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CVNUCode Name: Lioness

Name: Victoria Elizabith Lionfang Windsor

Monikers: Pride, Mouse

Title: Classified

Age: 21

Height: 5'3 out 5'5 in

Weight: 100 out 140 in

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Powers: None

Skills: Marksman, Swordsman, Engineer, Hacker, Espionage, Deception, Stealth, Smart, Survival, tracking, Good at identifying a mutant, Strong willed

Weakness: Note that while skilled there not mastery. And she is also entirely human. Pride could also be downfall

Transportation: Lotus Elise

Weapons and gear: Untraceable wifi providing high speed laptop. With firewalls and hacking software that surpass most. It does this by having fused all the firewalls and hacking gear instead of just replacing or updating. Its battery is solar powered and as such almost never goes dead. The bag for it houses also an additional battery and a miniture drone. Her cell phone can also tap into the computer from anywhere. Thanks to the latest software both are also connected to satelites granting almost a hundred percent global service. A ornate sword with a tazer/shock insertion. It has a standard tazer varient as well as a strong shock that could be lethal. Lastly it has a 'lightning' setting where the blade lights up like lightning and deals the same dammage. Her right hand glove as such is also a durrable and shock resistant alloy. It also houses a concealed blade. In the left glove is a gas powered grapling hook. Glock 18 automatic pistol with twelve magazines. Piano wire retractable from either glove as well. Sunglasses with echo, thermal, xray, night vission. She has been known to also carry a berett 50call when mission allows it, five magazines.

Fighting Style: Counters and quick kills

Lightning Investigative Observational Network Armor aka Lion Armor 2.0

Armor: Victoria wanted her armor to be able to be portable. Something that could be concealed in a brief case of backpack. As such her armor sacrifices durability for mobility. It often is seen as a simple backpack, it's various pieces of software mask it's true nature to most machines. The first layer is a nano fabric mesh. Small needles jab into nerves in the neck linking the armor to the user so that its as fluid as a second skin. This allows there to be enhanced attributes rather then lower reaction time. Its also what allows the user to bring up any information wanted on the fly. Second layer of the armor is a series of solar absorbing crystals storing energy for the suit. The third layer is the armor itself made of titanium but in small segments. It would be hard to spot but to allow its great mobility alot of the armor is in pieces just close together. Lastly is the thrusters and weapons. Four micro engines on the back, one in each hand, foot, elbow and knee allow for remarkable mobility.

Weapons: Typhoon Gernade Launcher (Concealed in shoulders)-five round rpg bassed c4 gernades. These small gernade sized packages of the high explosive are shot out and then take off with a rocket propulsion. Note other gernades can fit into the system as well. Raptor Missile System (Back)-a box sized system inbetween the thrusters of the back. Armed with three tracking missiles that can reduce jets and tanks to nothing. Note other rockets can be made to fit into the system. Arm cannon (right arm mounted)- the latest technology in weaponry. It contains up to a hundred and twenty 'bullets'. Using a coil system it can fire the small projectile at over ten thousand mph. Clocking in far faster then most bullets though is far from what makes the weapon exceptional though. No its the rounds themselves. Comprised primarly of glass the energy is absorbed into the sphere. The weapon then fires them in such a way that they can rip through most armor and then explond in a small super nova. A five round burst into a tank left nothing but ashed corpses and liquified metal. By compressing glass larger or additional rounds can be made in the field. Solar blade(collapsed and on left thigh)- using solar energy this tungsten titanium blade is divided into four parts. The hilt, two parts of the blade and the tip. Allowing it to be compact but also quick to snap into position. Solar energy is charged into the weapon letting it burn at half the temperature of the sun and cut through most things. Claws: Located in the fingertips, when needed the arm cannon dissassembles sliding back so hands can be used. The claws function like the blade. Ace (concealed gun under right and left palm)-a simple gun design able to fire any ammunition picked up. Essentially an all excepting load system and barrel. Last is Roar(face plate)- when all else fails the Lion can take in up to sixty percent of its energy and release it. Pealing back from the helment a layer reveals what looks like a lions mouth, this can release the energy in a powerful solar beam. Lastly the shoulders can expand for a prototype shield she calls 'Con': it emits an electromagnetic and gravitational pulse that redirects damage reducing twenty to ninety five percent of the damage depending on the attack pattern.

