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@_the_force_: what's there stance on lethal force? Kind of want to throw in Dragonfang but not if it means altering her way of doing things if that's the case I'd find someone else to use

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Victoria took a moment to remove her shoes by the door the boots neatly tucked out of the way. Part of it was for her own comfort, told herself this was a home away from home. It was also a subtle way of her saying she was staying to help. They didn't have much choice in the matter. She wouldn't invite herself in, but she was staying. She'd pitch a tent on the front lawn if she had to. Catching up she snagged the opposite end of the couch. There was plenty of seats she could of taken but that was the only one that mattered to her.

The home was astounding, reminded Tori of the times she played Windsor over Lionfang. Thankfully the Wilshere were a tight knit family just because the home was massive didn't mean the family hid in opposite corners. She wondered what growing up here had been like. Victoria grew up in a much smaller house the living room cramped when everyone was in it. Total family members in the house only ever reaching six. "Your right shouldn't feel guilty but you know I do."

The lioness didn't have to say anything else in regaurd to that statement she'd allready said it all. When it came to the job she was a remarkable agent could lie her way out of a lie detector could think on her feet at all times. When it came to being human though she was relatively vulnerable and obvious. The issue for her was that she didn't need protecting didn't want it. Her and Kieran had a history of fighting side by side he was protective but the wolf and lioness should have been standing on a united front for such an ordeal. A tear didn't escape only sign was a briefly clinched fist before returning her hands to an easy rest.

"Welcome. Couldn't be there for him so I ought to be here for you and the others. Need anything come to me." She smiled her expression despite heart fealt had a hint of a demanding quality. "My coping method was denial. Spent time locked up in that little room turned garage tinkering as I do. Can't hide from it forever though."

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<.< this I figured comes before Strike formation.

And if you mean hear alone then nope lol, voc has nothing to do with Aphasic Ren etc she came to help muties for the sake of easing tension hopefully between Inhumans and Mutanta

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@aeron_glyndwr: (sorry for delay <3 it's a bit short but it felt right at this length)

It'd been some time sense Tori had seen Aeron, didn't help that Tori had a habit of vanishing out of the blue. Moments when she went off to tinker with tech and to help her not let others get to attached. It was easy for her to see someone as a friend making her easy to befriend. Of course Tori was so protective that she sought to not want people to close so as not to hurt them. If someone was to try and sum up Victoria in two words it'd be big sister. She'd go leaps and bounds for others but always tried to be strong and distant enough to also never hurt another.

Of course she had her moments of vulnerability as well. It'd been some time sense she'd seen Aeron. Tori also was good at reading people, a trait mastered over her time on the field. Moment the door was open it was an inescapable hug instantly sisterly as was Tori's nature. While Victoria would never admit to it however it was partly for herself.

"That's a good question do I?" She wasn't entirely sure herself. "I should of been there..." Relinquishing the vice like hug she looked up so both pairs of azure eyes were locked. "Let's catch up first maybe. How are you? The others? Anything you could use my help with?" It was easier for her to lend a hand then face the reality of this house. Everything about it screamed of warmth and comfort. Stepping in the house wasn't lightening hearts like it should however.

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She'd been nervous, didn't matter the danger Victoria leapt toward it without hesitation. This though scared her, it had taken time just to accept it even happened. Kieran had always seemed untouchable, as if nothing could phase him. Had a smile that lit up the room and a personality that could turn the bleakest moment into a delightful one. If you were in need of anything Kieran seemed the man to call always willing to help. Despite the willingness to return the favor it was never taken up on however. The gentlemen Welsh not wanting someone to have to ruin a good day to aid in the mess. Or maybe that was just what Tori told herself to ease he own unrest at not having been there to help. Victoria could die helping Kieran and be at perfectly at ease with that fate. Because her best friend was worth it.

Of course he wasn't always seen as her best friend if she was entirely truthful to herself she initially wished for more. Ultimately she never considered acting on such thoughts. The Lioness came before Victoria she'd reminded herself. That and Tori knew her lifestyle was a limited one. She was only human eventually her suit of armor wouldn't be enough to save her. Cybernetics throughout her body were a testimony to that, if not for machines making up at least a third of her body she'd be dead or a cripple long before now. Proud and fearless she'd dared to challenge Darkchild and Warsman even in her acts of heroism. Daring to so much as drive up to the estate was more intimidating then either of those encounters.

Didn't help that she'd never really met anybody of the family. She'd come close to meeting one of Kieran's sisters that was on the op that led Tori to confront Geo however. She'd had to leave abruptly from injuries and as such never met the sister. So not only did she know she was going in to see arguably the strongest man she knew and indisputably the best person she knew, in a coma. She also knew that she didn't know any of the family and as such thought she'd be no help in the grief. For a second she considered just turning around.

She reminded herself though she was a lion, it wasn't about being fearless but refusing to let fear win over. Reminded herself that to many good times were had to not be there for the bad as well. She might of still been a bit of a stranger but any condolence was a comfort. Estranged from her own kin she also could use company herself.

The 2015 obsidian colored Lotus Elise pulled into the driveway it's engines emitting a purr that the Windsor found comforting. A minute passed of her simply steeling herself. Jeans a tank-top and her granddad's military jacket made up her attire image didn't equate to much for her. It was still just facing the reality of the situation eventually she made it out of the sports car and to the door to deliver a brief knock.

