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@pikahyper: Okay, now I get you.

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@pikahyper: I'm not sure what we are debating at this point. We seem to agree that while Comicvine has a maximum size it can display the image, you can make it larger via right clicking on it and then zooming to full size if a larger image was uploaded. And since that is the case, larger images can be desirable in instancs where that would make it easier to read some of the cover text.

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@pikahyper: Right click on the image, and you get the option to view image. When the image is larger than Comicvine's preview will show it, this allows you to view it full size.

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@pikahyper: The image on the issue's own page might get shrunk down, but you can still access the image individually to see the larger version, and in the case in question, that would make a difference, as the text in the corner "story so far" is very hard to read at the current size. However, I agree that the cropping was undesirable, and so my upload should be the one removed.

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Darker could be fixed easily enough, and the one I uploaded is significantly larger. However, I had not noticed that it was cropped.

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Doctor Who character River Song - while there's only one entry for her, there shouldn't be even that one. She has not yet appeared in any comics, only the television show and a prose novel.

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@X35 said:

@pikahyper: whoa whoa whoa.......this is were i was getting annoyed by that condescending guy........i haven't removed anything, i was adding stuff mentioning he was a mutant which that guy was subsequently removing or adding crap like "but this is wrong" afterwards..

First, I wasn't being condescending. I was getting frustrated, because you seemed to decide to ignore the evidence I put forward and just changed the page anyway to what you wanted it to say, so I did repeat myself restating the evidence again. Second, you did remove stuff - there was a note some way down the page about the conflicting accounts that had been there for some time which someone (I presume you, and if not you then I apologise) removed. Third, what I added wasn't "crap" - saying that is being unneccesarily rude. I simply added that there was a conflict between his one-time claim of being a mutant and the evidence given (multiple times) in the comics, noting the evidence for him being a cyborg (just as the handbooks did) and what the handbooks said about this conflict.

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And, despite the evidence I pointed out, you've modified the entry again to support the idea that he is a mutant. You've changed his entry to say his type is "other" even though we know without question that he is a cyborg. You've removed the note that he claimed in one story that he was a mutant, but that other stories do NOT support this and that the Marvel Handbooks specifically cast doubt on the truth of his claim, and replaced it with an inaccurate note saying "recently there have been further development of his backstory with suggestions that he is actually a mutant himself" when, in fact, all we've had is a single story where he has made such a claim.

There's no in or out of story evidence to support his claim, while there is evidence, both in (we've seen the limb removed and taken to pieces, displaying the internal mechanics) and out (at least two handbook entries prior to the claim of being a mutant saying that he is a cyborg and at least three handbook entries since the claim still saying he is a cyborg and specifically rebutting the mutant comment) of story against it. So, all we have to support his claim in the face of strong evidence that is his word, and he's a mentally unhinged, immoral and deceitful individual, which means his word alone lacks any real weight. So to remove the information that clarifies and confirms his cyborg status and only mention that he might be a mutant is misleading.