Strange Loyalties after Schism (includes teasers w/ "spoilers"?)

We have been bombarded by some teasers about what's comming after Schism, the "re-genesis" of the X-Men (I think they chose a good name if they are really trying to re-shape the X-Men status quo as Second Genesis did BTW), and as some of you probably have observed, they form a chain of images dividing each team/book in 2 different groups. 
I first observed it on the new X-Force teaser thread, where another user ( @hitechlolife ) posted an image with W&XM, X-Force and Legacy covers chained. 
Then I realized that Gen. Hope, Uncanny X-Men and X-Men all had the same terrain and then I put them together and you can see (Magneto?)'s arm and the part of the rifle on the sides of the midle image so they clearly are part of the same group of images.  EDIT: Just realized user @Baddamdog posted also this other group of images so credit to him for finding this other connection too, I didn't see his post.
Doing that (sorry, I did it very fast as you can see on the borders of each cover...) shows some interesting stuff about character loyalties even if we only know one character from each book: 

First of all, it seems like there at least are 2 more covers to be added, as you can see a strong arm on the right side of Legacy's cover, and a strange form on the left side of Gen. Hope's cover. My guesses are X-Factor (with Strong Guy strong arm on the right side of Legacy) on Wolverine's side, and New Mutants on Uncanny's side.
Now lets take a look on the characters, the first 3 were more or less expected to find on that side. Well, AoA Kurt was a surprise but if he goes to 616 earth with Wolverine's team, it was obvious to see him on that side. And rogue has a better relationship with Wolverine than with either Frost or Scott Summers. 
But the surprises start when you see who is taking Emma's side: 
First surprise: Jubilee (still a vampire for the look of her mouth). This is a great surprise as she was supposed to be one of the closest characters to Wolverine. They even started a new series together with him helping her with the vampire stuff. I don't know what's happening there, but it must be something big to make Jubilee join the opposite team to Wolverine and will be interesting to read how Logan reacts. 
And the second surprise: Shaw is not only joining Gen. Hope, but he is also siding with Frost. Ok, he isn't the best friend of Wolverine, but I think it's too early to put him siding with Frost after Quarantine's arc. 
I haven't readed that arc (in Spain we are just on issue one of this arc, we have a delay of about 7 months in Marvel comics, blame Panini for that U.U) but more or less I know what she did with Shaw's brain. I think it's too early to put him on charge of kids, who knows if he could regain his memories or someone of his past could tell him. Also if Namor end ups joining Frost he will be very angry about that... 
Some final notes: I predict that Scott is going to appear on the last cover from Emma's side, probably New Mutants team, maybe he will have a teacher role with the new X-Men like Hank Pym with Avg. Academy, and also appear on Uncanny as Wolverine is probably going to appear in both W&XM and X-Force but only appear in one cover as it's really the same image. 
Another strange loyalty, is that Cannonball, who has been lately Cyclops predilect alumn, is apparently siding with Wolverine (on a different teaser you can clearly see his glasses). You can also see what seems to be Colossus with Juggernaut's helmet (he weared it on another teaser) is siding with Frost, wich means a period without seeing the "fastball special" original combo, and also that Kitty Pryde will loose either his boyfriend or his "mentor" as each one is on a different side. 
This could mean Wolverine not only loosing Jubilee, but also Kitty Pryde, and who knows if he will also loose X-23 (I think I can see her on Jubilee's group, and recently they have become friends according to some images I've seen). Will he look for another girl to mentor (Idie seems to be taking that position) or he will be too bussy with all his titles and comming events? 
- - Lokheit.

Saving Scott, the real deal?

