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Phosphorescent Comics is a dupe - neither version shows up for me when I do a page name search, hence my accidentally creating it a second time.

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Nima should be Khrag 'Thung. Nima is his civilian identity, while Khrag 'Thung is the name his Ghost Rider identity was known by.

And Yoshio Kannabe should be Yokai Raida. Same deal, he's listed under his civilain name rather than his costumed alter ego's name.

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@pikahyper: Yes, on the first page of the Beano Annual entry.

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It is called the Beano Annual on the cover - see the issues from 2003 on. As for the changing title, the site in general is very inconsistent about that - many British comics have gained modified titles for varying periods of time after merging with other comics, but in most cases Comicvine lists them as a single volume, not multiple volumes. Magic-Beano Book was the Beano Book / Beano Annual for those years, albeit under a slightly modified name. If you prefer to go with splitting off Magic-Beano Book as a different title, fair enough, but it will either leave a gap in the years of the Beano Book or require Beano Book to be split into two entries, one for the years predating the Magic prefix and one for the years post-dating it. And if we want to be consistent, then a heck of a lot of other titles need to be similarly split - 2000AD, Beano itself, Valiant, Eagle (old and new - the latter a.k.a. Eagle and Scream, Eagle and Tiger, Eagle and Battle, Eagle and Mask, Eagle and Wildcat and The New Eagle at various points throughout its run), and dozens more. Or we can accept that these were temporary name changes caused by mergers that reverted after varying lengths of time to the default title.

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Magic-Beano Book is a duplicate of Beano Annual - the Beano Annual was temporarily renamed for a few years in the 1940s after the Beano merged with Magic, and you can see the same volume, 1950, in the Beano Annual listing.