Pre-depower Illyria showed nothing to place her on par with Twilight even though I do believe if they had expanded on her the way they should have she would be, but going by feats, not really.

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@lukehero said:


Sookie is a fae halfling that can travel through dimensions and dispel magic.

Only this is True Blood, not the Southern Vampire Mystery Novels meaning the two have completely different meanings of cannon. In The show Trueblood Sookie isn't nearly that powerful.

You got it mixed up, in the show fae and halflings have telepathy and fae magic they call their light which can create energy blasts, nova bombs, light grenades, create and seal portals, enhance the strength of objects so that vines can hold 5500 year old vampires, dream walk, create illusions, view the past by connecting to the energy of the universe, break mind control, dispel illusions, break spells and disrupt magic, shapeshift, attune to the standard of beauty in which ever dimension they are in, teleport, experience more than one dimensional and temporal frequency at once, and even create pocket dimensions.

Sookie is of royal blood and can move between dimensions, fire energy blasts, create nova bombs, read minds, break mind control, break spells and disrupt magic in the show. In the novel she was basically regulated to mind reading which she got from a demon not from being fae and being supernaturally attractive.

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@lordofallhumans said:

@primebonnick said:

So unfair team buffy wins so easily

I agree they will, but the only thing that makes it a cake walk is Twilight. There are arguments that they can keep up with the others even if for a little while.

I think you underestimate Illyria by alot.

Multiple feats like slowing time to a crawl, shape shifting, massive durability, dimension opening, and enough power in her to blow away a portion of the west coast.

Here Illirya shows complete immunity to Psychic attempts.

Here Illyria in her true form takes on a army of Hell's fighter jets and Dragons. No probs there. She also is stated to be searching for that point in time to end existence!

Here in her Human form she slows time nearly stand still, and walks out of the top floor of a building while Angel is still airborn from falling.

She can open Portal to any dimension on a whim.

In the Show and comics, she showed the ability to fight a foes in different time periods of their life. Including when they were babies.

Can collapse Time and end Existence.

No I'm not you, I know what she can do and what she was shown to do pre-depower. She slows time and was not shown doing that to anybody that was actually using super speed. Pre-depowered she does not have access to her full power so most of these scans don't even count in regards to this thread. There is also nothing to suggest she can release the power to destroy a portion of the west coast without actually dying herself. So while she is indeed powerful you can't use that as a feat because not only did it never happen it is not a battle tactic, it is her dying. Time is still moving regardless of her power over it, Eric has shown he can speed up his senses to make time appear to crawl. Like I said Team Buffy wins, but not because the other team is helpless, there will be a small fight.

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@nate8080 said:


Yes I did, explain to me how any of these characters (movieverse only) would be capable of getting rid of entities which they are completely incapable of touching or manipulating in any way?

By controlling the guy that controls them telepathically and then there is Ghost Rider and the fact that ghosts are nothing but souls and the souls of a bunch of warriors are bound to have all kinds of sins. Jean herself could kill everybody while commanding Aragorn to dismiss the ghosts.