Favorite heroes

not in the right order except the first.

Still in progress.

List items

Posted by PowerHerc

Eleven of your favorites are favorites of mine, so of course I like your list.

The thing that is surprising and cool is the fact that Hank Pym is your number one favorite.

I don't think I've ever seen that before (or even heard of it). That's a great thing! Every superhero deserves to be someone's favorite, especially a Marvel icon like Hank Pym.

Posted by Loki9876

Hey thanks yes, Pym is my favourite there aren't lots of huge fans of him but I am I even made a Hank Pym respect thread.

Posted by z1co80

Excellent list

I only have Hulk and Hawkeye from your list on my favourites but that's the beauty of list's everyone loves different things.