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@comicboy12 said:

" @Lokein.Lyesmith: If that's how you think then there's no point in arguing. Nudity has never a requirement for sexualazation. Just because a male or famale is nude says nothing about the 
sexualiztion  of both works. In all of the piece of art you post not one of them have a male character posing in a sexually submissive manner, nor are we suppose veiw them as sexual objects .

 The more I think about this, the more I disagree. Your argument is that men aren't objectified, because they aren't posed in a sexually submissive manner.  YOU don't view them as sexual objects. But sexually submissive is not the role of an average male in normal society, in regards to sex. Just because they're not being portrayed submissively, doesn't mean they're not being objectified. 
It seems your issue isn't sexism, isn't discrimination, or the objectification of women, but they're perceived roles in terms of sexual portrayals. You're arguing a different argument. If you want to talk about women's roles in sex, and what's considered the "proper role" of a woman in comics or society in general, we can do that. I'll even agree. Women are often seen unfairly as submissive and we are supposed to see them as more sexually explicit than men, both in women and in the world at large. Men aren't allowed to be submissive or sexually explicit. That's wrong. But again, that has nothing to do with sexual discrimination in comic books. Both sexes are objectified equally, as per their perceived roles.
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@comicboy12: @comicboy12 said:
" @Lokein.Lyesmith: Like I said if you're just going to devolve into personal insults then there's no point in arguing. I expciltly told you the differences between the pictures you're using and the ones I'm using. None of those males are posed of position in a sexually explicit manner. Heck you wanna talk about namor compare that pic you posted to namora 
No insult was meant. You seem to be unable to see men as sexual. I think that's a problem. You're seeing the things you want to see, and completely dismissing the things you don't want to see. There's no use in arguing with someone who blinds themselves. I never once said that women weren't objectified. They are. But so are the men. There's no discrimination. It's equal. Therefore, it can't be sexism. Sexism is the sexual discrimination by objectifying. 
Yes. You're right. Women are objectified in comics.
So are men.
Therefore, no sexism. I did, however, give you examples of places there ARE sexism, outside of comics. Those would be a just cause for your argument.
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@comicboy12 said:

 Also I'm  not sure why you think objection of both genders is equality when both genders are objectified differentily  "

You're missing that his emblem is on his chest. And the sexualization is all up to the reader. I don't think Namor looks like a hottie coming up out of the water, but I'm not a woman. My wife however, could just as easily wolf whistle and cat call at his near-naked and dripping wet self. If she got her jolly's off superman's chest, then it wouldn't matter if the emblem was there or not. The emblem is painted onto his chest. 
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@comicboy12 said:
Also I'm on a comic book site, the issues I talk about are going to be about comics. You wanna talk about sitcoms. Well yes I do find it  messed up when beautiful smart intelligent women end up with incompetent unattractive husbands and are always cleaning up the husbands messes.    You can try to ingore or beat down the gender issues all you want, but it's not help when crea tors and people in the comic book industry have pointed out that there is in fact a gender issue comics. "
Namor: The First Mutant #1
Earth-9997 Earth X
Again. 90% of all the MALE costumes, are just naked men with color on. 
Also. Your opinion does not equal sexism. 
Wait, wait, wait. Superman never shoves his chest or ass in our face?
Watch this. Watch this. 
Nope. Especially not Superman. He NEVER shoves his chest out towards the fans. 
Here's a chest AND crotch shot, just for you.
Why is it that you find women in these poses degrading, but men not? 
Your opinion does not equal sexism. Men are objectified in comics too. Therefore, there is no discrimination. Again. We objectify EQUALLY. I'm sorry you can't see it.
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 Can you count the men vs women in this top ten?