Abilities: Flight, Durability(can take up to ten ton blows easy), ten ton strength, telepathic shielding, speed(mach2 1522 mph), Elemental resistance

Weakness: The visor is just bulletproof glass nothing overly special. Its also built on being conventional and as such its durability pales in comparison to some of the tougher mechs or metahumans.

Family: Eric Lionfang(Grandpa deceased) Roger Logan and Rick(uncles deceased) Leo Lionfang(father) Nicole Griffin(mother) Edward Windsor(brother)

Scars: Bullet wound under right breast. A small scar near the left elbow. Stabing scar right knee. Whip mark lower back. Biohazard symbol branded below belly button. Missing right index finger, gloves provide a prostetic. A quarter of her throat with a good eye, looks as if it had been slit. Stab wound left shoulder. Bullet wound right thigh. A slash across her wrists. Her first kill left a scar along her left eye. Cigarette burn at the base of the left leg. Roaring Lioness tattoo right bicep. Sai stab wound left shoulder, cybernetic right leg(knee down), cybernetic left foot), cybernetic left arm, cybernetic right eye, knife stab right hand, scar on midriff cybernetic lung, cybernetic left ear (21 scars total)

Cybernetics: laced with nanites they appear normal. However made of titanium they possess greater durability. Within the finger tips is a number of hacking software. Lastly they possess kinetic absorption dampening damage done to them. Lung recycles and stores air allowing for breathing underwater and so on. Ear provides sonar hearing.

Bio: Victoria Windsor began her struggle at the age of five. It was then that her father Leo Lionfang who was the son of Eric Lionfang began conditioning her. Before one can learn this history of Victoria though they should know the story of the family.

Eric was involved throughout the entire Vietnam war, something that would warp his mind exponentially. Having survived sevral missions and battles he had also gathered a body count that would haunt him untill he died. But he was also respected greatly as a hero of the states. His right arm was severed by a metahuman with claws. This was near the end of the war and would establish a resentment of these mutants. War over he was left with four sons the ages of fifteen thirteen eleven and nine. There names were Logan, Roger, Rick, and Leo. They were about to be honed into the finest wariors Eric could make. By the age of eighteen for Leo, all four of them were hardened vets just waiting to be a veteran. Soldiers one and all, with scars and stories galore. Life had been hard growing up but none of them complained about the world they lived in. In 1983 Rick died in combat only making the brothers and there father even closer.

Then rumor got out during the early nineties that there was a anti meta organization in works. Being a family of reknown loath of mutants and of high military regard the family was asked to be members. Originaly just advisors in Eric's case and security for the brothers. Between nineteen ninety three and ninety six both other brothers had fallen to mutants. One night when drunk and depressed Leo was comforted by Nicole Griffin a co worker at the office. She was remarkably bright and they hit it off instantly. By nineteen ninety seven they had adopted a girl named Victoria Elizabeth Windsor as well as gotten married.

However when agreeing to adopt Leo had figured his wife would come home with a son. Which was not the case, he became very stern in his teachings. She was a girl but he still expected a soldier to be his child. Victoria was home schooled, she picked up quickly on electronics and science in particular. When not being taught under the books however it was almost always military oriented lessons. On her sixth birthday she opened her pressents at the hospital having been shot in the chest. At the age of seven she was trained in disarming opponents and in a lesson had her arm broken. One of the bones puncturing the skin. After this her grandpa said he'd be getting her the best gifts he could each birthday but Victoria had to have a new scar to earn it.

