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@heraldofganthet: Around, lots of projects and stuff it's kept me away :/ I'm sorry to hear that! I want to get back to posting here more regularly.

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Honestly, human Beast will always be my preferred Beast. I'm a sucker for the big five, and back then Beast actually got to show he is an absolute powerhouse in addition to the most brilliant mind in the X-Men.

This new form needs a hairstyle, perhaps something human-like what he had when he was in his human form, it would be a nice contrast, like Professor Hulk. I don't care so much about looks but his power. I want him to be back to a point where he could wreck Iron Man and instantly heal all of his wounds.

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Cyclops and Beast are my two favorite X-Men. I recognize the characters I love would never do the things they are doing in current continuity, but I tend to see it Cyke's way. I think it's apparent that Marvel tried really hard to make Cyclops into a bad guy, the whole Schism and AVX was very forced. Suddenly, Wolverine who has killed thousands of innocents alongside thousands of bad guys and has groomed several young women into becoming ruthless killers, now has a problem with teens training to fight, which is, you know the original concept of X-Men.

And suddenly, though everyone forgives Jean for what she did while possessed, it's OK to turn Cyclops into an evil overlord, despite the fact that everything turned out the way he said it would, despite the fact that he did more to help the world before becoming Dark Phoenix than any of the Avengers.

So yeah, Beast demonizing Cyke for something, while he condones Wolverine for that very same thing, is hypocrisy, and it just shows how Marvels wants everyone to know Wolverine is in the right, killer or saint, whatever he chooses is the right thing to do.

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@spiderbuck: Does anyone have scans featuring current Cyborg? I know on paper he's supposed to be able to lift 4 tons and has flight and superspeed, but how fast is that?

I mean Banshee can fly at the speed of sound, render people unconscious with a whisper and liquify Phalanx monsters with his sonic scream, so I wanted to see how that compares with ol' Vic Stone.

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@dondave: Damn, forgot that part, win is achieved by KO or death.

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Honestly, people are either misinformed on WW or in Thor and comment accordingly. WW has her stuff and it isn't clear how powerful she is when she takes her bracelets off now int he nu52, but Thor has tanked through blasts that can obliterate galaxies whole. People claim he's slow yet he's still flown several times faster than light and can throw his hammer can be thrown to the end of the galaxy and be back in a few seconds.

Yes, we all get it people, Wonder Woman is allegedly faster than Thor according to her feats, nobody is saying Thor is a speedster. That is still not going to be enough, by her own words, speed is not enough to win a fight, and Thor outclasses her in every other category, including hand to hand fighting (and argument could be made that they are equally good, however and quite simply, Thor has existed and fought for countless millennia before WW was even thought of.)

So, have you accepted Thor into your hearts today brothers?

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LOCATION: uninhabited hills by Cassidy Keep.

MATCH 1: Morals on.
MATCH 2: Blood-lusted

This is Banshee in his most well known form, before being a Horseman of Apocalypse and Nu52 Cyborg. Both have their standard equipment, starting 30 meters apart.

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Like some said, there's only a few, but my money is on Iceman. Flash has had problems with Captain Cold throughout all of his career and Captain Cold is nothing compared to the power Iceman has.
Cable, Nate Grey, Magik, Colossusnaught or Juggernaut and Magneto would also stand a good chance, but mah money is on Drake. They are even somewhat alike in that they're possibly the most OP members of their teams yet tend to be ignored and never show their full potential.

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@cyclops4president: QFTW

Current Aquaman takes this. He is a physical powerhouse now. He can make Superman feel a punch and lift thousands of tons. He can swim faster than the speed of sound, like 20 times so. Do the math and you'll see that due to water density, and the strength he would need to have in his legs to be able to swim that fast, that he's quite possibly fast enough to give Quicksilver a run for his money, so he's gonna be hard to tag even by Johnny.

He's a much better fighter and strategist than Johnny is, and possesses a natural resistance to heat based attacks. The original Human Torch could hang with Namor, but he was an android capable of resisting punishment the likes of which Johnny would not be able to bear, and with Aquaman's superhuman senses and leaping ability he can catch up with Torch eventually. One solid hit from Aquaman would be enough. This is all on land. If Aquaman gets to the water (and he only needs a leap or so to get to), then there's really nothing Johnny can do.

Now, onto Aquaman's real advantage here, his Telepathic ability. This is Pre-flashpoint or close to it. That means his telepathic powers are in full force. They are strong enough to reach throughout the entire earth. He can influence and affect anything that evolved from marine biology, and that includes humans. He's fought Despero solo both physically and mentally, so you know he's got both the telepathic range and power to take out Johnny. All he needs to do is give Johnny a seizure, long enough for Aquaman to reach him and tag him once since that's all it would take.

For Johnny to cause Aquaman any significant damage, he would have to be bloodlusted and ready and willing to use Nova level flame in the middle of a populated area with the intent of killing his enemy. Since morals are on, that is highly unlikely. Even if Johnny was allowed to use that, I still think Aquaman could employ his speed to survive it and come up on top.

All Hail the King.

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Honestly, Rulk is a walking PIS machine, he's powered by the Loebforce, while Simon actually has had to earn his place. He's beaten the crap outta guys like Namor and Abomination before and stalemated The Hulk and Hercules (in a semi-friendly fight), gave Thor and Hyperion a run for their money and this was before he became more powerful. Simon wins, IMO.