Dick Grayson should go back to being Nightwing

It's not that Dick is not an awesome Batman. Certainly, with Bruce out of the picture, there was no one better suited to wear the cape and cowl than Dick, and indeed, Batman's figure is instrumental in mantaining order in Gotham, so someone needed to step in.
However, Bruce is now back. He's gone on to do his Batman Inc. project and Dick is left as Gotham's Dark Knight Detective, but let's face it, people who write major character deaths, particularly recently (talking about both Batman and Captain America's deaths) don't seem to think ahead and figure out what will happen once these fundamental characters return (because we all know they do). It's understandable, really, because up until now these situations weren't so hurried. When Hal Jordan died, he didn't came back for a long, long time, so Kyle Rayner had plenty time in the sun as the last Green Lantern. He was able to grow and become what everyone hope he would become, and when Hal finally came back, there were no conflicts or struggles for the title. Hal came back to his rightful place and Kyle was established as an instrumental character as well. This was also easy thanks to the nature of the Green Lantern identity: There are thousands of Green Lanterns and the title is not really an emblematic mantle associated with a single character. This is also true to The Flash: When Barry Allen died a hero, Wally was ready to take on his legacy and, like Kyle, he was given enough time to grow, to evolve, to make his the mantle of the Flash, so much that now, for  alot of people, thinking of The Flash is thinking of Wally. Well, now Barry is back, and immediately after, it seemed that Wally was pushed aside, not to mention what happened to poor Bart. However, since both Barry and Wally existed at the same time another Flash existed (Jay Garrick), the fact that there is more than one Flash doesn't seem to be so hard to assimilate.
Let's look at Dick's life journey shall we? Of course, we all know he was the first Robin, but Dick grew and became so much more than that. Eventually he just had to go into the world as his own man, self sufficient and independent. He abandoned the Robin identity and created Nightwing, his own mantle, one whose legend he would create all by himself, instead of having to live up to a mentor who used the same identity. Other people around him did this as well: Aqualad became Tempest, NOT Aquaman II, and Speedy became Arsenal, and then Red Arrow, instead of Green Arrow, while Wonder Girl became Troia and whatnot, instead of Wonder Woman.  
The point is, as similar as these identities can be to the ones that inspired them (Red Arrow to Green Arrow or Nightwing to Batman), the fact that their mentors stuck around gave the original Titans a push to go and make a life for themselves; one not defined by what they do in comparison to what their mentors did; it allowed them to forge their own legend. So Nightwing was created and finally Dick was his own man. Sure, everyone knew he had been the Bat's first protege, but no one saw him as just that anymore. He became a leader and a founder, and not the kind that Robin has sometimes shown to be, that is to say, the kind that immediately loses his authority the minute Batman shows up. Nightwing went on to become a new character all by himself, away from the Bat. As similar as their modus operandi were, Dick's personality always came through: his special brand of humor, his different approach to combat, the fact that he was no dark, brooding crusader but a charismatic adventurer who was capable of rallying the superhero community together. He owned his identity and was capable of taking on adventures alongside Batman without being reduced to a sidekick again. But then he was forced into the cowl, and, for me at least, that means that Dick is living in Bruce's shadow again, trying to be all that he was, trying the convince Gotham and the World he can be just as good a Batman as Bruce was. But you see, I don't think he can ever be, because Batman and Bruce are the same thing, and Dick is very, very different from Bruce. Maybe, if Bruce had stayed dead for 15 years or at least more than a decade, then Dick would've been able to make the Bat-mantle his own, just as Wally became the Flash without turning into Barry Allen. It would never be Bruce's Bat-mantle, but it would be a Batman we'd grow into and eventually come to accept as the one and only Batman. 
When Bruce came back, I expected him to take the Batman identity from a relieved Dick, let Tim grow to be his own man as well and take Damian as his new Robin, but obviously this did not happen. So now the question stands, Having two Batmen is having one too many? What do you think? Would you like to see Dick back to being his own man or would you have him keep trying to make the Bat mantle his own, despite having to compete with the original?    

Why Hal Jordan...?

