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@linsanel_doctor: That remains to be seen. But either way I'd rather watch a period show dealing with the early days of SHIELD. I love clunky old spy tech.

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I have more interest in this than in Agents of SHIELD.

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@dagmar_merrill: Yeah Uncanny X-Force seems well liked across the board. I'm digging everything he's doing currently. Even his Captain America, which I'm playing catch up on right now. But if you're not feeling his stuff, I can't fault you. I think a lot of his work has a voice that just doesn't resonate with everyone. Personally, I don't find him to be rude. I enjoy the occasional potshot he takes at fans or the industry.

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I enjoy his stories, however, he is a guy though that I don't really want on my favorite character as I know it will just be miserable for that character and tear down a lot of what they have built up from past writers. For instance, Steve Rogers is my favorite character. In Remender's run, he has killed off Sharon Carter and taken away his serum. So my favorite character no longer has the love of his life or have the ability to be the character that I enjoy so much.

I think his work on X-Force was superb and Uncanny Avengers has been fantastic since the first arc.

I know what you mean. I was a big fan of Brubaker's Cap run and Remender really came in and cleaned house. Cap has never been a favorite character of mine so it didnt effect me so much. I at least appreciated the fact that he took a risk and went so far left of the status quo. I'm hoping Sharon pops back up soon.

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@longbowhunter: No, you're fine. OP made a typo.

I couldn't fathom spending that much money on art.

Ah, gotcha. I couldn't imagine spending that or art either. Hell I can't imagine spending $142 million period.

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Rick Remender seems to be one of the more polarizing creators in comics today. Fans have been salty ever since the "M" word controversy last year to which Rick requested angry fans drown themselves in hobo piss. Now he's got readers in a tizzy over Jet Black and Sam Wilson bumpin' uglies and to a lesser extent Sam stepping into the role of Captain America. Personally I'm a fan and have been ever since he had one of the Reavers singing a FEAR song in the pages of Uncanny X-Force. I don't love everything he does, but I always check it out regardless. His track record has been very good in my opinion. I know there are several users on this site who don't care for his work. Feel free to express your distaste here and to further explain your stance. Or if your a fan like me talk about your favorite Remender Marvel series, reinvention of a character, creator owned work or punk rock easter eggs.

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@JetiiMitra: That's not what it says up top. Or am I just reading it wrong?

Last year a Francis Bacon piece set an auction record. It also sold for $142 million.

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I've been really enjoying this event. It's so over the top and weird. I will miss the real Nick Fury though.

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£142 million is over $242 million US dollars.