Wait... Am I Enjoying Teen Titans Go?!?!?

So, I hope you’re all aware that Young Justice was cancelled (which angers me to no end) and it’s time slot filled with the Chibi animated Teen Titans Go. At first I rejected the new show, not only because it took the place of Young Justice, but because I loved the original series. Teen Titans, while childish at times, was not afraid to go into a darker place that I feel can not be explored with this new adaptation. The episode Haunted is not only my favorite episode, but it goes into a very dark place in Robin’s character (link to the episode on YouTube below).

But even though I swore never to watch Teen Titans Go, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The only reason I even considered turning on the show is because Grace Randolph did a segment about the show on her web show ThinkAboutTheInk (link to the video below). I value Randolph’s opinion and if she says something is worth watching, it probably is.

When first watching the show, I turned it off twice. But I kept wanting to come back to it. In fact, after I got over the animation and low key writing style, I actually laughed…out loud! The segment where Robin takes drivers-ed after crashing the Batmobile was surprisingly good, considering it was the segment that I dreaded seeing. All in all, the show is worth watching every now and then. While I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch this show, if my remote just happens to tune in, who am I to change the cannel?

What do you think? Are you feelin’ the TT love? Tell me what you think.



Teen Titans Go (in parts)


Haunted Teen Titans


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Top 5 Comic Book Romances

Along with action, comics also need some drama. Comic book romances are by far my favorite part of reading a comic book. Here are my top 5 comic book romances.

Number 5: Jean Gray and Scott Summers

I know what you’re thinking, why is the most iconic couple in X-Men at the bottom of this list? Well, the only reason Scott and Jean are even on this list is because they’re so iconic. Scott and Jean are the too-good-to-be-true couple in marvel comics, they are the equivalent of Cinderella and Prince Charming. While the idea that their love can last through anything is idealistic, it’s far from reality. The only thing that made the relationship interesting was Jean’s death, and even that didn't last. Also Scott and Jean are too much of the same person to offer any development for either character.

Number 4: The Joker and Harley Quinn

This is by far the most interesting relationship in comics. Harley’s love for The Joker is so strong, that she can look past all his faults. Considering this relationship started on a children’s show, (Batman: The Animated Series) they weren't afraid to dive head first into the abuse that is Harley and The Joker. One of the best episodes of the series is when Harley leaves The Joker and stays with Poison Ivy. The episode focuses heavily on Harley’s dependency on The Joker and her inability to live with out him. The show accurately portrays the steps a person needs to take to get out of an abusive relationship, and unfortunately fall back into one.

Number 3: Emma Frost and Scott Summers

Now this is a relationship that benefits both characters. Emma and Scott’s physic affair in the pages of New X-Men was a stroke of genius. Some say that Emma stole Scott from Jean, but I couldn't disagree more. Scott and Jean were already starting to drift apart, and Scott came to Emma to talk about him and Jean. Emma has just enough edge to give Scott some excitement, and he gives Emma an anchor and a support system. And the fact that Emma has come out of Jean’s shadow and the two have become their own couple is amazing.

Number 2: Rogue and Gambit

Rogue and Gambit’s relationship is under constant stress because of the lack of physical contact. In the beginning, Rogue was reluctant to give into her feelings for Gambit because of her ‘situation’, but Gambit didn't give up and they have become the second most popular couple in X-Men. Gambit is always reassuring Rogue that she is the only woman he could ever want. In X-Men Legacy when Rogue got control of her powers, the two shared a kiss and it was clear that they both wanted to do that for a long time. Gambit and Rogue have stuck together through a lot and they have earned a place on this list.

Number 1: Spider-man and Gwen Stacy

Finally number one! I know, I know, all you Spidey and Mary Jane fans out there are freaking out, but let me explain. All Mary Jane ever does is gilt trip Spider-man In a ‘What if…’ comic, Gwen had lived and Peter told her that he was Spider-man She understood completely and was very supportive. Also, Gwen’s death was arguably the most influential moment in all of comics. It took away the ‘everybody’s safe’ thought and let comic books evolve. And Peter still remembers her and loves her. Plus, who doesn't love a tragic love story?

What do you think? Do you agree with the list? If not what would you change? Be sure to leave your comments.


So, About The Deadpool Movie........

So it looks like we’re getting a Deadpool movie! I love Deadpool and my only response to this movie is, It’s about F***ing time! But I do have some concerns about the film. Deadpool is a very edgy character and should not be marketed to children like Captain , Iron Man, and Spiderman are. The movie should be rated R to accommodate Deadpool’s…uniqueness. It should have all the violence that the character is known for. And even if the film was marketed to children, do you really think little Tommy is going to reach for a Deadpool mask over a Spiderman one?

My second concern in Ryan Reynolds (even though he really shouldn’t be blamed for Wolverine Origins). I think Reynolds would be a great pre-cancer Wade Wilson, but somewhat lack on the psycho that is Deadpool. If they really want to use Reynolds it would be better for the film to focus on Wade before he was Deadpool. The character has a fantastic origin story and could stand alone as its own film.

Well that was my rant. If you have any opinions about the film, feel free to comment below.


Uncanny Avengers Review

I just read Uncanny Avengers #1 and while I was excited to pick it up, the content left something to be desired. First, I have to say that the comic is defiantly worth following for at least the first few issues. The ending left me eager to read the next issue, (but then again that’s kind of the writer’s job). While the story was a bit dry, it kept me interested throughout the comic. One of the biggest problems I had with the comic was the costume changes. Yes, we all hate Havok’s new look, but Rogue’s new suit looks like a glorified green bath rode. Her hood is up for the entire issue and makes her seem to dark (rather than the tough southern gal that she is). I do, however, like what they’ve done with the Scarlet Witch. They didn’t really change the suit; they just made it sleeker and more practical.

I will say, if they don’t increase the roster by a few members, the comic will go nowhere fast. The team is too small to make any real progress with the characters. Personally, I would love to see some X-Men/Avengers that are normally in the background, step up in this new team. I would love to see Cannonball step into the action.

What do you think? How do you feel about the new costumes? Do you think new members should be added, or do you like the team the way it is? Be sure to leave comments!!