At the age of eight she earned her third scar, from a knife fight. Her mother this time teaching her to cope with pain by jabbing scissors into Victoria's right knee. Next year she endured her first exposure to torture, a mark from a whip along her back serving as the reminder. At the age of ten she was told to get grandpa into a point where she could kill him. Victoria pulled it off but not before a biohazard sign was branded below the bellybutton. This remains Victoria's favorite as it reminds her what she has trained to fight. The next test would be by a test of disarming bombs untill she was harmed, she managed to clear out eight before one detonated prematurely and took her right ring finger. Following this was the second torture she was forced to endure, where she managed to break her grandpa's arm in such a way it could never be used again. Not however without taking a small cut to the left side of her neck. During her thirteenth year she would take another stab wound this time to the back of her left shoulder. The next scar being a bullet this time took to right thigh.

The next two years would be very special lessons above them all. Victoria was told what she would have to do but not when to expect or why it might come to pass. At the age of fifteen she found herself being kidnapped. Locked up in a basement and forced to almost starve. To escape she needed to break her wrists and cut them on the cuffs so the blood could aid in sliping free. She found herself in the forest, in a cabin. She spent the year there having to wait and be patient. On her sixteenth birthday the man finally came, one could see the claws wresting in his forarms. A mutant, the enemy she needed to kill him. She waited till he was asleep hiding in the rafters. Dropping from above she buried a kitchen knife into his eye. He managed to cut a gash along Victoria's left eye but nothing grand enough to save him.

Back to training for awhile things were back to normal fine tuning her skills. Half way through however, her boyfriend unknown to Victoria was paid to try and make advances on her. He burned her with a cigarette along the left side of her bottom, Victoria ramming his head through the window and beating him untill in a coma. Finally at the age of eighteen she was allowed to get the tattoo of a lion on her right bicep the symbol of the family. The next three years were spent working for the military and fine tuning the armor idea of hers. It was complete just in time for her arival at the Black Cell organization. After a incident in the organization Victoria started to take out the facility. Along the way she'd fought Warsman come her radical change in perspective. It led to her various cybernetics when she was bested. Recently she's become a member of the Children of the Damned her nineteenth scar obtained when she met the leader Ozzy also known as Ronin.


Nanite Augmentation: Using nanites instilled into her body Victoria has been granted abilities over kinetic energy. This generally lets her tap into the potential energy of something on contact. Generally the use of this attack creates an explosive result. This can be used to charge any organic or inorganic matter. The only condition being her or at least her armor has to be in contact. Using this ability she can also cause molecular discomfort, incinerate, burn things or with enough training can learn to manipulate time. Using the ability has also allowed her to use amplified dexterity and agility. This further maximizes her skills she can make use of in her suits better physical stats. This also can create a static interference which shields her mind from detection and intrusion of almost all telepaths. Using this energy she can also create a shield for herself.

The armor has been upgraded with some new hardware to combat larger situations and environmental conditions. Volcanic Cord: located with four on her back and two perhand each reaching thirty feet in length. Working like napalm or as potent flame throwers. Cryogenic Ammunition: using Liquid nitrogen in a similar function as her standard arm cannon amunition. Pressure Dampeners: designed to allow submersability. Naturally it also helps against some otherwise crushing attacks. Terraforming Prototype: housed in the shoulder pads is a swarm of nanites designed to resemble geokinesis.

Cornelius her drone has also received augmentation. Advanced Mapping: enhanced load outs using satellites and it's own software allows it to provide an almost flawless layout of the field. This is further aided by the Lioness' own position. APM Anti Person Mines: stored in small packages much like her arm cannon is a variety of mines. Able to carry fifteen of each. These mines are nerve gas(paralysis), knock out gas, emp, shock, standard explosive, sub turret(fires for up to thirty seconds using semtax bullets the small needle like size of the bullets are made efficient by the explosive nature of semtax).