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@comicboy12:  I don't see as sexism. It's wrong for a woman to show a little cleavage but it's not wrong for a man to run around in a loin-cloth? How is that any different at all? You're still oogling his man parts. I think comics show a fair and balanced miss-representation of BOTH sexes. I'm sorry that you're so insecure that you see sexism everywhere. 

sex·ism –noun

discrimination or devaluation based on a person's sex, as in restricted job opportunities; esp., such discrimination   directed against women.
It's not discrimination if it's happening on both sides. Men are just as objectified as women are in comic books. Go cry "wolf" at women's romance novels. You want some sexual discrimination, there you go. Or how 'bout your average nightly sitcom, portraying fathers as stupid, bumbling idiots who don't care about their families goings-ons, while the mother is a strong independent woman who fixes everything the father fumbles. 
My comic books are the least of your worries when it comes to sexual discrimination. Batman is little more than a naked man, colored grey black and blue, with a cape on. Spiderman is a naked man colored red and blue with little black webs on him. There's no bias here. We sexualize and objectify equally. Sorry to pop your bubble.
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@comicboy12 said:

Unless you mean that comics are never going to change, and you don’t want them to, because you like the status quo right where it is. In that case, I cordially invite you to bite me.

Why should what I like, something that's been this way for decades, change, just because you don't like it? If you don't like... don't read it. Whoa. Now -there's- an idea. Instead of forcing your beliefs and what you want on me, just don't support it. Why take away what I want and love just because you don't like it? You, sir, can bite ME. Right here. This is the spot I like most. -really- get your teeth in there. Put your jaw into it.
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@HexThis said:
" I'm always surprised at how defensive the reaction is to the notion, the mere suggestion women get the short end of the stick when it comes to comics. Is there any denying it? Besides dissecting the costumes to determine what indicates sex and what doesn't, just look at the numbers. Not as many women read comics and I think it's largely because they're alienated by these images, it seems to solely appeal to men.   
This it totally correct. I don't know about the REST of you guys, but if I don't get my monthly dose of spandex-covered-muscular-man-butt, I'm just not fit to be around. Usually an issue of Spider-Man will do it for me. But sometimes I have to hit up Hercules, because, really, what man could resist that loin-cloth? And that run back in the 90s when Thor ran around in nothing but panted-on-spandex pants and no shirt? That was a prime time for men reading comic books. 
In fact, the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of men running around in skin-tight leather and spandex is what makes ME read comics. Those women showing their tummys like Huntress? Yuck! Why would I want to see that in the middle of my might-as-well-be-naked superhero MEN? And Powergirl's cleavage? Let's face it, I'd rather another shot of Kyle Rayner's butt. 
I have yet to see Iron Man 2, but thanks for letting me know that Black Widow has to change clothes in the movie. I'll be sure to overt my eyes during that part. But when Hugh Jackman bursts forth from the Adamantium Tank in all his naked glory in X-Men: Origins? THAT'S the kind of comic book movie for REAL men! Or those scene's of Peter Parker in SpiderMan oogling his own new super-muscles? That's why I've seen it 6 times now. 
Dripping sarcasm aside; this is a specific fantasy world. This is what sells comics. I think you're in the wrong section of the book store. You want the Harlequin Romance novels. Those are two aisles over. Take your reality and GTFO out of my fantasy world.
It seems perfectly acceptable for Hercules, Thor, Tarzan, Conan, Colossus, Silver Surfer, Namor, and Hulk, can run around naked(or at least shows WAY more skin than Powergirl!). That's manly, aggressive, and most of all, socially acceptable to women. But as soon as Powergirl shows some cleavage or Huntress sports her midriff, or Starfire wants to run around nude, that's shameful and should be shunned!!!
Maybe it's not the comic book industry, or us men, that has the issue with bodies?
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Dark Knight took the Joker to the next level and showed the world the kind of villain he really could be. Dark Knight also gave us a great Two-Face and showed us that even great men can fall when pushed hard enough. The movie showed Batman's willingness to sacrifice himself for his city, showed his love for Gotham and it's people. Joker, Two-Face, Batman; all believed themselves to be right, and really, who isn't the hero of their own story?

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  Sometimes I wonder why I watch these reviews. I get so annoyed so easily. It's like they take turns annoying me.

What files was Bucky supposed to read? Where are these files? It's not like the Avengers have had a steady place to sit down and set up their filing cabinets. They've been outlaws, on the run constantly. But Wolverine was supposed to go "Oh, btw, Bucky, here's an entire list of every villain we've ever fought, including their height, weight, power description, likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs. Where'd I keep it? In my spandex, of course! Silly Bucky-Cap!"