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I really really hope this and the A+X story with Cap (and the return of Kurt) builds up for a return to the status quo of the mid 2000s, you know, when the team was acting like a team, Wolverine acted like Wolverine instead of this hypocrite (same with Beast who was VERY enjoyable to read and now is an hypocrite blue gorilla), Scott was a cool leader (Josh Wheedon made it soooooo epic) and writters weren't trying to make him an outlaw, Scott and Emma were the best couple ever in comics (at least my favorite one), stories were about fighting bad guys, there were a really good class of young mutants (Kyle and Yost run on New X-Men)...

I don't know how exactly they could return to that status quo, as that would mean Cyclops as the leader of a team that has Wolverine, and bad writting (ie: making Wolverine suddenly hate Scott right when he respected him the most just for the sake of making another X-Men book) is making that very hard to achieve now. I hope these stories build up a bit for Wolverine, Beast and Cap to swallow part of their hipocrisy, things getting better between both sides and finally all X-Men being part of the same unit again... wouldn't it be delicious if Wolverine was brainwashed or something to his pre-schism persona and from an outside perspective he decides that Schism didn't make sense? It would be bad writting to solve problems generated by bad writting, but it could work...

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And yep, probably as Jackman is starting to age, to still put him as Wolverine they will probably go with the Wolverine version of Apocalypse so this is still all about Wolverine and a lot of stars demanding screen time for zero character development due to not enough time for everyone like happened in Days of Future Past (yep, I've come from the future, that's what happened in DoFP, like with X3 but worse).

I've hear that in 2020 no matter how many films FOX makes, their rights no longer extend and they return to Marvel... is that real??? By then probably the avengers cycle will expire and Marvel could focus on some awesome x-men stuff is that's tru... only 7 more years... only 7 more years...

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What I don't get is what's the relation between making people comfortable and changing your face to look like that person.

Unless Bendis TOTALLY loves the bald man on the mirror and thinks everyone else does, I don't get how he made the relation here... Most people would freak out instead of feeling comfortable if someone suddenly changed his face to look like him, so it would be counterproductive with the pheromones power.

Morph (II) is starting to be the Cypher of this team. At least many years later writers found a way to make Cypher's powers really cool for combat with the body language reading thing, if you aren't in an infiltration scenario I don't know what he could do to help the team (unless his pheromones can get crazy and calm an angry mob of mutant hating extremists) and even on infiltration his powers don't make much sense.

And I don't know why, but something about the character told me he was gay before he said it. And did he sign as Scott Pilgrim?

Didn't like punk-rock Emma btw... I hope she returns to White (she is the White Queen)... Oh, and I also hope she and Scott get back together soon!!

Despite I'm liking "some parts" of current X-Men (Scott team specially), I was remembering how much I liked the team around Messiah Complex times, you know, when Beast was a likeable character instead of an hypocrite gorilla, Wolverine respected Scott and was true to his character instead of suddenly deciding he is the voice of moral (even in schism some pannels before turning he was saying Scott was worth following), Scott and Emma were a couple, all the X-Men were a family, the student body (Kyle and Yost new X-Men) was really cool... Can we get back to those times? I like the evolution of some characters, but with all the hypocrites, the break ups and schisms, the time travelling non-sense, the lame students at the Jean Grey academy instead of Hellion, Mercury, Surge, Mercury and company (I'm liking Scott's students though)... I miss those times a lot.

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The irony is that now apparently x-23 is joining the original 5 in all new x-men and she's seen kissing young Scott...

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Nyet. I know they had the recent spat in the latest issue of UXM, but both have still shown they care about each other beforehand and even flirted with one another at some points in the series. I still feel like they are not officially done and will eventually get back together. It may take some time, but it is still a definite possibility.

I hope they get back together soon. I can let Bendis, just for a little way, play with the dialogues about those 2 caring for each other and teasing/flirting with each other... but only if at the end it's a way to reunite them and make their relationship stronger than ever!!

