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Aurora and Northstar are not half fae - that they were once told they were has been discredited long ago as a piece of mischief on Loki's part. Brian is also not half fae - his father might have come from Otherworld, but he was one of the human inhabitants of that realm. Brian's powers were not inherent to begin with - they came from his amulet and sceptre (not mace) until Merlyn transformed his costume, and transferred the modified powers to it. When Brian was slain and Merlyn reconstructed him, the powers were then transferred to Brian himself, and that's when the costume became a focus for storing the energies needed to fuel Brian's powers.
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Sorry kimeraevet, but you've got your timeline utterly wrong. Steve applied to join the army before the US entered the war. By the time of Pearl Harbor, Steve had already been active as Captain America for months; he and Bucky helped form the Invaders within days after Pearl Harbor, months prior to Isaiah enlisting. There was more than one scientist who used the codename Reinstein, which is why you had Abraham Erskine (the "Reinstein" who experimented on Steve) killed but still had a "Reinstein" (Wilfred Nagel) around to experiment on the Camp Cathcart soldiers. That is Marvel's official stance, not the version you have listed.
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The Marvel Handbooks have been using an increasing amount of new character art, mostly by Gus Vasquez.