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Weather Report (from JJBA part 6)

I assume turning logan into a pile of snails counts as a win?

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Phantom blood Dio vs Aquaman (New 52)

Fight takes place in the above (at night) with Aquaman starting in the water and Dio on the building

no prep or knowledge of abilities

no sea life/zombie assistance or tp

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if its in character Batman auto-loses since he won't kill and reborn would seem more than happy to

assuming Batman is blood lusted reborn should still take this quite handily in both his baby and adult forms considering he was consistently shown as more powerful than Tsuna (until very close to the end) in his limited Arcobaleno form and could beat Tsuna's father in adult form. The way i see it this is pretty much a stomp in favor of reborn and even with prep batman could only win maybe 2/10

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JLA should win since the arcobaleno have no real answer to the flash also are they in child or adult forms?

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@sandiego008: I would agree that Lucy post timeskip is an easy win but if i remember correctly she didn't have that many powerful keys pre timeskip or at least any that could defend against Nami's weather attacks

and in retrospect i would agree that Erza loses no matter the prep against robin

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Luffy vs Natsu - round 1 draw but round 2 luffy should win with haki

Chopper vs Happy - chopper both rounds for obvious reasons

Robin vs Erza - while Erza is more powerful robin should win both rounds unless Erza knows what her powers are

Nami vs Lucy - first round Nami because she has more fire power but Lucy should win round 2 since she has more zodiac keys now

Sanji vs Gray - Sanji both rounds faster more powerful and in round 2 has precognition haki

Zoro vs Laxus - laxus simply due to the fact zoro cant protect himself from lightning with swords

Franky vs Gajeel - Gajeel since he can eat metal, is faster and is more versatile than franky so he should win both rounds

Usopp vs Gildarts - Gildarts stomps both rounds

Brook vs Freed - Freed both rounds but then again i don'r really understand how his powers work

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: i shuld probably point out that at that point he had pretty much half of the entire dc earth jokerised at that point i would just google who he got then pick and choose if I were you. Sorry if the initial message wan't particularly clear

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current versions of both

fight in populated city

iron man bloodlusted w/ 1 month prep and full knowledge of Tsuna's powers

Tsuna not bloodlusted but fighting seriously w/1 week to train with reborn and only basic knowledge of opponent (no hyper dying will)


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While we haven't seen them properly yet buggy's crew is made up of the inmates from the lower levels of impel down so they will be pretty powerful and last time we saw him (just by appearance) his crew looked pretty big so he probably has the other teams outnumbered and outgunned.

I'd give Joker more thugs and prep to make this more even maybe even add in some of the jokerised villains from the joker's last laugh to give him more power whilst keeping with the theme.

I don't really remember anything about Zombozo so maybe i'm underestimating him but the last time i watched ben 10 (the original series a couple years back) he seemed pretty weak and without more assistance from his own universe he might be the weakest here.

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would namor not be almost unpassable because he could just depower luffy