They're my favorite couple in Marvel, both are on my top3 of favorite characters (with Nightcrawler) and they made each other evolve a lot, so they better get together now!! :D

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@jonny_anonymous said:

@flameboy298: first class was set in the past, how the hell could Scott be there?

Fun thing is, during Wolverine Origins, which is confirmed part of the movie-universe canon, Cyclops is the same age than a young Emma Frost (and both are waaaaaaaaay younger than Xavier when he makes his aparition), then in First Class Emma is the same age than Xavier and Magneto.

So considering that not only they don't respect character canon, to the point where they use the names to take the fans, but show zero respect for the story and even the powers of each character (like Sebastian Shaw with Mr Sinister past and Bishop powers and Emma being Silver Fox's sister who now is a mutant too... really, if the films and its characters had different names they wouldn't be related to the X-Men at all), but they also don't respect THEIR OWN movie universe official canon (add Beast having human form in X-2 to the example about Emma and Xavier age), so technically there is nothing against Cyclops being in first class considering what has happened before and that he has been shown with the same age than a character that appears in first class.

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@hazlenaut said:

It sure sucks to be in a relationship with someone that can read minds and he is stuck in a triangle with two of them. This is why wolverine deserves to be blasted as many times as Zorak from space ghost when he gives Cyclops grief. Does Emma know about Madelyne Pryor?

Wait I forgot he was xavior student so his mind was read then too. This guy has no privacy. Does the pheonix force likes him too? I just want to keep count.

Cyclops was taught to keep information he didn't want to reveal in a special place on his mind. Being around so many telepaths, he has been trained to resist them.

And btw, the Phoenix loves him too because it feeds on the energy from his beams. This was revealed during Phoenix Endsong.

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I'm almost sure when Cyclops was talking to Emma in the issue when Jean dies, and he tells her he made his decission, he's going to tell her that he choses Emma. That's at least what I thought with the way he approached Emma on that scene.

The part everybody is refering to, comes after the events following that. Cyclops may have chosen Emma, but he just saw Jean dying, which would affect him emotionally, so he is depressed and wants to quit the X-Men and forgets everything. The way I see it, Jean pushes him to get over that depression, stick with the X-Men and follow his initial choice of Emma. If his initial choice was Jean, it would made zero sense to go with Emma, Jean only needed to make him get over the depression to lead the X-Men, if he chose Jean it wouldn't start a relationship with the woman with whom he almost broke his relationship with his "chosen one", so I really think before Jean's death, he already decided he wanted to be with Emma.

And no matter the choice, Emma has been much better for Scott's character development than Mary Sue Jean Grey. Cyclops is a much better character and his relationship with Emma is my favorite in comics. I hope Bendis puts them back together soon. And by soon I mean NOW! (and with NOW! I mean before Marvel NOW! ends).

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Nightcrawler has the advantage here: Teleportation, ability to teleport his target to a location he can't scape, meld with shadows, incredible agility even if Gambit has peak human level agility, Kurt has enhaced mutant agility. Gambit won't be able to throw him cards fast enough, NC could simply teleport to a heigh where he can clearly see the cards comming and see how Gambit starts wasting resources. The moment Gambit has to start charging debris, which takes more time, NC can do a fast teleport, with no time for Gambit to try to charge NC body as that mass would need a bit more time, and leave him where he can only surrender. If he has fear of Gambit having a card under his sleeve saved for that, he can teleport him making contact just with his tail so he has enough space to react to a rapid throw by Remy.

Kurt has been able to defeat Colossus+Rogue or possesed (so no morals = more dangerous) Colossus + Wolverine before, and other combinations of X-Men. This should be easy cake for him.

PS: If this fight was with no morals, Remy's severed head would be flying over a cliff the second the fight begins.

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Soooooooo rigged!!

A character with the exact same intellect, gadgets, fighting skills, personallity, etc than Batman, but NOT named Batman would lose this (and probably others too) soooooooo much...