Hey, newbie here. 
I mean, I just made this account, but I've been lurking around the vine for a long time now. Anyway, recently I read a blog in the Hal Jordan page, which asked the question "What's so great about Hal Jordan?" Well, I can't speak for anyone else here at the vine, but I'll try to put into words why Hal is the greatest Green Lantern in my book, and one of my favorite superheroes, and why he does indeed deserve his place in the GL mythos as the mantlepiece. 
Okay, so for starters, he was the first. Yes, I'm aware of Alan Scott, but he just had the name, he wasn't a member of the Corps, and we all know that Hal was the first human GL. To draw a comparison, there was an old Golden Age character called the Black Widow who bore no resemblance to the Natalia Romanova we now know, same case with an older incarnation of the famed Ghost Rider. So, technically speaking, yes, Hal was the first human Green Lantern, and he had the best origin story out of anyone who ever bore that name. You don't have a good origin, you have nothing. Hal's a classic, and people dissing his costume should remember that his was one of the most modern examples of superhero costumes at the time it was created. It still is. His look, his character, is as iconic as Superman's and has only recently mildly been robbed of his importance in the eyes of the non-comic reader population by the latest adaptations of the JLA to TV. Really, who are the others?  
 Guy? He's that other dude who would've been GL but wasn't, became an annoying jerk and only became a good character when Hal came back. John? He never grew a personality until they force-fed him to the world with the animated series. Kyle? The trademark replacement who'll never live up to the original standards. You wanna talk about bad protectors? He let his girlfriend get killed and only seems to have been affected by it from time to time. He even cracks jokes about it. I love the kid but he didn't even had enough willpower to beat Slade with the most powerful weapon in the universe.  


Aquaman did that. Whilst blinded. With one strike. And fighting alone.


See here, Hal has that old school charisma that other heroes, even heroes older than him, like Superman and Batman, lack. He reminds me so much of Han Solo; here's a character that can sit in a bar having a regular day, and a few moments later, he's flying off to save the world. He punches the bad guys, saves the world, cracks a joke and kisses the girl, those characters just aren't common anymore. He is an everyman, and to me, one of the most relatable characters in the JLA. He's not a Godly alien, not an Amazon Warrior Princess, not a brooding dark knight or an Atlantean King. He's just a guy with the most powerful weapon in the universe and a good sense of humour. He didn't chose the life of a Green Lantern, he was chosen for it, and went from a ordinary airforce gruff to a Galactic Guardian. This of course is only one of Hal's faces. We all know he screwed up. Big time. He lost his city, his whole life, and went insane, but really people, could you judge a person for losing it under those circumstances?  
What would Superman do if faced with the vision of Lois, Jimmy, Perry White, the whole of Metropolis turned into a smoldering crater? It was simply Hal's fate to be the one who lived through that. But he was never evil, he was simply lost in grief. There he was, the hero who had saved the planet and the galaxy countless times, and this was his reward? And even when he had crossed the line into becoming Parallax, he was still able to pull himself back and save the world yet again, sacrificing his life in the process.  


Not only that, he became the Spectre and sought to right the wrong he had done in life. And after he was brought back, he faced his former friends, he faced his heir and the Corps, he took full responsability for what he had done and he never took anyone's forgiveness for granted, but worked hard to rectify what he had done and is still earning everyone's trust back. Is that being a coward? Anyone one of you who has ever done something wrong knows the guts it takes to face up to what you have done and try to make it right again. 


Hal's story is one of courage, adventure, tragedy, darkness, redemption... amongst the GL's, he certainly seems to me the one with more dimensions to his character, and his flaws of character are not bigger or more important than those of his teammates. Not to be trusted? Everyone, even John and Guy trust Hal with his life. But Batman? He fights alongside you yet he has a plan for killing you hiding in his batbelt. Batman couldn't save Jason Todd, Aquaman couldn't save his child, Wonder Woman outright KILLED a man for the world to see, and not to mention what the JLA did with Dr. Light and others to protect their identities. Alcohol? Should I mention Tony Stark? Roy Harper? Mia Dearden? Hercules? That's actually why people can relate to him, he's not perfect! And yet he is the greatest Green Lantern, and I mean he's the best at doing what a GL does. His designs are simplistic, yes, but that is exactly what his character would do. He doesn't create architecturally accurate constructs or intricated pieces of art, because he doesn't need them. Hal gets the job done better than anyone else and with goes straight to the point. Not to mention his willpower is said to be the greatest in the universe, something which automatically makes him the most capable GL. After all, Guy was helpless against Doomsday and Kyle got his fingers broken by Deathstroke.  
Hal is a true, classic hero, but one who also just happens to be human, and that makes him that much more appealing to me as a character, because its inspiring how, no matter how badly you've messed something up, no metter how far into the darkness have you gone, with enough courage and willpower, a man, a hero will always face up to what he's done, and seek redemption. A hero is a hero, through and through, wether its in the Brighest day, or in the Blackest night, you can bet Hal's light will keep shining. 
Anyway, those are my two cents. What are yours? Does Hal deserve his legendary status? Do you think someone else is a better GL?