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Would this be a good jumping on point for new readers or will I be lost in the decades of repetitive stories and confusing plot lines?

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By top of the pile for January, do you mean my favorite books of the month? Or what books do I literally have on the top of my pile. Because my "top of the pile" doesn't vary a whole lot from month to month usually. When I hear the phrase top of the pile, it means books I'm most excited to read first. Sooooo, I'll answer it that way.

For me this month:

Superior Spider-Man 1

Batman 16

Saga 9

Harbinger 8

All New X-Men 6

He-Man Origin (one shot)/ He-Man 6

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Felicia Hardy

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Loki2u: See I never understand why pepole say this, I mean nobody knew who Luke Skywalker was before Star Wars, nobody knew who Neo was before The Matrix ect

To compare those movies to Dredd is ridiculous. Those are original screenplays and were groundbreaking for their time.

Dredd was good, but it wasn't even a fraction of how good Star Wars and Matrix were. But I suppose time will tell. If Dredd end up grossing more than Star Wars in BluRay sales....I stand corrected. :P

Dredd was rated 18a and couldn't even reach out to its major audience-kids! It was a good script to us comicbook fans, but to appeal to everybody? Dredd needed a lot of work to become a huge success.

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It was a great movie, but Dredd just isn't a popular enough character to support a movie like this in my opinion. This goes to show that single movies based on the Flash, AquaMan, MMH, could have negative effects for DC if they chose to go the same way as Marvel.

The movie could be well written and awesome, but if nobody cares enough about the characters.....they won't go see it to begin with.

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The movie is Man of Steel, not Fan of Steel. Who cares about Jimmy or Jenny? I just want a good Superman story, I could care less if Jimmy is in it or not.

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If the JL movie sucks.....it won't make a difference if they released solo movies first or not. It makes sense they put their eggs in one basket, have a succesful movie and THEN make decisions about the future.

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Why not make a 2 or 3 part JLA movie released each consecutive year like the Hobbit or LOTR? One big huge epic tale would be amazing!

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I remember when lego came in one shape and you had to use your f*****g imagination.

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Hilarious article.

Another horse hater here. I don't punch them though, I only punch babies.