After reading some comments from all the threads that are starting to rise with the coming of Schism and the recent analysis of how Scott has changed during this decade, I'm starting to realize what's going to happen with Schism. 
Most people believe (including myself at first) that this is going to divide the group, tear the relationship between Scott and Wolverine forever, make everything like it was during the 90s, etc... 
Most think that there is going to be a fight for leadership between Cyclops and Wolverine. That one of them might not survive, that mutants will side with either of them and all will be divided and blown up.
Some people like me, while believing this was going to happen, argued that it would be really lame and forced since Wolverine has supported most of Cyclop's decissions and even go further than him, so he can't be the one arguing with him about moral principles. There is also the fact that Wolverine can't (and doesn't want) lead all the people currently under Cyclop's command.
But even with the facts given, most still worried about what a big mess they could end up comming with just for the sake of changing things... 
Then I started to think and ponder about this... 
In first place, I have a lot of confience on Jason Aaron, one of the few comic writters able to make me cry reading a comic (wolverine weapon-x final issue, the one with Nightcrawler's testament), and after reading how good he portrays characters I don't believe he is going to mess things. Wolverine is "his boy" and he writes him perfectly and knows what kind of person he is, what things he would do and what things he wouldn't. 
In second place there is the fact I mentioned before about Cyclops changing because of the needs of his race. This is something that was neccesary but now that the mutant race is starting to rise again (and we will see with the return of Wanda if it can be completly recovered) he needs to start changing again the way he does things and be the headmaster instead of the general (not returning to his 80s 90s self, but his Josh Wheedon's portray would be the perect balance between what makes him a cool character and what makes him a human and kind character without loosing character development). I can imagine him crying from both guilt and joy once everything is restaured and he realizes it. Guilt for the sacrifices he made, probably in front of the tombs of characters like Nightcrawler. Joy because all the things he had to lock inside of himself, all the desires to be a kind person instead of making the hard decissions, all the burden of his responsabilities, everything ending now all of a sudden. He could allow himself to be a good and happy guy as he want to be but right now can't. I can imagine him crying in front of the tombs, kneeling down, with his forehead held by Emma's body in front of him and whispering "it's over... now it's over..." because he can throw away all the responsabilities he had during so much time for the sake of his race.
In third place, as Aaron said, since that weapon-x issue I mentioned before, Wolverine is now a believer thanks to Kurt. This summed to how paternal this character has always been when well written, and summed with the other facts, lead me to think what's the real deal about Schism:
I think that wolverine isn't going to fight him for leadership or something like that. Now I think that what a good writter like Jason Aaron would do is making Wolverine save Scotty. 
Save Scotty?  
Yes, save Scotty from himself. It's a known fact that Scott doesn't like most of the things he does, but he knows that he must do them for the sake of mutantkind. He has been forced to become some sort of mutant Nick Fury, wich is cool, but it's killing him from the inside as I explained. And all his actions are transforming his behaviour into an spiral of cold-hearted decissions that can't end because one leads to the next.  
Scott need something, and this something is... 
A beating...  
Scott is tied with Nightcrawler for my favourite character and I like him as he is now and as he was before, but I know that how he is now can't and shouldn't be forever for the sake of his development, and I know that he need a beating.
 But not for the sake of a beating, a beating to rescue the good Scott from inside the hard shield of cold moral and burdens he has built around himself. This isn't the kind of beating where someone wins and the other one hates him, this is the class of beating that makes you learn a hard lesson and then be thankful to the other on for doing that. And knowing the characters as I know them, there is only one person who could do that, and that person is James Howlett, aka Wolverine. 
Why him? Because he is the best at what he does and he knows how it feels doing what he does. He is making X-Force operate without Scott knowing it to rest some burden from him, because he knows that what mutankind needs now in this time is a more human leader but that someone needs to do the dirty work. And he knows what's going through Scott's mind. He can see how he can't get outside of that shell and he has to help him. No other character can confront Cyclops about it and recover him, not even Emma as she doesn't know about that as much as Wolverine knows, even with her being a former villainess. 
What Wolverine has to do is making him realize (using physical ways, something that in the right ammont usually works a lot when combined with hard reasoning to make someone see things clearly) that his people and his friends need him a lot and that he has been so obsesed with saving mutantkind that he has changed himself and now mutankind needs him to lead them (yes, he is leading right now, but on a militar obsessed with saving them from extinction way) as he did before and as he always did. That he needs to be a light of hope (no pun intended) for them, that he needs to be (as Wolverine named him on an Origins issue) THE X-Men. That it's true there are still threats for them out there, but he can't make himself responsible of all of them, that he MUST share the burden as Wolverine is doing for him with his secret (double secret as the original was also a secret) X-Force. That everyone must co-operate but no one has to loose his soul in the process and act on a different way than what they are supposed to be. That he did what was needed, but he can't let that change him forever. 
This made on a very agressive and at the same time emotinal way, like someone who worries about a friend that is loosing himself would. Some would say they aren't actually friends, but Wolverine is the type of character that can show lessons of this type if someone need them by force, and he worries for Scott even if they aren't close friends, specially now that he is trying to do some things like Nightcrawler would like to see him doing. 
And what would this story arc mean if this is really what they are going to do? 
1) A progressive change from Scott to resemble his pre-HoM and post-Morrison character (I really loved how he was portrayed on Astonishing X-men). So he would reconsider the way he does things and be less cold-hearted (this actitude is cool but is starting to feel out of place now that it isn't needed as much as before but he maintains it). 
2) Make the X-Books around more characters than it's right now. I love Scott and Emma, and I really like Namor and Dr. Nemesis (on their cases, being jerks is what makes them interesting but it's how this characters really are), but the "inner circle" is getting A LOT of screen time and this is hurting the development of characters that now are just ocasional extras on the stories. 
3) It would be the perfect moment to progresiely return to a normal situation, this Utopia thing is starting to resemble mini-Genosha WAY TOO MUCH. I mean, Scott had a medal from the president... this isn't like they are fugitives anymore. There are a lot of kids on that island that surely want a more normal life. I don't know if I would remake the X-Mansion (everybody knows that school is going to open its doors again sooner or later anyway) but at least return to San Francisco (Angel spent too many dollars on that place to waste it so quickly). 
4) Return to teams dynamics. Since all this situation started, there hasn't been really 2 or more active teams (excluding things like X-Force or the New Mutants), and most teams always had the center characters on them. Even the recent X-Men series has the center characters from Uncanny on it. I want to see more real x-men in action, I liked that during the pre-Messiah complex era, and also during the Morrison's new-x-men  +  X-treme X-Men  + Uncanny X-men team, because each team allowed different characters to shine and develop. If Scott is convinced to share the burden he can make the X-Men like they were before instead of militar units directed from Utopia. Also with Havok, Polaris and Rachel returning, it's the perfect time to return to teams dynamics. 
5) This will please all the Cyclops heaters but as a fan I think he needs a bit of it: some rest and vacations, probably with Emma, once everything ends. He deserves it after all he has done and it will help with the development of other characters and to make his fans await his return excited.

And there are also many other improvements to the books overal that could come from something like that but it would be too long to list them all. 
Well I had to put it somewhere so I decided to make my first blog entry on my account, hope you enjoyed this vision of what could happen and I would like to hear your opinions about that, because I realized that most of the topics ended up on "Wolverine beat Cyclops!" or "Go Scott!! Kill him!" or "He isn't/He is a good leader". Wich really makes no sense and doesn't allow to develop theories about what will really happen at the end of Schism. 
- - Lokheit.