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Might as well ask why all aliens look Galifreyian

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The secret to taking out powerfully heroes is public image, destroy that & the rest will follow

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@Antidoll: OH i couldn't change his personality he is based of the villain people love to hate. A arrogant self promoting lying cheating coward who likes to belittle the universe. The Lord&master is a complete & utter Troll with no redeeming points whats so ever. The only time he's nice is if he's tricking you by pretending to help, or he needs you to survive. That doesn't mean he won't insult you doing that, he is a complete dooshe a archetypal villain.

he's the grand visar who advises the sultan badly so he can steal the crown & the sultans daughter. L&Ms a classic old school mustache twirling villain like Moriarty, That and he's a member of the first race from trillions of years ago. He's an @ss people love to hate as there is nothing remotely enjoyable about him

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@614azrael: Posted don't worry i didn't try to kill the planet >_> But i don't think I'll be using this character again he's just to powerful i mean he's a freaking Time lord & evil one at that. nah better to put him on the shelf only to take out when i need a NPC or something

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She landed gracefully on the lock to the inner heart of the planet dwarf star and stared at him like a petulant child "I am not a machine I am so much more" she said sounding exactly like an advert for the latest trend in female cosmetics . L&M wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes then replied "My you are a insecure Toaster oven aren't you, What did mommy & daddy Toaster not hug you enough when they opened your box!" then with a mischievous grin he dropped his arms to put his hands in his pants pockets & looked her in the eyes with absolutely no warmth at all "Look I know we got off on the wrong foot you and me, You fired at me I dropped a mountain on you it all happened in the discovered country of the past" Stopping to walk around a post he continued to talk once clear of the energy feed cables his voice much clearer now & without distortion "What I'm saying is theres no reason that you and me can't be friends after all, I only came here to kill you your world & whats left of you child like makers"

Passing past the energy feed cables again his image flickered through a series of wave distortions "ahh look comprehension how sweet" said the hologram of the master. With that the image of the ancient mysterious being dissipated to reveal a floating bomb counting down " 3 . 2. 1 " said the bomb


The following explosion tore through the plasma guns & chamber disintegrating them by instantly melting the metal turning that liquid into gass vapor that fed the explosion as it continued to expand outward & upward destroying what was left of the underground chambers annihilating every support block every beam or wall that held the last gate lock from falling into the Dwarf Stars Gravity. The great circular door still unopened fell tumbling into the heart of the little Dying Star inside the planet glowing from all the heat, in it's original place was one great big hole the size of Belgium. That now thanks to the weakening of the pathways to the surface by the Gorgalon infestation eating everything solid all the way up to the surface. The Planet itself helped as well drawing resources from the area to contain the spread of the Gogalon.

The Planets defensive's built harder & harder barriers to block the spread of the Gorgalon as it made it's way directly up to the surface & atmosphere. Unfortunately it had also built the Barrel of a giant gun for the Lord & master without even noticing. The resulting explosion would naturally be prevented from obliterating the planet by the barriers built to hold back the Gorgalon. The L&M had don the Math withing the space of a nano second he was confident the Planet killer bomb would be stopped It's destructive energy propelled upward in a plume of concentrated death that would vaporize some one . After all it's why his chose this position in the first place directly below the invading fleets the lord and master wanted them to be hit by the blast from the planet the size of Belgium so they would think they were under attack & secondly fire back on the weapon that shot at them a lovely great big opening all the way clear to the Planets core.

"why do all the heavy lifting when some one else can do it for you I say, I mean that,s why they invented pawns" Said the master as he sipped the last of his tea in the Deveyeant's control tower on the other side of the planet. Finishing his study of their technology he pored out his cup on the floor & took his key from his pocket then stepped into His TARDINESS (Time And Relativity Demand Inventing Necessary Engines Successfully Synchronized) parked within the control Tower itself walking up to the great granite consul beneath and ever changing map of future past & present displayed at it's peak the lord & master bid his ship to disappear from this universe altogether there was a whole creation out their waiting for him to take another bite of it.

