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Avengers and Star Wars. That's it.

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Fight Club 2 !!!

written by Chuck Palahniuk and published by Dark Horse. 10 issue maxi-series due out in April!

One of my favorite writers, should be interesting to see what he has in store for us with the sequel, especially in comic format.

More info here

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I watched DoFP and First Class, but wasn't too crazy about them. I only watched the very first x-men movie before that. Haven't watched any of the sequels, origins or the latest Wolverine. I had enough of Woverine, so didn't bother wasting money on it.

I might watch Apocolypse (doubtful), but I certainly am not counting down the days until it comes out, and unlike the author of this article, DoFP wasn't enough to renew my interest dramatically. But that's just me.

I'm not much of an X-Men fan anyways, the comics are usually just a bunch of talking heads with too many crossovers to keep track of.

As for the movies? I can take them or leave them.

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I knew I would regret clicking on this video.

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Don't think I'll be checking this movie out, doesn't interest me at all. I'm not that familiar with Ant-Man and I can't help but wonder if the bubble is going to burst on all these super-hero movies in the next few years when they lean towards more obscure characters to try and cash in on the hype.

Great for comic fans in general, but will the average movie-goer still be interested? I guess only time will tell.

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Hey dude....can you remove me from the notifications for this thread please?

Thanks man

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I really wish I could get into this show like I've gotten into Flash and Arrow but something about it just keeps me away and continues to do so. Also, can they pronounce Falcone correctly?? I haven't watched the show after the first couple of episodes, but Falcone is italian for falcon, which hunt bats. Symbolic, yes? Listen to the Italian pronunciation. They're leaving out the last E.

Maybe this has been explained and I missed it or it has been fixed.

This bothers me as well, and while they don't explain it on the show.....I'm wondering if they do so that the audience doesn't get his name mixed up with the other crime boss Maroni.?

My theory anyways.

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1. Gotham- If I had to choose only one to watch each week.....this would be it. Just love the Batman mythos so much which is why it keeps me interested, and its something different that hasn't really been done before. Constantine gets a VERY close second, and hope it doesn't get cancelled.

2. TMNT- Its the only animated show I've seen out of the options listed so it gets my vote, but it is surprisingly good!

3. John Constantine- Amazing character representation, and hope he gets more love than the polls indicate so far. I hope they use him for the JLD movie whether the show gets cancelled or not!


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Papa Midnight! Love this dude!