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@doncheadle: Some of the worst art I've seen in awhile.

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@lone_wolf_and_cub: @super_soldierxii:

So, no proper arguments and / or counters have been given...why i'm not surprised?

I agree at 100% with the @thegrayghost when he said that Wolverine would win this, based on popularity.

Also, reading the character's books, or (at the very least) do some proper research about them, before going into battle threads helps not looking ignorant, its not my fault that you don't have enough knowledge about Cass and so you think that she's not as good as she actually is, also being arrogant about something when you don't even know what you're talking about, its also sad.

I find it ironic that you of all people would throw around words like ignorant, arrogant and lacking knowledge when its obvious those all describe your post when it comes to Batgirl. She isn't on Wolvie's level. The only way she could win is with amps. This has nothing to do about popularity or arguments. This has everything to do with logic and knowledge of both characters skill, durability, agility, powers etc. Logan with his adamantium, HF, skill, senses etc trump Cass skill and body reading. This setup helps her greatly due to being amped but I still would give Wolvie a majority. We all know how much you love Batgirl but you are in the minority of people who think she has a legitimate shot of beating Wolvie without amps.

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Typhoid Mary vs Hugo Strange, Copperhead vs Cobra(Caps villain), Grundy vs Hyde, Ivy vs Lizard, Ratcatcher vs Vermin, Two-Face vs Scourge, Moon Knight vs Joker and US Agent vs Red Hood.

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Ikari vs Bronze Tiger, Wrath vs Taskmaster, Black Spider vs Black Widow, Nobody vs Kingpin, Deathstroke vs Nuke, Sensei vs Stick, Reaper vs Flag Smasher, The Heretic vs Gladiator(DD's villain),Dr Phosphorus vs Electro, Catman vs Owl, Anarky vs Hatemonger, Hudson Caspian vs Baron Zemo and Hush vs Mister Fear, The Hand vs the Court of Owls, Lady Bullseye vs Talia.

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Bane vs Cap, Deadshot vs Bullseye, Ra's vs Redskull, Black Mask vs Punisher, Scarecrow vs Daredevil, Man-bat vs Vulture, Kraver vs Killer Croc(yeah I know Croc has no chance but I want to see it anyway), Mr. Freeze vs Shocker, Harley vs Elektra, Trapster vs Firefly, KG Beast vs Bucky, Clayface vs Hyrdoman, Catwoman vs Batroc, Prometheus vs SpOck to name a few.

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Bane vs Venom lol? You should be flagged for even suggesting something so ridiculous. All kidding aside, Venom would pretty much one shot Bane. That'd be spite.

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@reverendhunt: Thays funny seeing how he beat the most boring character in comics...

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@bat_girl_cc: Your bias for Batgirl has been the most I've seen for any fan of any character on this site. You clearly can't debate with any fairness due to your insane favoritism of Batgirl. The fact you think Cass could beat Logan without amps is proof enough. Seriously pretty sure most people here will disregard anything you have to say after that assumption.

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I've been reading this story due mostly to being a fan of Juggs. But I have to say the art has been cringe worthy. Other than that it's been a good story so far. I still think Marko becomes the Juggernaught by the end.

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Clayface vs $hithead from "Wanted". Outcome they merge to form "$hitface".