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@jonny_anonymous: @daredevil21134:

uhhh, and this is just off da top o' my noodle but, maybe it's because this thread, which doesn't have the most nuanced subject, has 2x more posts than the next most popular thread? maybe that's just a little weird for a thread kept alive by 3ish people?

but hey, if you think you're providing a service that couldn't be accomplished by some private messages, by all means, keep that hate train chuggin'!

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@jonny_anonymous: I've been around the internet long enough to know the first reaction to disagreement is "can't we voice our opinions!? why are you trying to censor the me!?" Which is why I thought I'd get out in front of that nonsense and acknowledge that you had already voiced your opinion.... many times..... for over a year.

But, don't worry, I get it that when you love something, and that thing changes into something you can no longer love, it stings - I get that, I really do.* All's I'm saying is, the way coolest way to handle that sting is to find something that doesn't sting, enjoy that, and not rain on other people's parade (for over a year) just cuz you don't like the tune they're marching to.

I'm sure you move on from other books that no longer appeal to you, right? You don't just grind an axe for every book that made changes you don't enjoy, right? So, what's different with DD? Maybe you think you love DD so much that all the things I've said here just don't matter. Well, that could be. But, it seems pretty evident that you don't love DD. You love the way DD was several years ago. So maybe put the axe and the grindstone away for a little while and, hey, it's comic books, if you don't like something, it's bound to be retconned sooner or later, right? =) Hop on back at that time! For now, for the love of devil, you 3ish people don't need to maintain this thread like a holy crusade. 3ish people does not a revolution make.

From what I can gather, the Waid run is not as strong sales-wise as prior DD runs (so that's in your favor! rejoice and be patient!), but, it is critically acclaimed and much beloved by the many, many readers who are supporting the book. Can't that be good enough for now?

*books that broke my heart and I simply moved on:

several incarnations of Teen Titans, Red Robin, NightWing, The Flash (Fasted Man Alive was it?), Spider-Man (Doc Ock? really?), pretty much the entire Ultimate universe... the list goes on. that's just the recent past.

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For a few reasons, no, I don't think the evolution of DD has anything to do with movie plans. That would be a pretty bass ackwards way to try and make a successful movie. =P

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Great post, dude!

I just recently got into DD with the Waid run, but I can totally see all the points you make being reasons why I have fallen in love with the character & stories! Really enjoying the ride! Hope it lasts a long time!

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Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in: I've never really been interested in Daredevil until the recent run. Put it on Waid or whatever, but, it's my #1 book these days and that ain't no accident. I've been readin' comics since the 80s. This Daredevil solo book's run for the last few years has been absolutely stellar.

I texted a friend about it recently only to discover that he ALSO fell in love with the recent DD run, even though he never read DD before.

So, yea, maybe it's not like the old stuff. But, that doesn't mean it's bad. According to folks like myself and my friend, the new run is BETTER. Sure, taste is in the eye of the beholder and all that. But, it just seems a little silly how 2 or 3 people, who voiced their opinion a looooong time ago, seem to be keeping this thread's hate train chugging down the tracks. If you don't like DD anymore, read something else and let us new fans enjoy ourselves!!

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@Deranged Midget said:

I don't mind the new team but I can't stand the matching costumes.

Matching costumes? You're not thinking of the things Harvest gave them are you?


Yea, that was the one in dino-land.

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I like Bunker a lot. It's just not very realistic when he says and does things like that. It's very flat, stereotypical writing.

In other words, I am friends with a guy who spent the first 27 years of his life in Japan. He doesn't randomly say things in Japanese when he gets flustered or anything. It's a silly caricaturization to make Bunker always say things like that and "amigo" instead of friend. It's like, we get it, he's not white, move on ...

I am also friends with several gay men. They don't say things like "shut up and hold me!" as Bunker says to Superboy in issue #10.

But hey, these are really small gripes, trust me. These things aside, Bunker is great. I like his powers a lot and I like his virtuous nature.

Lastly, Tim bi ... ? erm... no =P

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@htb106 said:

Originally there was meant to be a team before the current one but DC decided that wasn't the case, they said there was another team but they never went by the name "Teen Titans".

Lobdell did say that Tim Drake read a comic when he was younger called Teen Titans and that inspired him to use that name.

OK. That actually works. Thanks! It is a little lame but at least it can hold water.

I mean, super heroes do team ups all the time. I know Spidey always used to be buddies with Human Torch, Beast and Wolverine, but they were never "team mates."

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Love the New 52.... just get rid of Skitter. =D

Also, I want a great book many different people can enjoy/relate to. Not """diversity""". I mean, bunker is cool, but he is at his lowest points when he yells things like "CARAMBA!" and gets all heart-eyed around dudes. Real diversity is good ... """diversity""" is usually just an ass-backwards tool of progression that actually reinforces tokenisms and stereotypes =\