Strange Loyalties after Schism (includes teasers w/ "spoilers"?)

We have been bombarded by some teasers about what's comming after Schism, the "re-genesis" of the X-Men (I think they chose a good name if they are really trying to re-shape the X-Men status quo as Second Genesis did BTW), and as some of you probably have observed, they form a chain of images dividing each team/book in 2 different groups. 
I first observed it on the new X-Force teaser thread, where another user ( @hitechlolife ) posted an image with W&XM, X-Force and Legacy covers chained. 
Then I realized that Gen. Hope, Uncanny X-Men and X-Men all had the same terrain and then I put them together and you can see (Magneto?)'s arm and the part of the rifle on the sides of the midle image so they clearly are part of the same group of images.  EDIT: Just realized user @Baddamdog posted also this other group of images so credit to him for finding this other connection too, I didn't see his post.
Doing that (sorry, I did it very fast as you can see on the borders of each cover...) shows some interesting stuff about character loyalties even if we only know one character from each book: 

First of all, it seems like there at least are 2 more covers to be added, as you can see a strong arm on the right side of Legacy's cover, and a strange form on the left side of Gen. Hope's cover. My guesses are X-Factor (with Strong Guy strong arm on the right side of Legacy) on Wolverine's side, and New Mutants on Uncanny's side.
Now lets take a look on the characters, the first 3 were more or less expected to find on that side. Well, AoA Kurt was a surprise but if he goes to 616 earth with Wolverine's team, it was obvious to see him on that side. And rogue has a better relationship with Wolverine than with either Frost or Scott Summers. 
But the surprises start when you see who is taking Emma's side: 
First surprise: Jubilee (still a vampire for the look of her mouth). This is a great surprise as she was supposed to be one of the closest characters to Wolverine. They even started a new series together with him helping her with the vampire stuff. I don't know what's happening there, but it must be something big to make Jubilee join the opposite team to Wolverine and will be interesting to read how Logan reacts. 
And the second surprise: Shaw is not only joining Gen. Hope, but he is also siding with Frost. Ok, he isn't the best friend of Wolverine, but I think it's too early to put him siding with Frost after Quarantine's arc. 
I haven't readed that arc (in Spain we are just on issue one of this arc, we have a delay of about 7 months in Marvel comics, blame Panini for that U.U) but more or less I know what she did with Shaw's brain. I think it's too early to put him on charge of kids, who knows if he could regain his memories or someone of his past could tell him. Also if Namor end ups joining Frost he will be very angry about that... 
Some final notes: I predict that Scott is going to appear on the last cover from Emma's side, probably New Mutants team, maybe he will have a teacher role with the new X-Men like Hank Pym with Avg. Academy, and also appear on Uncanny as Wolverine is probably going to appear in both W&XM and X-Force but only appear in one cover as it's really the same image. 
Another strange loyalty, is that Cannonball, who has been lately Cyclops predilect alumn, is apparently siding with Wolverine (on a different teaser you can clearly see his glasses). You can also see what seems to be Colossus with Juggernaut's helmet (he weared it on another teaser) is siding with Frost, wich means a period without seeing the "fastball special" original combo, and also that Kitty Pryde will loose either his boyfriend or his "mentor" as each one is on a different side. 
This could mean Wolverine not only loosing Jubilee, but also Kitty Pryde, and who knows if he will also loose X-23 (I think I can see her on Jubilee's group, and recently they have become friends according to some images I've seen). Will he look for another girl to mentor (Idie seems to be taking that position) or he will be too bussy with all his titles and comming events? 
- - Lokheit.
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Posted by S1llYMDROX

Cool Observations, i didnt even notice the different terrains on each of the covers at first!  
Now there are two things that came to mind after looking at the covers and reading this: 
1.) With Shaw being involved with Gen. Hope. I looked at this as maybe Shaw being a teacher to some capacity like how Emma was with the original Gen X. 
2.) One reason i can see Colossus and Kitty Siding with Emma (or Scott in that matter), wouldnt be because of Emma or Scott or whatever principles they have, but i see them following Magneto, since Magneto did bring Kitty back from space. I thought about that ever since Kitty came back that if Magneto wanted to start a new brotherhood (which isnt the case here but still), i can definately seeing Colossus or Kitty or even both following right behind him.
Posted by Hus

looks like Gambit is in Legacy judging by what looks to be a pole. hopefully Gambit and X-23 stay together

Posted by Kamitosis

I think Jubilee might actually be working for Wolverine and spying on Scott and Emma. Which would be really freaking awesome and not beneath Wolverine to do. Otherwise, I'm curious what drove Jubilee to Scott and Emma's side.