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That Detective Comics cover is absolutely beautiful

So is the Starlight cover.

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"Interest arouse among comic book readers"

Freudian slip G-man? :P

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Not really digging this-maybe its the new 52 design. The body sculpt is fantastic but the accesories look like they're made of lego.

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Good review K4tzman.

Don't think I'll make a point of seeing this. I'd rather watch Lego movie. At least then I can take my nephew to it.

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Did anyone notice another wall crawler behind spidey on the skyscraper at 0:56 seconds??

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I will pick up Wytches by Snyder as I enjoy most of his writing.

I am collecting the Wake at the moment but have not started to read it.....once I read that, I will have a more solid answer to how I feel this title might do.

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First Canary for the longest time had to do more with batman more than arrow

Second the vast majority of the characters are more connected to batman like Huntress, deadshot, slade, firefly. the royal flush gang, bronze tiger, brutale, Dollmaker, Ra's.

the show part is fine but when they use someone elses characters it shows they dont think hes own characters are interesting to carry the sho themselves

Well if it bothers you that much....you have the choice not to watch it right?

I enjoy watching any comic book character come to life on movie or tv....I could care less if it makes sense. Arrow has been solid entertainment for me so far....that's all that matters.

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@loki2u: ya but when he barly has any of his own characters appearing in his own show i think that is a dishonor to the Character. They aare showing that they dont believe that his cast od characters are strong no their own

I hardly think it is dishonoring a character when they make a whole tv show about him. And I disagree that they aren't showcasing his own characters. Black Canary, Red Arrow, Merlin, Speedy are all classic characters in The Green Arrow lore.

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so green arrow is fighting the league now so green arrow have any of his own villains or are they just going to steal form batman the whole run of this show

Who cares? It's awesome seeing actual villains and heroes in the show....unlike A.O.S where they just name-drop.