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@shadowpro: he doesn't need prep he can manipulate angelic script and thanks to God knows everything about angels. Enochian magic is just as effective against archangels as it is against regular angles, because the difference is power, but they are all angels. GodCas would be a problem because he has no more Angel weaknesses, this is Metatron without the tablet. With it he says he's God because he tap the full power of the tablet and have power on par with God.

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IIRC they specifically said that Megatron had power on God's level with the tablet. He should win every time. Even without the tablet he knows more about creation and magic then they do because he can read and understand the language of God.

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@lordofallhumans: my mistake, it was the book where he was described as a blur during baseball. They were still visible during their baseball game in the movies as Bella watched it all unfold.

Those men were authority members, they were sent to bring Eric to heed after his interaction with Nan who he had by the throat before she could react. Eric showed that he would have no trouble speed blitzing many armed humans in the last season when he blitzed the compound and killed everyone.

Bill's greatest feat of strength was replicating the damage of a tornado hitting a trailer and the surrounding woods.

Speed wise, I just haven't seen anything from Edward to put him near Eric's level; Bill's level, sure but not Eric's.

We watched it all unfold I can't say what Bella watched, but I was under the impression that she couldn't follow it just like she she couldn't in the very beginning. The baseball game could not have been easy for her to follow either considering they were disappearing into the woods chasing the ball. TB vampires including Eric are visible when using speed. The only time I can remember a vampire moving so fast that it looked like teleportation even to the viewer is when Russel killed that Authority guy in the Lilith chamber, if there are others let me know.

The point is those guards were featless and not expecting a fight. Yes it shows how fast he is, but it's a good speed feat not a good combat feat when compared to opponents with comparable speed and full knowledge that they will be in a fight, with a precog, telepath and empath on their side. When he, Bill and Nora were caught they surrendered and the people helping them were killed before they knew what happened. My point is the authority does not expect aggression from their members (Eric was a sheriff), but when they do expect it he and two other vampires stood no chance, so they surrendered. Just like he did to the human Yakuza. He did not blitz the compound, he walked up on unsuspecting guards in daylight, giving them no reason to believe he was a vampire even if they did see him, it's the same reason Bill got so close to the Governor during the day, nobody knew about daywalking faery blood. He did not kill everyone, he killed the guards on duty outside, there would be no reason to have a full detail in the daytime at a prison for vampires anyway, he then released the prisoners and they killed everybody.

I said Bills greatest on-screen feat was punching through the wall. We did not see him destroy the trailer. We have no idea what it took for him to set up the scene to look like a tornado touched down or if he had help from the nest that was living in his house at the time . I have used that to show the kind of strength he has too, but it can be argued that it was not as great as it sounds because we didn't see it. There is nothing to suggest that difference in the strength, like the speed, of the vampires is significant. Feat wise TB vamps usually only display strength on humans and weaker vamps. Twilight vamps only have feats involving their own kinds and wolves that are also superhuman in nature. That doesn't say who is stronger, only that they may be closer than you would like to admit.

You also haven't actually proved that Eric is on a level so far above that it matters. I have not seen anything to suggest he is that much faster than any vampire from Twilight. Like I said their speeds are comparable and if he is faster it's not by such a margin that it would make a difference, especially when you are suggesting he can solo.

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@lordofallhumans: I've not seen the need for fire because when their heads are removed they are at the very least KO'd which is a win.

Bella saw a Edward as a blur when he was play baseball for starters. The authority guards have at a minimum of Jess' speed which is very nearly a blur, that is the bare minimum and still highly impressive.

Are you referring to the flashback? Those were vampires for sure and how on Earth would be respond seeing as they were threatening Pam? He wasn't going to risk it, I don't see him playing it safe as a feat against him.

It surely will take more effort to behead a Twilight vampire but I've seen nothing to suggest that he couldn't do it. Twilight vampires really haven't shown anything strength wise that is above Bill Compton.

Edward's speed feats really don't impress when compared it Eric's.

There is a need of fire because their nature dictates they must be burned.

She narrated seeing them as blurs? Because before that she claimed they moved faster than the eye could see. The authority guards were fodder and did nothing but get killed, there is nothing impressive about it when trying to gauge his speed against actual opponents. Not to mention, again, they we not expecting a confrontation.

