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Correct talkin to Ed your just on Cass more


Victoria was raised to stay level in the most extreme situation to not crack under pressure. She had to be the soldier who could look down the barrel and not flinch. Because of this she maintained a calm demeanor for an entire hour. Questions bombarded her and she simply gave answer. Computers however would show an eventual rise in stress and heart rate. Though appearing relaxed mechanical observation would imply just how close to lashing out she came. It was then that she was allowed to approach the elevator.

Questions came of the Windsor name unraveling the paranoia that was present. Having no documented time spent with Eddy most never looked into the relation. Inquisition given however testified that Odepius thought risk may be present. They wanted her jostled her guard lowered or wound so tight it was claustrophobic. She wasn't trusted. This led to direct paths, play friendly, retaliate, or manipulate.

She had been the cause of enough pain in this world allegiance was out of the question. Never again would she let the Lioness have a lion tamer. Fighting was foolish to launch a direct attack would trigger to much resistance. She was flesh and bone acting recklessly was fatal. The best course of action was to attempt to get herself close. There was no way of knowing what backup she had, one shot might be all she had. Reaching her conclusion she spent the rest of the ride up gaining self control, showing no sign of anything but composed business woman.

"You know Mr. Odepius usually I expect the red carpet and wine over an hour long Q&A. I do hope I passed my exams." Her tone light and playful. "Would you be so polite as to inform me of how your more discreet projects are going. Trust me the Black Cell is in the hunting business not industry I assure you no rats are present in this room."

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Hopping so ^_^ V's only human she goes it alone she's guaranteed to leave a mess lol

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@peak: (give it a bit more time and I might be in the same vote ^.^)

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My ladies are girls of action not gona wait around for someone to make the first move ^_^

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@la_espada: @quintus_knightfall: @wesley_odepius: @cassius_knightfall

Email from received yesterday 11:01 pm

Dearest Kieran and Eddy along with hopeful associate Quintus

Previously I belonged to a faction known as Black Cell. This secret sect was one of many that dared to believe that genocide of humanities cousin was part of proactive future. Having seen the error of these ways I systematically began taking the Cell apart. However now my eyes set on another such organization. I dare to say that their activity is beyond my own hands to stop.

I know for two of you I've been distant and for one of you I am the enemy. I do hope however for a unity to at the least topple this threat. Thanks to Natasha Stark I was able to contact you Quintus as well. And none of you should fear as this is a one way email none of you are at risk should I alone be uncovered. I plan to launch siege at 9pm tomorrow, hopefully this set hour will lower the risk of civilian casualties. We target one Wesley Odepius located in Las Vegas at Odewes Institute. I do apologize for the abrupt nature of this but I believe the spontaneity of my approach is my or preferably our best chance of successes.

Signed in hope by Victoria Elizabeth Lionfang Windsor

Today Las Vegas 9 PM

It had been along time sense the once mutant huntress visited this domain. She must have been only seventeen or eighteen at the time and was browsing for parts to use on an armor prototype. At the time she dreamed of executing mutants and safeguarding the future. Today however Victoria only wished to bring this building to the very ground. Having executed a baby just for being a carrier of a mutant genome Victoria saw the villainy now in those who believed in one side being the only inheritor of Earth. She was willing to die tonight to spare future children unjustified cruelty.

A lavish blue dress clung to the blonde figure as she approached the building. Heels brought her to five feet and four inches tall she was small and far from imposing. Her stature suggested a regal and business like demeanor requesting corporate prosperity. A simple briefcase was carried in her hand that seemed to have nothing but laptop money and paperwork. As she stepped through the metal detector the alarm went off. Naturally security saw ornate jewelry and asked it's removal. Doing so revealed an arm leg and foot to all be cybernetic along with her eye. This checked out as her only metal allowing the blond to proceed.

"I'd like to converse with Mr. Odepius as a speaker for CMH Associates." CMH stood for Cell Mutant and Hunt referring to the Black Cells work. As the receptionist looked to confirm who this Victoria Lionfang was everything would appear in order. Of course V had no way of knowing how close this would get her to Odepius or if she would be backed by any of her contacts and or their own compatriots. That didn't mater however for the Lioness would never run forever opting fight over flight.

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"If you need help let me know I can get here swiftly enough. It'll take a bit more time I imagine for Britain to lend aid. It'll come though." Having been shown his memories left the blond with few questions leading to a brief struggle in finding a topic to discuss. "So what other adjustments have proven difficult or questions do you have?"


(Victoria has nothing to do with this >.> plus I got Diamond and Croft in this and it's a more fast pace interaction rather then a RPG I can't play three ppl at once :P)