Under-rated Characters

Character I feel never get their due.

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Posted by Meteorite

I really don't get why people find Spot a silly villain. His name might be a bit stupid, but his powers definetly are not.

Posted by Lokein.Lyesmith
@Meteorite:  Exactly. Maybe make him a little darker, a little more willing to kill, and he could easily be a big-league villain.
Posted by Jack Daws

very interesting list!! :) 
i dont know a lot on Comics like u guys, so this list is really useful, and those characters seem great! 
Posted by JaYDaFuRy

deadpool, B list hero? your dum, only basing this on the fact that he doesnt have his own movie. and who cares about the green hornet, he was made by silent bob. but your right about toxin :)
Posted by Lokein.Lyesmith
@JaYDaFuRy:  When I made the list was before the Wolverine movie. Before then, outside of Marvel comics, people didn't know who Deadpool was. He was a B-list character. Now, that's not true anymore. I think they've taken him and made him an A-lister and prominent figure in the Marvel Universe. 
And Green Hornet? Kevin Smith did not make the Green Hornet. Dude has been around for decades. Learn to spell and get back to me.
Posted by JaYDaFuRy

ok your getting really agressive at me because i dont care much for checking my spelling cause im what, 17 i dont type 100% accurate.  
BUT i do understand the deadpool thing should really edit the list...... 
and i dont really care for green hornet, he is truthfully where he should stay, a nobody....    
Posted by Lokein.Lyesmith
@JaYDaFuRy:  This is why Green Hornet is in the "Under-Rated" list. He's a cool character with lots of possibilities. He's been kind of stuck in the 30s, if someone, say, Kevin Smith, were to modernize him, he could been majorly cool. Look at what they did with The Spirit. Another out-dated pulp fiction character. Right up there with Indiana Jones, The Shadow, and the Lone Ranger. 
I'm sorry to come off aggressively, but if you're going to criticize someone and their tastes, it's best to do so intelligently, or your argument loses it's steam. Hard to take someone seriously who can't spell "dumb", when ComicVine's comment editor has a built-in spell checker...
Posted by Major Canuck
Green Hornet comes from the same time as early as the 1940's like Batman,Captain America,and Superman.
Posted by Leliel
@Lokein.Lyesmith: He freaking need to kill someone really nasty, like split the guy around with his teleportation powers
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Great list, I love The Ferret!  I own almost every issue of The Protectors series as well, definitely the best thing to come out of Malibu Comics.  They need to bring back Demogoblin as well.  Wild Child had a lot of potential during his "Weapon Omega" phase when he was in Alpha Flight, but someone dropped the ball on that one unfortunately.