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Tough act to follow last weeks episode, but still entertaining. A few too many cringe-worthy moments for me such as the lightning psychosis excuse, but I'd say 3.5 stars for me.

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I'm curious what your expectations are for this show?

They've moved away from the villain of the week format (momentarily at least), focusing on the corruption of the police and mob and how they are all intertwined. Storylines are starting to stretch out and build a fairly exciting mythos (imo) and the selinas, ivy and barbara have been minimal.

Maybe I'm the only one, but I've thought the last couple of episodes have been some of the best yet as they are starting to lay down the groundwork and big opportunities for devolpment down the road. Yes it has its cheesy moments, but no worse than Arrow or Flash.

I dunno, it just seems this show can do no good in your eyes.

My .02

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It kind of looks like Vincent D'Onofrio with a bald head.

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I think this was my favorite episode of the season so far. It had a couple of WTF!? moments and had a bit of everything going on. This is what I want from Gotham every episode! Expanding the storylines, cliffhangers and some shock and awe.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think this is the one episode where the Penguin was the weakest part of the show! (Selina, Ivy, and Barbara don't count as they are consistently pretty awful)

Five stars for me.

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First things first, I loooooooved Joker Jerome. Joker, like Hannibal Lector are so scary its even scarier not knowing how they came to be. This kid (Ian from Shameless) was making jokes about his sad broken mentality! I, like Leslie was terrified and mesmerized by all the potentially horrible things he could justify. A+ team and I was fully planning a hatefest.

They could put Barbara in a bikini and I'll still hate her.

To Mat, maybe you should let someone else review this show because its obvious you don't enjoy Gotham. All of the Easter eggs are for us nerds. They are highlights that you always hate. I come to this site to geek out, not bitch about cinematography or other irrelevant cra like most users. Last nights episode was simply one of the best this season had to offer. Especially Fish's comeback.

Your "labor of love" you call Gotham reviews has miscarried. Tag Gregg in. His reviews don't have eye rolls inserted throughout.

Couldn't agree more.

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Great episode! I agree with 4 stars, a bit more action might've bumped it up to a 5 for me.

I too, thought it was weird that Firestorm caught Barry after the fall only to attempt to kill him 3 seconds after that. Minor gripe though.

Flash is such a good contrast to the Arrow show, but I'm starting to get frustrated with Arrow and am enjoing Flash more and more.

Good review!

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Romita's art just doesn't fit a superman book.

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Thought this was a solid episode. With the exception of the conclusion of Dr.Crane, I thought this episode worked well as a jumping on point for new viewers.

I loved the Penguin and Riddler interaction. It was perfect.

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No announcement from Marvel or DC would make me tune in to watch the view.

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I'm getting the impression that the majority of posters seem to equate a gritty tone with instant success.

All I want is a smart, well-written show. If that's the case, I will be happy with whatever tone this show chooses to take.