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G-man....I'm not sure what you meant about the deathstroke fight. I'm thinking I'm not catching the sarasm....but can you elaborate?


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The Black Mirror-Read it again two weeks ago.

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I hope DC is clever enough and link Arrow to the movie universe, because thats the reason that Agents of SHIELD has the better ratings.

Can you explain how it has better ratings? Just curious because the premiere for Arrow starts tonight, so are you comparing it to last seasons ratings?

Also, Being that SHIELD is on a huge NBC network compared to the CW....I'm not sure how much weight the argument would hold anyways.

I'm really excited for this season of Arrow. I haven't even bothered to watch SHIELD as it doesn't interest me in the least, so I can't comment on how good it is.

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Ok, I'll buy it. But only 'cause you said so Tony.

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@k4tzm4n said:

@lifeboy said:

What tha hey is tmnt doing up there???

It's a big event for the franchise, silly. If there were any big events going on within other publishers, I would have added them as well!

Its a huge story line for the franchise, but I don't know that it qualifies as an event. What other titles will it effect besides its own and the micro-series? The others will have consequences for their respected universes and multiple titles.

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Why is Alfred bigger than Bruce?

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How about switching up the reviewers of these books around here so there is less bias? No offense, but I'm tired of seeing 5 star reviews every week from your 3 favorite titles, Deadpool, TMNT and Injustice.

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Needs some Ben Affleck.

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Staff picks were terrible, but all the covers in the peanut gallery here were awesome!

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It's so funny reading all these self proclaimed critics talking about how bad Ben is, despite the fact the only film of his they've probably seen is Daredevil and only joined on the band wagon hate train because everyone else has.

I can predict that me and a couple others will look forward to Ben as Batman, and as soon the film comes into cinema and everyone realizes he's done a great job, they'll just jump right on the band wagon.


And thank you for using words instead of Gifs....Christ those are lame!