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The Hulk VS DC 's new 52 Swampthing after failing their previous universe .

I say hulk many reasons , if Hulk can rip secondary adamantium apart , Swamp thing is a twig , wats all this shrinking swampthing does , they copied Henry pym too lol

New 52 is such a Image comics scally wag .

Lets not forget Hulks Gamma Radiation , that can literally kill E.T 's Pot plant like it killed betsy . Let alone him actually punching swamp thing & ending up brittle shattering him into Hash .

Or lets do a DC tactic of exaggeration , & have hulk jump into space with swamp thing & tear him apart like void did to carnage ,,, no other plant life in space .

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@lukundra: lol your pathetic , those scans are official , but whats more powerful than Thors Magic Hammer ? Hulks Uncharted Strength , IronMans Tech ? The Avengers TeamWork ? you talking about JLA that have been retconned to the new 52 , i dont even think they had enuff time to be together yet to even take on a team , but i'll cut this conversation short as sharp as Captain America's Adamantium edge on a fast flying frisbee that no one in the JLA is immune to .

Avengers Assemble , JLA gets disassembled by hulk pummel .

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@loganx360: Except we are using Wally West when he has control over the speed force, who is beyond the expectation of any other Flash. Wally does not need room to run, he has instantaneous acceleration and can easily go beyond light-speed instead of super sonic. Flash can BFR, incapacitate, or KO Iceman, so what can Iceman do to Flash?

Here's a taste of what Flash can do with just speed. He can do a lot more, but this is just a sample.



Stealing Speed (Flash is stealing KE from earth in the third one.)

Your using a Wally that has been retconned like 4 times already ,, make up ur minds are ya using old powers from a universe that no longer exists ,, or new powers from new 52 , besides all those" power stunts " without running were copied from quicksilver,,, quicksilver was the first speedster to do " MUTANT " power stunts ,,, DC came along & copied ...after many issues of " The flash " doing the same boring stuff , if u want check the issues where Flash does those exaggerated stunts & compare them to the issues where Quicksilver actually did those stunts being that he was a mutant born with the ability of speed ... there's a HUGE DIFFERENCE , between being born with the ability & just accidentally receiving it .

Iceman is a mutant born with cold manipulation , he does not need to run , he just has to think about it , now compare the speed of thought to the speed of actually having to think before using your legs to run .

Cold Still slows / stops the flash. throw in a couple of sharp ice shards & its a dead waffle west .

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@loganx360 said:

This is very bad writing ,, from DC Writers that did Awful WonderWoman comics ... how does this happen . How does a Microverse Virus affect Wolverines Healing factor where Scarlett Witches ' No more Mutants " spell that spans across all multi-verses & removed powers from $hit loads of Characters had no affect on him .

This is Straight up WarnerBrothers Sabotage on Marvel / Disney after countless death of Superman / Batman / Flash Botches .

The only possible thing that makes sense if this is not really the 616 Wolverine but the 616 Erik Larsons Skrull Wolverine or the future hood wolverine .. in which i can see how a microverse virus might affect the new skrull cloning machine effects on the DNA , like how Wolverine losing healing factor has anything to do with his Fighting skill .

.. but still this is very crappy writing . i think Marvel Pantheon High Level characters shouldn't be written by DC writers or by rookie writers that do crappy bubble gum strips .

Welcome to Cornell. Honestly, the logic behind Wolverine losing the healing factor is the very least issue you should take with the writing on this book.

lol, what ? the fact that its a story line created by the failed writers of DC Wonderwoman ,

how the hell did that happen ??

the Logic ? this is not startrek or DC comics ,

This is a culture of many people , that have seen Wolverine survive , Scarlett Witches no more mutant spells , the Legacy Virus , & a whole $hit load of Carbonium poisoning , & dont forget that experimental Cambodian thunder pill ,

For them to come up with " the logic " of a microverse virus ... & only him catching it its freakin DC Stupid . like reboot new52 type of writing . like batman all of a sudden knows karate instead of being the regular detective brawler , its like how many flash's need to exist before the Speedforce runs out of juice .

