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I'm glad some people like this, but I am not one of them. It looks so so wrong, the art. I will miss Gail but it's ok someone else to give it a shot. But with new art comes a new light hear-ted direction. Ugh...I may try it but right now I lean towards dropping this book.

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Great question and answer. I've read almost all of Amanda Waller from the new 52. There's nobody I dislike more than her, I think I even like some villains more than her! Nothing I've read from her stories gives her likable features, but I do get where she's suppose to be coming from I guess. I don't dislike Shield nearly as much, they seem more rational and fair. Although I don't read stuff like Secret Avengers, that sounds like as much of a messed up concept as Argus. I'll just say that in real life or the fantasy life, governments pretend to do what's best for the "people" but overall they just are paranoid and mostly suck.

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Yeap, another dumb design, DC makes changes just to make changes. No real improvement to a character that didn't need changing. Still, it is what it is, maybe the story will be good.

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This is why I'm hesitant on adding The Movement on my pull, honestly if Legion of Superheroes can't last, what chance does that have? Or Green Team for that matter.

I'm now hesitant to buy most any new book. I enjoyed Sword and Sorcery....gone after 8. I like Threshold, gone after 8. I really am disliking DC more and more, and have been reading more of Marvel and other publishers. It's sad to me but the new 52 holds little excitement for me and I know that's the opposite of what DC wants.

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Great great story. I enjoyed reading all the various characters and of course the new one of Hush himself. It's a reminder of how great the old DC universe could be, the new one is just ok sometimes.

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I'm very curious to see how this turns out. I always like Angela, it's a shame that she wasn't able to continue on in Spawn due to all the legal issues but it's good to see she'll be back.

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I suddenly yesterday couldn't sign in to the app on my tablet(after working almost daily for over a month). I can't reset my password(link won't work right), and I can't sign into the website. It looks like I will miss out on this promotion, but what can you do, they were not prepared.

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Yes, absolutely. I would prefer an older Robin, minimum 16+, but other than that, he needs someone who can back him up, trust, etc. Jason died, but if he's alive again, how does that count? I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Damian return someday, but I doubt it'll be anytime soon. So I'm curious to see how this all plays out.

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I think so far, so good. It's something different, and I'm willing to watch to see how it plays out. I'm a big fan of Superman/Lois, so I think eventually that will be the relationship for him but there's no real reason to rush things for them either, so this works for now.

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I've enjoyed reading everybody's opinion, and seeing how many are so wrong. LOL...no I'm kidding, I may be in a minority, but I feel Batman needs other people like Robin, Nightwing, etc...as the problems in Gotham seem overwhelming these days. I really enjoy the stories where others help him. I've personally not enjoyed as much the stories where he's all the super loner, but since I enjoy his character so much, it doesn't distract me too much when he is that way. Oh, and he should have shared that secret with the bat family, he needs to trust them more.

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