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Character Info

Name: Daniel Waid

Code Name: Imperial

Identity: Public

Age: Unspecified

City: New York City

Alignment: Neutral (Recovering)

Powers and Abilities

The Imperial seemingly has a power set with superhuman strength, flight, extreme durability, optical blast and speed "faster than thoughts". In fact those powers are not physical by nature but are the result of vast unconscious psionic ability allowing the Imperial to manipulate matter up to the atomic level.

This has two consequences: the first one being that the physical impact of the Imperial's power exceeds the one usually consented to Superman. The second one is that, would the Imperial realize the psionic nature of his powers and his true potential, he would possibly enter the reality warpers category, as stated by his former team-mate Pilgrim.


Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Brown

Weight: 275

Height: 6'4

Nicknames: None