I play World of Warcraft, and in Warcraft you have "5-man instances", kind of like a separate "level" to the game. In 5-mans, each person has a role. Your Tank holds aggro, takes the brunt of the damage, while your healer keeps everyone alive. Your DPS (Damage Per Second) lets loose on the bad guys who are hitting on the Tank. So. If Superheroes were allowed in 5-Man Instances... this would be my choice group. Wailing Caverns doesn't stand a chance. After #5 is my reserved list for a 10m raid group. MT is Main Tank. OT is Off-Tank. MH - Main Heals. OH - Off-Heals.

List items

Posted by Lokein.Lyesmith

Elixir I think is TOO obvious of a choice... i might add another 5, to make it a 10m Raid group... I'm kinda Ranged heavy here, so I might add some more melee... maybe a caster. Hmm.

Posted by Lokein.Lyesmith

Number 6 down, is reserved for a 10m raid.