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Hallo :)

I have an upcoming webcomic and am in need of a little help. I have the script done, and such a wonderful artist. But we're in need of some funding so we can get the books printed.

Here's a little about it:

WANTED tells the tale of Kulta, a government sniper, who is looking to avenge her fallen partner. Living in a desolate future, on an Earth estranged by growing conflict and war, Kulta must battle a world indulged in greed. Sex trades, riots, war, and much more bleed into Kulta’s path, but ultimately, this is a tale of revenge.
And the website:

and if you're interested in helping here's the link:

Please, I'm desperate.

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Writer's group?

Does anyone know of any comic writer's group? Where people can come together, share what they've written and get feedback. Artists get a lot of credit, but writers have an important job too. So, it's only fair...



This is a test blog, welcome to it.

Well~ where to begin. I am new here, and a beginning writer. I don't really expect anyone to read this, so Imma stop right here