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I know you guys hate waids run and all, but I'm bummed out that his series is getting canned you know? because essentially waid is the one who made me like Daredevil in the first place, and to me that counts for a lot :)


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Seriously. Let's look at some chronology...

Joe (that's me) starts reading Venom.

Joe starts reading Scarlet Spider.

Marvel says Venom is gonna be cancelled.

Marvel says Scarlet Spider is gonna be cancelled.

In desperation, Joe decides to check out Daredevil.

Joe LOVES Daredevil!!

*Joe does happy dance (using his radar sense)*

Marvel says Daredevil is gonna be cancelled.

Joe's head esplode.

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What can we interpret from that cover?

Seems their law offices close every few issues so that's no big deal.

What's the significance of the thing in Matt's hands?

gah... still so ticked about this. I don't care about the petty bickering of who the author is; why can't a comic make it to 50 or 100 issues anymore!?!?!!?!111!!1!

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Wouldn't that be the most pointless thing ever? End a series you planned on continuing with the same staff?! Seriously, that would be a step closer to the Issue #1 every month insanity I mentioned in the other thread.

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Congratulations! You did it!

I thought this image was appropriate. Give or take 1 person. =P

Just messin' with you, guys. It's all good*.

*as long as a new run starts IMMEDIATELY.

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A few things...

1. Is "Marvel Now" really like .... a thing that matters? In other words, it's not like a separate universe or anything, so why would a book have to "relaunch" to be part of Marvel Now? I hadn't really looked that closely, but I just assumed since DD started at issue #1 just a few years ago that it was already Marvel Now approved.

2. What is the flappin' deal with comic books these days? Do they not realize how the idea of "Issue #1" doesn't really mean anything when you have a new #1 every few years?? It's kind of embarrassing. I assume it's some weird ass-backwards way to jolt sales, but, at what point are they just going to have a new issue #1 ... every month!?

Like, let's assume they are changing authors, whyyyyy would they need to reboot the series for that!? Books change authors all the time!!

3. I'm gonna be pissed beyond pissed if there isn't a new series launching IMMEDIATELY after issue 36. The only reason I started reading Daredevil was because they were already cancelling my beloved Scarlet Spider. This is why I ignore comics for months at a time... as soon as I start buying something the bastards cancel it!! What happened to the days when comic books could run well into the hundreds?!?!


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*high five*

So, you probably said this somewhere in the previous pages but, what's an especially meaningful chapter of pre-volume 3 Daredevil that I should go back and read? Is there a particular arc or mini-series that defined a certain era in the DD mythos? Perhaps something Kingpin related? I've always thought Fisk was a cool baddie but so far I don't think I've read much about DD vs. Fisk. Is Fisk still in charge of The Hand, btw?

I guess this post could still be considered on-topic since it is about quality pre-Waid stories.

I'm just so into DD right now. I feel like I've reached a comic book epiphany like "why was did it take so long to check out this character?!?!"

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Hey all,

Not sure if this is the proper place to post this question. If it is not, let me know and I'll move it.

Anyway, just wondering if A+X is canon or if it's just a wacky "what if this happened" kind of book. Anyone have any concrete verdicts for me??

Much appreciated.

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@jonny_anonymous: don't worry, I'm over it. you fellas have fun with your dead horse. I'll be readin' comics.

for the record, I know I probably came off as hostile towards you 3, but I was just trying to cut through some silliness. I mean you 3 no harm or disrespect and look forward to pleasant exchanges in the future - DD-related or otherwise.

it's what Foggy would have wanted ^_^


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@cameron83: Then allow me to introduce myself. There, now you know one!