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@fanofsuperheroes: hah, i love how you resorted to insulting me and denying the idiocy of everyone else because you have absolutely no answers whatsoever for my logical conclusions regarding ACTUAL feats and abilities. so you were saying? emma wins because...? nevermind? oh what a shame, i was curious to see your reasoning, oh wait thats right you dont have any

and now you resort to this? more people that have provided nothing but stupidity and false ABC logic are in emmas favor, while the one guy thats actually listing feats and abilities and stating why he can win is in surfers favor, so emma wins? QUALITY over quantity

surfer wins, and if he uses his abilities he does it with great ease. unless you have some real logic, get over it and move on. you and the rest of the emma lovers have already lost

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against doomsday? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

she dies

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let me guess, zoom stomps via speedblitz?

anything that has to do with characters being stupidly fast is just overrated and over powered

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@fanofsuperheroes: sure, whatever that "evidence" is

1. giving reasons why you think someone wins now equals fanboyism?

2. no, because they have stated nothing exactly relevant prior to emma vs surfer. saying A can defeat B does not mean A can defeat C, especially when A (rachel) possess much more of the force than emma, and defeated B (starving galactus). this is false ABC logic and it is exactly what everyone has been trying to dwell on. i didnt deny she can get in his head, but surfer is far faster and will overwhelm her with attacks to prevent that. hes not going to give her time

3. why does being an entity make a difference about anything? she is made up of psonic energy, something surfer has absorbed before, and i already proved he can drain near limitless amounts of energy. are you saying it wont make a if theres a 1/5 of it or all of it in her? now your just contradicting yourself because your in denial and cant think of real reasons to prove me wrong. surfer will less of the power cosmic has performed better showings, so what are you implying? your basing things off who has more of what rather than what people have done with that amount

4. what do you mean she tanked thor? she was effortlessly shattered in one hit, and based off thors striking power its obvious he was barely using any of his strength to do that. you can write me a book about how bad she might of humiliated thor, but in my opinon, that fight if anything undermined her durability and TP abilities. also thor has used a hell of a lot more power against surfer than he did with emma. can you tell me where i said being intangible is why her her TK is useless? i explained he has absorbed TK before and his speed will disrupt her focus. im going to have to search for the link, but he has shown nanosecond REACTIONS twice. back on the TP again? i told you hes not going to give her time for that, he will attack her or speedblitz and is also resistant. its not very useful in this fight

5. doesnt guarantee anything

6. well for your information he still 1 shotted her diamond form and resisted her TP while she was amped

7. he has resisted moondragon WITH the mind gem. i would say thats a pretty considerable feat to look at

8. so your saying that rachel with the phoenix force is overall above the power cosmic because she defeated a weak galactus? this does not ensure anything. galactus at his nourished levels has defeated 4-5 celestials and ripped one of them apart with his bare hands. can you show me phoenix doing something like this?

9. oh im sorry, is this battle necrom vs surfer? no, its not. if you want to give emma feats she hasnt displayed then be my guest, but either way it STILL does not ensure a victory of any sort. surfer has 1 shotted planets and has drained solar energy to increase his own power with, as well as proving to start up a star with his own power

10. this is for you still not giving any real reasons in emmas arsenal as to why she wins, or points i havent already countered and proved irrelevant

so in conclusion:

i HAVE proved why he could drain her. actually, he doesnt need to as she shouldnt be able to access the force in her diamond form anyway ( it was WIS/PIS against thor )

he doesnt outclass her? lets take a look at the stats

is he faster? check

can he dish out more powerful attacks? check

is he more durable and can resist her TP and TK? check

can he amp his strength and durability, something emma cant do? check

does he have better reactions? check

can he go intangible, something emma cant do? check

can he absorb power and add it to his own, something emma cant do? check

and about a hundred other things in his arsenal that emma cant do

i like how your argument was " surfer is just some alien and emma is a powerful mutant, so that means emma is more versatile!" HAH, failed logic as usual

so who wins? surfer easily. you have proved nothing except that your just another tool in the box that think hes accomplished something when everything hes saying is WRONG, and i have easily proved that

get over it

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@Prince_RehteStroC: she cant kill her mainly due to her role in the universe, but as far as power goes death is above the phoenix by land slides

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death stomps

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you honestly think the whole force is that powerful? shes a featless over hyped wad of nonsense

any of the 4 could possibly solo

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monitor stomps

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@nickthedevil: so i take it hes one of those characters whos bio is more impressive than his actual showings?

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mad jim destroys her