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Some one can take a beating...

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@614azrael: Totally understand writing L&M as a insane member of the first race to ever reach godlike technology is difficult at best. I mean where do i draw the line, is there even a line to draw. Thinking about the actual practicalities involved in trying to take over a planet like that with metallic organic technology that needs DNA of creators & is design with physical barriers to block further progress into a living system that no doubt has a post human level AI is interesting.

Selling it's the hard part,

(oh the gorgalon do have a big obvious weakness i mentioned it in it's introduction)

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@Antidoll: (don't hate me please) I promise i won't make it easy but he will get in eventually it's only a matter of time before he finds a way.

Oh posted and I'm not to sure about the quality I kind of made it all up in a few minuets so expect a garbled jungle of a mess.

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The Gorgalon tore & ripped out the broken blade from it's throat, the flesh inside the wound caught fire when exposed glowing hot as a sun, before the whole creature expanded like grotesque balloon & exploded into thousands of wriggling pieces of mutating flesh. Organs fell to the metal floor burning into the ground only to rise up again in mere seconds as blossoming tentacled egg sacks. Everything the Gorgalons remains touched became infected with the growth of these disgusting putrid things that ate metal at incredible speeds.

Multiplying again and again they continued the cycle of birth and death blossoming & exploding, seeds everywhere sprouted grew & spread more seeds that became more exploding eggs. Breaking down the metal on a subatomic level to split & fuel their exponential growth. Within minuets the tunnel floor was covered in millions of them collapsing it. Freeing the process of hideous evolution to expand & dominate, now airborne they began to spread to throughout other systems. Doubling in number every new life cycle, the infection soon took over the complete length of the Giant Wire & spread outwards continually consuming more or the planets systems getting in every where. Falling into all the small nooks & crannies the pollen spread throughout the atmospheric filters feeding the living atmosphere of the planet.

It spread out from the crust to the surface like an nuclear explosion in slow motion, breathing in the pollen of the Gorgalon unfortunately made those of metal become the center of horrific eruption of loosely connected clumps of blossoming egg sacks & flailing biting tenticals burst forth from them consuming them & their environment in the process of feeding the last Stage of Osmosis for the Gorgalon nursery.

L&M knew that the enemy would attack the beast first & ask questions later, such simple predictable natures. No wonder all time & space, all that was or could of been, needed him to rule it like a Master . The Lord and master smiling at the data feeds he was getting on the progress of the nursery, he thought back to the time when he first came across them in the ancient library of a dead world floating lost alone in a dying universe side ways & down to the left of this one. Yes the Gorgalon as a species had succeeded them selves to death along with the rest of their universe. All it needed to doom this world would be a single tiny little insignificant pollen seed finding it's way through a gap in the wall or stone to soak up & eventually eat out the heart of the dwarf star within & then it would explode a trillion fully grown Gorgolans all capable of reaching the next inhabited planets. "ah such beauty... Kill them crush them burn them eat them atomize them drown them poison them nanobot them cold them, you can not stop The Gorgalon song" he sang in the style of a children's school rhyme as he drifted downwards

As he approached the last barrier landing gently on the giant gate beneath his feet .Standing there on the last giant lock that separated him from his goal. He smiled then a small laugh escaped his lips, as he waited for the eventual enemy to find him, but not before taking as many devious precaution as he could "Ah yes I see" a genetic lock of some kind protecting the dwarf star withing he thought " Oh i just had a real horrible idea ha ha HAHHAHAHAHAH! HAHAAAAHHHHHAAHAAAA HA OHHH HAAAA Ohh" stopping to breath L&M braced himself for either the inevitable destruction of possibly the universe or some one to bring him some respect & maybe a tuna fish sandwich with coffee preferably Colombian. "come on robot that's it come to papa lets have a look at you then" he stated arms folded behind him

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Blow something or some one up and run