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(Ic) Gods Bleh is their anything more insecure then a cynical immortal that doesn't believe in anything but them selves

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Patronizingly pretends to listen to reason & betrays at first opportunity for profit

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He hates young people & old people, ok pretty much every kind of people but I'm sure he has more then a few complicated traps prepared for spies

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Kill (L&M pretty much tries to kill everyone so don't take it persona ;)

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@614azrael said:

Your welcome to try ;)

screw you :P

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@_Creed_: whistling ode to joy under his breath he heard a muffled whisper and the occasional exited cry of "Doctor " from the three potential customers. Stepping down from behind the counter L&M walked over to a shelf & removed a box carved with runes.

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@614azrael: I'm a gonna *&^% that star up hurt it real bad make it cry ;P

by the way if i'm posting to much some body pm me to slow down No worries

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@614azrael said:

Thats me :3 n she attacked Lord

You want to play lets play :P

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The Lord and master felt a presence approaching a simple mind trying to grow itself beyond it's limited dimensions, in order to match his own species vast intellectual capacity. It obviously failed miserably, as it failed to predict his next move. Readings suggested it was feeding off of a dying star. As power source's go he thought it's a bit of a dud "OF COURSE IT'S A DYING DYSON SPHERE how mundane the entire planet! I'm actually disappointed" waving his hand behind his back L&M using his gravity screwdriver unscrewed the final two clamps on the giant support beams keeping the roof of the WIRE up and dropped a few hundred thousand tons of rock & exotic matter on both the metallic center-pied & the twitchy looking female creature with the silly red eyes .

Looking back as he ran he shouted over the din "Next time you go to all the effort to look like harmless bait for a trap you might consider a simple non threatening brown for the eyes !" turning around he made a hasty retreat back up a side tunnel & took the first access shaft downwards toward the heart of the Planet . Creating a gravity funnel with his screw driver the L&M simply fell towards the center safely. His next course of action clear he decided there & then that he was going to complete this worlds Dwarf Stars Potential just because he new how. "Phase out & stand by for delivery of species 87654332468075 to my position you complete waste of time & space"

L&Ms disembodied voice reverberated through his TARDINESS's consul & started echoing around the cathedral arches above. It then traveled down the corridors opening doors before it as one by one systems awoke inside the craft from deep slumber. The Voice stopped waited patiently for the section of wall before it, to change into a large wooden room then entered loudly waking the sleeper withing. "I Obey my master" said the horrific beast stepping down from it's flesh hooks & chains. One of the last of it's species known to exist in the universe. Gorgalon used the hearts of stars as mating ground.

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Lord and master walks into his shop after turning around the open sign. "Ahh the old premise's look well maintained, methinks it's time to sell some mayhem"