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Well rounded episode for me tonight, I really enjoyed it.

I'm not as familiar with the Flash comics.......what's the speed force?

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@loki2u: You're right young males aren't the only ones that go trick 'r treating. But girls aren't the only ones that go out either. So by having a Ghostbuster's team of men and women you wouldn't alienate anyone and could more easily market to kids of both genders.

Fair enough. Not to sure on the plot details, but if any of the original busters make an appearance, which it sounds like they will, there's the male influence on the cast.

Personally, I like the idea of an all-female cast if looking at it from a marketing perspective and sticking with the halloween theme mentioned. The majority of superhero movies are male influenced so it's nice to see a change and maybe empower some more of the young girls out there.

Not that gender really needs to have an influence when it comes to a Halloween costume. I could care less if my daughter wanted to dress up as iron man or if my son wanted to dress up as a princess from frozen. But I guess that's a whole different discussion.

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I'm completely open to adding women to the Ghostbusters team, but what was the point in making it an all female cast? Just from a marketing stand point. It's going to be a tough sell to a young male audience with figures or Halloween costumes?

Without Harold Ramis adding to this script and story and Bill Murray refusing to appear in it, I don't consider this a GHOSTBUSTERS movie. I was more interested in the concept of the older Ghostbusters passing on the torch to a new generation.

Young males aren't the only ones out trick or treating.

It would be nice to see girls dressed as ghostbusters next halloween instead of the usual female costumes such as sexy______________ (fill in the blank with whatever noun you like.)

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I will reserve all judgement until at least a trailer hits the internet...

How dare you use logic and sensibility when posting on the internet!

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All these time travel theories are confusing and make my brain hurt.

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suck it haters

Absolutely this!

It goes to show that a show needs to be appealing to ALL viewers, not just the community here at Comicvine.

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I've watched every episode of this show, but to be honest....I'm kind of losing interest in the show. It's good for a few laughs, seeing the different memorabilia is alright, but overall its kind of boring.

Seeing Walt negotiate items makes me cringe. It's awkward and he's not cut out for that side of the business. Not to be mean, but what is with Kevin Smith and that stinky jersey he wears everywhere?

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This show doesn't interest me at all. I won't be checking this one out.

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Avengers and Star Wars. That's it.

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Fight Club 2 !!!

written by Chuck Palahniuk and published by Dark Horse. 10 issue maxi-series due out in April!

One of my favorite writers, should be interesting to see what he has in store for us with the sequel, especially in comic format.

More info here