They were not vampires. They used no vampire powers and were handling silver with their bare hands without burning, definitely human. You say he can move before other vampires can think, so he should have had no problem killing all those Yakuza as they were only human and very close range.

I didn't say he couldn't do it, I said he won't do it with the ease he does it on TB, and since they all have super speed and perceptions to operate at super speed, they will see him when he attacks the first of them and can easily attack him and remove his head as easy as you seem to think he can beat them all. Bills biggest on screen strength feat was punching through a wall with his full strength, didn't Bella and Emmet damage a boulder playing around? Strength is debatable, most TB vamp strength feats involve flinging around humans and other vamps, something that every vampire in this debate can do.

His speed feats don't need to impress you, just know they are real and arguably comparable especially since he is the fastest vampire in his universe.

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@lordofallhumans: continuity is for amateurs.

I disagree, IMO it's lack of continuity that has amateurs ignoring everything that has ever happened to the Xmen.

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@lordofallhumans: how many twilight vamps have you seen come back from being beheaded? How many have even moved? These guys have been basically down for good once they have been beheaeed, I'm yet to see the reason for the fire at all to be honest.

I've already debated the speed of these, of the a Twilight Vampires Edward is the fastest but he is still visible to humans as a blur just like Bill Compton. Eric is a whole nother monster all together, he sees bullets in super slow motion, he speed blitzes a room full of armed vampires as if they are nothing, he jumps from a car and travels miles upon miles in mere moments, he's moved so fast that other vampires couldn't even think about moving before he got to them. Eric is flat out fast, no doubt about it; his advanced age puts him far above vampires like Bill who is on par (feat wise) with Edward.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence. It's the nature of their kind or the fire would not be needed. We have never seen Eric staked, but we know he will die from it because it's the nature of his kind.

I found that debate and you debated it with me and I'm still not satisfied with your counter arguments, not to mention their special powers were removed in that battle, they have them in this one. What humans have seen Edward as a blur other than the audience? The first time he used speed to save Bella she did not see anything. He was in one place and then another as far as she could see. I'm not arguing that he is not fast, only that the difference in their speed doesn't seem that large especially over short distances. If you are talking about him being faster than featless Authority guards of unknown age, we can debate that too. Eric has never even gone against the Authority physically in the past, so there would be no reason for those guards to think he was going to do anything except not move, because he was a sheriff and thus under their authority. Recently he has been ambushed by human Yakuza, and for all his speed could not save Pam and his lover, he had to choose. He is not dealing with vampires that are just a delicate as they were when they were human, he is not decapitating all of them in one move because their heads require more than what he usually uses to take off heads. His head on the other hand comes off very easy. As a team he would not be able to take them all down before one of them decapitates him as they also use that as an attack.

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@rcranium said:

@lordofallhumans: Ok, I reread the opening thread. Looks like it is movie vs. tv vamps. Too bad.

Yeah. Akasha alone could clear the Cullens team.

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@rcranium said:

You forgot Selene, Viktor and Markus. Not to mention Letstat, Armand, Marius and Akasha.

They are movie vampires, not TV ones.

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Catch them on fire with fire of course. I understand how durable they are but Eric is plenty strong enough to do it and it considerably faster.

I would also assume that he isn't talking about current because that would make his presence in this thread useless.

Where is he getting the fire from, and how will he find out about that anyway? Decapitating humans and vampires in True Blood is a kill move. Let's say he does decapitate one, he will think it's over and move to the next, but with these vampires decapitation is not the true death and they have the ability to come back together which is why fire is needed. The speed is debatable. He is fast and may be faster by some unknown margin, but I haven't seen anything except his "bullet" feat for it to be a deciding factor.

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he can behead them and catch them on fire.

"Catch them on fire" with what? They are not as easily beheaded as the vampires and humans he has done this to, it takes more effort than speeding past with your fingers extended.

Why would anyone use current Eric who is dying and powered down?

The OP didn't specify and the forum rules say most current unless specified, so anybody could use that as an argument. I'm assuming he is not current (and maybe the OP doesn't know what is going with him), but if I wanted to argue him being current it would be valid per the rules.