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Victoria was a citizen of Noc Haven, apart of the cybernetic side of the community. She faced some issues for not being a mutant but she'd often made up for it. She'd been one to help the camps on the outskirts. She'd been manipulated into a menace of mutants as a child. It was times like those at the camps she felt she made up for her faults. Sonar had even been a friend of hers, she'd helped the young mutant learn to master her abilities. Victoria sought to train her so that her skills might buy entry into Noc Haven. For a gifted mutant was a welcome mutant. The empire could use someone as bright as Sonar.

Now Victoria was laying the girl to rest in a grave. She dug the hole, she carried the body from the mass grave. All about the cyborg was other mutants cyborgs and robots doing the same. Trying to give the dead some hint of peace. "We ought to rip them apart." "F*ck the states for what they've done." "I remember this kid all he wanted to do was meet Allegiance." "All she wanted to do was craft a weapon for the Shogun." "He would of done anything to make a garden of Eden for all races" words like these were all that could be heard. Only two feelings resided, wrath or regret.

After she'd done what she could Victoria bought a flight over to New York. She knew what was going to happen, somebody would retaliate, would take action. Her hypothesis was proven when the tv on the plane stopped mid movie to show Envy. There wasn't time to dwell on his words she had to start preparing for what was to come. Her laptop being pulled out as she began to refresh data to be as optimal as possible for the fight she knew to be coming. From then to the time she stood armored on a building was all a wash of data and preparation.

What she hadn't planned for was the sudden arisal of obsidian flames that scorched all in their wake in an instant. The Bull had returned, he'd been thought gone sure enough the terror of Gothic wouldn't stay down. Victoria knew her odds almost allready, this could very well be her end. She was always calm and easygoing because she'd admitted her end might come early on. She also realized more so then others though the reality of the situation. Many individuals this night would begin with some speech or monologue for one side or the other.

It was pointless to try and be diplomatic now lines were drawn. And it was even more futile to try and talk to the sudden arival of the fear monger and his devilish masked features. Victoria started by ordering her small drone to dispense a variety of mines attempting to incircle the Bull in swiftly dropped explosives. Be they surrounding, near or no where close however one thing was certain the pattern was overlapping. Leaping over the searing flames her various thrusters allowing her to overcome the night the Lioness took aim at one of the mines. One shot all it took to lead to a sequence of detonations. Getting close to the Bull wasn't wise his past fights had shown that, she'd attempt to stick to range. Her arm cannon raised and readied to fire she set the weapon to swap rounds each shot. It's standard explosive rounds that rivaled if not surpassed a quality plasma grenade, fired at a velocity more befitting of a high powered rifle then a grenade launcher. The other round was cryogenic designed to freeze on impact. Targeting wise she aimed for two to the chest and one to the head in three consecutive bursts.

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@brahma_bull: sometimes there's post that just scream use *insert alt* -_-

@_envy_: at the risk of Lioness death(at least further dismanglment) add Lioness to the side of opposition

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She'd known the losses he had faced were heavy on the heart. Evidence shown a new in the remarks about how she wouldn't die, that King Kieren demanded his subjects never perish. It was sad in a way, Victoria was almost always an elated person but never did she consider herself immortal. If anything she imagined she'd die young a hero and soldier. Initially they'd had a fling business however parted the two and silently the blonde had concluded that affairs of the heart were not for her. She'd eventually be it in a week or many years be wounded beyond human repair. When that came she'd die refusing to be machine, it'd only break hearts so distance was ideal. Moments like this solidified the idea as now she couldn't see Kieren as anything but something to protect to not see hurt again. "Just promise I keep my good looks I don't want to be old or a mech." She remarked in playful honesty.

With that she'd dived into the mass of remaining demons. They were smaller fragile creatures Victoria wasn't going to have the grand threats survive her volley. That move while costing almost all her fuel made the pressent engagement an easy victory. Kieren was to good to be touched by these fiends and Victoria though not as skilled had her armor. And the blade of choice met very little resistance against the meat of the rotting and foul creatures. Within her technique was nothing flashy or artistically stylized. Rather the HUD suggested the ideal point and her blade stabbed or cleaved into it. What was performed was her reflexes melding with her strategic mind and the integrated software that led to a rapid rate of killing. Each motion flowed to the next and each motion was designed to kill.

"You know I don't judge. I treat them like hunts that's not much better. Besides have you seen that receptionist at Avalon that girl thinks her fights ARE a video game." The remark came as Victoria set eyes on a demon mutating. The ghastly image concluded with an emergence of wings only serving to please the armored knight. It was admittedly played up, much like a big brother or sister might do something to make the younger sibling laugh. Using the ornate structure of the Notre Dame as a platform her jumps very much akin to a predatory cat she ascended the tower and leapt for the devil in flight. Sword was sheathed to allow the retraction of claws providing Victoria to snag the demon like a feline taking down a bird. Clearly she could of just flown but that would have been less charming.

Landing though led to a slight sigh. "Don't think they will my king. That famous tower, you know the one. Yeah it's gut by the looks of it a fresh horde. And the best players on their team seem ready to make there claim. Know how crowd control was all mine a few minutes ago? Well if we go there it'd be all you. My resources are about spent." Her spirit was far from broken she'd infact go if Kieren wanted she simply was stating the reality of her own limitation.

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Resistance there shall be!