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1st image very confined space (Cafeteria)

2nd image cyclops nuke versus that

3rd image look how easily storm returned those boats (im pretty sure cyclops weighs alot less than those)

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control over the power that she is mimicking is a vulnerability. Just because she mimics someones power doesnt mean that she has the same degree of control or know's how to use it.

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@malachi_munroe: i think she can, but she'll definitely need some guidance so she doesn't fry something important....

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the lady thor is enchantress

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@malachi_munroe: Hey! True, but electrons/ions are a part of the atmosphere

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Hey guys, I was doing a little bit of research and I was Wondering why some characters are able to do certain things but Storm "cannot". Most of these "hidden" abilities may be the result of a lack of comprehension from the writers, or writers may fear that they are making Storm too powerful, or by showing this ability could expose a potential weakness for Storm (i'll explain what I mean by this later). With that being said, I'm going to start off with Storms ability to manipulate electricity.

* Disclaimer: This is not a topic of Storms Potential! This is what Storm has been Shown to do, and what she should be able to do as a result of the Feat. *


If you pay attention closely, Storm says. "...If i overdo it, I might short out the whole Subway system." Meaning that Storm isn't creating her lightning bolt from bioelectricity in this case. She is Absorbing the electrical ions that are generated in the subway system and is directing it as a bolt of lightning. We have seen plenty of times where storm has either Absorbed electricity for a specific purpose, or has used her own bioelectrical energy for a purpose. Storm's Primary Power is not electrical manipulation, nor is her ability to manipulate the wind/air. Storm's power is to manipulate/control the forces and energies that govern weather. In any given moment Storm has the option to make any one of these forces or energies as her "primary power".

*Readers Thoughts*: " LimitlessPower, we already know that! What's the point?"

My Point

There are other characters in the Marvel Universe that does the same exact thing as Storm, But they're also able to do more! If they can do it, what prevents Storm from doing it? Characters like Surge, Electro and Nahrees are able to utilize there electrical manipulation for a variety of purposes. If you read their powers section on their page you'll see that they utilize their electrical manipulation in very similar ways. But I want to gravitate toward a different character that isn't apart of the Marvel universe.

I want to focus on the DC comics character Black Lightning.

I'm focusing on Black Lightning because Marvel has been very vague when it comes to the abilities of electrical Manipulators, but DC has outdone themselves when it comes to this character.

Black lightning is a very powerful Electrokinetic! He has shown very noteworthy feats in the DC Universe. Black Lightning is able to generate, absorb, and manipulate electricity for various purposes.

Here are some things that I want to focus on that Black Lightning has done because of his ability to manipulate electricity:

- "The electricity generated by his body also reduces fatigue, allowing him to exert himself for long duration's of time."

- "Aside from being able to lift/bench press beyond his own weight, he can increase his overall strength by stimulating his muscles with electricity."

- "...capable of reacting at lightning speeds. His mind and eyes are capable of processing information at such speeds, that time appears to have slowed down."

- "...can fly by charging his lower body with electric energy. Theoretically he can fly at the speed of light..."

- "...capable of channeling his bio-electrical energy into attacks or even drain the bio-electrical energies that may dwell within another being."

- "...can absorb electrical energy, and utilize it for various purposes which include: enhancing his speed, convert the electrical energy into some other form of energy, use the electrical energy to regenerate/heal himself, and enhance all his powers/abilities."

- "...can increase his electrical projections by simply ionizing the hydrogen atoms in the atmosphere..."

- "...capable of discharging destructive electrical energy that flows through the air negating all resistance that may be received from air or space. The destructive electrical energy is capable of destroying an entire area."

- "Black lightning can heal himself and others by using electricity, by absorbing electrons and using them to stimulate molecules, renewing damaged cells."

- "...can manipulate matter on a telekinetic scale with the use of Electromagnetism."

- “…able to track the resonance of a broadcast frequency to a location of where its coming from… senses the weak bio electric fields generated by living beings and uses it to locate them. These electric fields are generated by everything living due to the activity of their nerves and muscles… senses his surrounding environment by generating electric fields and detecting distortions in these fields…”

- “….can produce highly concentrated electric force fields that are powerful enough to deflect high caliber bullets and high levels of impact. The force fields are capable of withstand tremendous physical attacks, grenades, explosives, artillery fire, missiles, fire, and energy attacks.”

- “…possesses intense bio-electrical energy within his own body, which allows him to transform into pure electrical energy… While in this form, he becomes immune to all existing poisons, bacteria and diseases, and can survive without oxygen…can pass through solid matter, move at supernatural speed.”

- “…can release and surround himself in electrical energy for defensive/offensive purposes, becoming almost untouchable and granting him various abilities/attacks. The electrical aura gives him enhanced physical capabilities such as speed, strength and durability.”

How this Relates To Storm

Black Lightnings power is electrokinesis. Storm is also an electrokinetic. Storm is not a small scale electrokinetic and she has shown time and time again on how well she can manipulate electricity.

Black lightnings electrokinesis works likes this: Generating and controlling/manipulating electricity; He can also use various electrical attacks and manipulate different forms of electricity. Storms electrokinesis works like this: Generating and controlling/manipulating electricity.

Being that there is no difference between the two, Storm should also be able to use electrical energy in almost the same exact way as Black Lightning, Surge, Electro, etc..

Physically, Storm should be able to: increase her strength, increase her speed, reduce fatigue, increase endurance, increase reflexes/reaction time, increase healing rate, have increased immunity to diseases and should be able to survive without oxygen.

Energy wise, Storm should be able to: increase her flight speed, create electrical fields to block various forms of attacks, sense others via their bio-electricity, become a being of pure electrical energy, and manipulate matter via EM.

Storm has been shown to do many things with her electrical manipulation offensively, but as we can see, electrokinesis could be the difference in Storm being a "glass canon" and a "steel canon". Utilizing electrokinesis in a way similar to Black Lightning, would give a lot of Marvel Characters a Good run for their money.

The arguments (This is my opinion)

Even though Storm and Black Lightning are both electrokinetics, does Storm have the same degree of control as Black Lightning?

I would think so. They have different levels of output, but utilizing electricity for a specific purpose is just that. Now the output of that purpose may vary.

Is Storm limited to the amount of electrical energy present, whereas Black Lightning generates near infinite amounts of electricity?

No. Electrons are everywhere and they love "following" after each other.

If Storm does decide to go "full electrokinetic" in a situation, would she have the same or similar weaknesses as Black Lightning?

Most likely, yes.

Storm and Black Lightning have different physiology's, So wouldn't Black Lightnings physiology allow him to utilize his powers in such a degree?

Yes and No. The main difference in physiology is that his body has an electroreceptor organ which allows him to track different bio-electrical patterns. But both can absorb and generate electricity in their physical form. Therefore, there must be a certain physiological feature that allows them to perform these actions. Because of this, Storm should be able to utilize her electrokinesis in an almost identical degree as him. The only difference is that electrokinesis is Black Lightning's primary power, so he utilizes it all the time and explores it in many different ways.

What are your Thoughts?

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wow i never knew she was so powerful! definitely a force to be reckoned with

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IMO, this is the dumbest marvel event to date. I don't see the purpose except to make the villains look bad ass and the heroes look stupid. If all the other universes are aware that these incursions are taking place, why are they not on earth killing people like the heroes of earth are doing to the alternate universes?