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@NerdsFTW: @NerdsFTW said:

Thanos beats Darkseid, and morals off Thor beats Doomsday.

Team 2 wins.

i agreed

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Thanos can take this easy, he's smarter then Dr doom and stronger then Hulk and Thor

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@Apparition: @Apparition said:

Eternal Chaos says:

"Apparition says:
"Eternal Chaos says:
"Apparition says:
"youd think thor would have the same problem he has against superman... near light speed reaction time that he cant keep up with."
WW's not exactly Supes though. I needed to see something else done anyway. I got tired of seeing Superman vs Thor. Thought I'd change that."
she isn't quite superman. her durability's more like thor's but she does still have the same quickness that superman has and since she's supposed to be almost as strong as superman, she's way stronger than thor. i've seen debates between her and superman on other sites and lots of time people think that she would beat superman. so i think she can take thor. classic thor anyway."
I don't think she can beat Supes. In theory, she can, but all Supes has to do is freeze her and burn her head off. That's it."

i doubt it would be that easy. i think that attack's pretty slow anyway. she wouldnt just stand around for that.

when as WW show durability on the level of Thor?!

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Godzilla all the way

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@symbiote5 said:

gladiator wins Gladiator would win, he has no limits where as Supermans powers come from the sun, so if he was to far away he would be like you or me. He also has other weaknesses such as kryptonite, magic, mystical things, and his softness for humans.


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@CadenceV2: ok Blackheart outside of his realm is pretty lame..the Darkness can own this fight but has a major weekness his weekness to light(well sunlight) but he have Godly feets ill list some

The Darkness, as well as Jackie himself, have been said to be omnipotent by several characters and according to The Darkness itself,in the dark, Jackie can create and summon countless legions of Darklings and incredibly strong tentacles of various shapes and sizes to eviscerate his opponents, the Darkness gives jackie superhuman speed,strengh,reflexes,and stamina, he can gwow wings that allowed him to fly in and out of earth's atmosphere at hight speeds, jacke was able to make superman bleed with a hit to the mouth,The Darkness' vast arsenal of other supernatural abilities include mediumship with the spirits of the dead; pyrokinesis; hydrokinesis (able to create water from Darkness material); merging his Darklings into higher and stronger forms such as giant fire-breathing dragons; wall-crawling; shape-shifting; immunity to radiation poisoning; a heightened perception of physical reality; telepathic union with his Darklings that he can turn on and off at will; teleportation to any location while in the shadows,Jackie has developed amazing powers of self-healing and resilience. He has been seen to fully and quickly regenerate mass quantities of lost and damaged tissues, bones and internal organs that would otherwise prove fatal.......

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@Nelomaxwell: lol

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@claws: MAYBE but that depends....Blackheart's body is virtually invulnerable to conventional injury. He is capable of withstanding great impact forces, high caliber bullets, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury.Blackheart's telekinetic powers can rip entire planets apart by the force of will.Blackheart is able to control Darkforce Energy without any limits,Strength level 100 +. Ghost Rider's Penace Stare doesn't affect Blackheart, to the contrary, it makes him stronger, due that power makes its victim relive all misdeeds at once, being misdeeds Blackheart's source of power, it makes them increase. spawn and ghost rider have harcore feets to..

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@Nelomaxwell said:

I feel like most of you don't read the Darkness. Because Jackie is about a level below a God, He's immortal can create water and life from the Darkness matter. And can create endless darklings including but not limited to inside of his opponents. He is a not a mere hell being as people say if you read Artifacts or the Accursed series you'd know that the Darkness is akin to primordial chaos that made the universe as a matter of fact he survived the unmaking of his universe in Artifacts and is one of the only people who remembers what it used to be. So please don't sell him short. That said team 1 ones I personally think Black Heart is the weak Link. He was busted up by DD and Spidey.

YES! he can create anything and is immortal but for somereason nobody cares about that! LOL

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@nickthedevil: well yeah not to underrate spwan(who is my favorite hero) but blackheart is a hand full i mean reall he way stronger then ghost rider and he's has help from the darkness?!??! it just going to be a long and hard fight

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