They need to come out with a Graphic Novel by a veteran writer " OF MARVEL " to fix this hack .

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lol peep how they took out The Vision & ScarletWitch ,

But the Avengers still wins , ya forget Thors Hammer , Captain America's Shield , Hulk is Strongest , IronMan Tech creates Radiation blast far worse that what Kryptonite emits .& Hawkeyes henry pym modified arrows ... with that i will leave you with these scans .

Oh And Team Work , something JLA Lacks off having being that batman is always suckerpunching Superman & WonderWoman ,


... TheEnd.

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They doing a handicap thing , lack of good writers , after Stanlee & the founders of image comics disagreed on changing spiderman, ..etc in certain ways that stan disagreed later became the very ideas that created image universe . Xmen / Wildcats , a midget magneto leading a hack xmen team , Robliefields Xforce / Youngblood , Brigade , Todd Mcfarlanes , wanted to kill spiderman & make him black & mary jane having a daughter he couldn't see ... hence Spawn , Sam Kieth run on Marvel comics presents ..Wolverines past ..became the Maxx , Now Fast Forward to Bendis & Quesada both failed DC Batman's death replacement with Azreal an such started depowering & managing corky marvel storylines .

The Lack of Great writers leads to the lame Race / Gender remix . They could easily create new characters that could be any race & any gender without messing up the original.

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What happen to Lilandra ? sole responsible person for Xavier getting Shiar Tech . her mind spanned across the universe .

this is a tuff one tho , Cable / Strife was able to screen themselves from Xavier . but then again i dont think they ever explained it if it was due to Strife's weird Chandelier helmet , but i'll go with Jean , The Phoenix Force a Cosmic entity pist off at the Universe for being confined into a Magic bird by Merlin found peace to link with jean grey ... dang u gotta be a pretty powerful telepath .

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@loganx360: There have been many explanations as how Flash would win. BFR, KO, or Incapacitate, if you want to know how, then read the past comments. While on the other hand, not much was given of how Iceman would win, just a lot of speculations and abilities that would do nothing to Flash.

There have been " Some " explainations that made no sense watsoever but then it was followed by bumps that had no explaination ' you should be the one checking out the past comments ., Iceman was born with his abilities , a very high level mutant that the WhiteQueen pushed to further levels ,, flash in the other hand ' which there are many " because previous flash's bones deteriorated , & suffered nose bleeds . accidentally got his powers at later years in adult hood . For flash to be in a level of going over sonic speed he has to have ROOM to run , ur legs need space to run right ?

Now Iceman can be Mist itself & the flash wouldn't know what he is fighting with & get instantly frozen or combustion bombed into ice fragments

Now imagine an ice Tornado filled with Ice Fists .

...nuff.said .

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The New StarWars sucks, Based on Startrek Directors hence Natalie Portman , same Sabotage like DC / WB on Marvel / Disney through TimeWarner Broadcast .

The old StarWars was more open , left a field of imagination & broader side stories & characters . The new starwars was like a lame shtick to promote Startrek crap & sucky CGi. .

On the Old StarWars they had Easter eggs like certain pilots & mercs who were not trained jedi's were able to use their force gifts in certain ways . the New starwars was just ,, crappy cgi ,, more crappy cgi , Anakin goes Hungergames on kids , more crappy cgi , Natalie portman kept looking like a Startrek extra , more crappy cgi , & then the wack boba-fett explaination ...wow ..what garbage .

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Batman VS NickFury , No weapons or Gadgets .

NickFury ,, based on Serum Endurance ... if its H2H , endurance will win ,, Nick Fury & top Level Shield Agents received a synthesized pre-wolverine serum before it became the Deadpool serum , Batman is old , no serum & he's not hooked on Venom like a crackhead .like he was before .

But it would be a hellava funny fight if it was Sam L Jackson Fury VS idk any of the rebooted batmans , " what da hell is your Muda-beeeeeep' freakin problem " & just pulpfictions wayne until he's black & blue and doesnt really need to masquerade in a black costume anymore .