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Tony you're a goofball.

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Love Marjorie! I miss X-23 so much! :(

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Feels like I'm the last person on earth that WANTS cheese in their superhero shows/movies. They're based on COMIC BOOKS. If anybody is going to try and convince me that comic books aren't silly and cheesy they can get out of town. Marvel has embraced the bombast of comic books in their adaptations but DC seems to be hiding all their properties behind a veil of "realism" and making them dark and gritty and it's just nonsense. I'm not saying everything has to be silver age Batman like the 60s TV show and I know budget can be a major issue, but give me WW in full costume fighting fricken MYTHOLOGICAL MONSTERS. Showcase her crazy ass family like Azzarello is doing now. Hell just make it a fricken Xena reboot. There are a bunch of ways they could adapt the character and make an excellent show but as long as everybody wants every DC show/movie to be a rip off of Nolan's Batman movies it's always going to fail.

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The only reason these "questions" exist is because they already happened in a dead continuity. Move on. Be happy getting hints as to what happened in the past and having things spoon fed to you over the course of the new continuity because that's what the New 52 is. A reboot. A restart. Assume nothing happened until told otherwise.

In the end it's unimportant. Comics are unimportant and comic continuity is unimportant and it changes constantly on the whims of creators (as Grant Morrison so maniacally showed us in his Animal Man run). You need to stop nitpicking the past and just enjoy the ride moving forward because DC is more worried about the next issue, not all the issues that came before it. The next issue is going to pay the bills and keep the lights on and keep the comics medium alive.

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Pixie should be leader. You are all crazy people.

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@RedOwl_1: Steve Pugh, the new, main artist on the book hasn't done anything as "scary" as Travel Foreman did in the first five issues with all the distorted humans and crazy flesh horrors. Pugh is an amazing artist, but losing Foreman on this book full time has kind of deflated my monthly dose of sheer giddiness from picking this up. It's still in my mind the best book DC is putting out currently but it has lost a lot of its shock value in the last three issues. IMO you shouldn't have too much trouble getting into this without losing your lunch or bladder function.

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I know art is subjective and all but it breaks my heart to see people appreciate this art over the stuff we've been getting from Bradshaw and Ponsor over the last couple of months. Bradshaw turned this book into something vibrant and fun and in my eyes completely beautiful. I loved all of the detail in his backgrounds and especially all of the little sight gags and hilarious in-jokes he would scatter about the backgrounds. It gave all of the issues a Picture Hunt feel to them. The art really extended the fun, comedic aspects from just script level into a whole package kind of fun that made re-reads a joy.

Going through this issue reminded me how much I loathe Bachalo. I can forgive his style at times, and his playful cartooniness seems like it could be a perfect fit for this book but as Sara mentioned, it's so damned loud all the time. He's constantly over-packing every page and panel with nonsense. There's a saying in writing "Don't use 7 words when 4 will do" and Bachalo really could stand to apply that lesson to his art and make his action scenes simpler and easier to follow.

My biggest problem with the art in this book though (and almost all of the Bachalo work I've ever seen), and the reason my heart sank a little every time I flipped the page is his exceptionally bland coloring. His panels are almost constantly mono or duochromatic, most looking like they could have been colored with a paint-fill tool and a little shading. Ponsor's colors in the Bradshaw issues were lush and colorful and made every page completely interesting to look at.