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Its lunchtime in Blighty :D

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Methos says:

"Lilac says:
"Not this again :P good lord..."

Kittehs cancel out the bum cookies :P fankyou

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Not this again :P good lord...

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hands out Barguest's cookie stash

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Hee hee! you drew Bruce! Coool :D

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It was almost a taunt to the rebels to have Gambler's defender as a one eyed woman. Lilac had long since learned to compensate for her poor spacial awareness, and was still a crack shot. She picked off stragglers with single bursts, clearing the path for Silver 7 to make thier way into the fray.

The blood of the closer targets peppered her pristine shirt. Reloading her weapon had become a mechanical act, spent shells left a trail behind her. She scanned higher ground for snipers, these people were badly equipped... but they were still equipped nonetheless. Lilac could sense a mixture of fear and rage from the crowds, but within her own group there was a feeling of clinical detachment.

She would leave the main targets to her employer, she was concentrating on covering him. Lilac didn't hold back from her duty, despite her past experience. Her eye had been lost during the first attempt on Gambler's life. Nights were still plagued by the event, her nightmares trapping her seemingly forever in those faithful few minutes.

*A junior member of Silver 7, she had just been promoted. Lilac walked with pride among the other agents, heavy firearms hung reassuringly at her hips. A glint caught her violet gaze. Sniper.

The next moment she found, she had thrown herself in front of Mister LeBeau, many shots had been fired. She could feel hot lead, burn and freeze. Her head ached tremendously, her legs gave way beneath her and she readied herself for the crash into the concrete. It never came.

"Someone get a goddamn medic!!"

Reassuring arms held her, there was a circle of suited professionals surrounding them. There was blood... not hers. Was this failure? She blacked out.*

She had been plauged with post traumatic stress for awhile, every time she heard a bang she would panic. It soon passed, but the thing that scared her most was the fleeting feeling that she hadn't done her duty. Certainly her boss hadn't died, but he had been wounded. She wouldn't let it get that close ever again.

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I'll go check that out then :D

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I posted, hope it doesn't completely suck :P

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Lilac pushed the wet locks away from her face, she smiled languidly. "At once, sir." Her hand snaked around him and took the towel from the rail. She patted her platinum hair dry, never stopping to cover herself. She had no shame in her naked form. The woman reclaimed all her strewn work-clothes from various locations in the apartment, they had travelled alot on their way to the bed last night...she reasoned that her employer had something on his mind.

Once she was dressed she fastened her gun-harness beneath her suit jacket. The compact pistol was her pride and joy, Mister Lebeau had presented it to her on her birthday. It was one of the new hybrid firearms, part plasma, part ballistic. It added an extra kick to have the hot lead tearing through your target imbued with burning light energy. It was small, and light, and best of all; expensive.

Lilac hid guns around her own quarters like an alcoholic would hide spirits. They were well concealed, but she knew exactly where each one was and how much ammo it was packing. Over the years she had been given a few amusing toys by her boss, many of them were hidden about her person at that very moment.

The Nevada skyline had a strange after glow, the colours mixed like petrol tinted vomit. There was no other word for the pollution tainted lanscape, certainly some of the buildings were still beautiful; in that cold big city fashion. There had been an architecture rennaisance during the boom of business in the cities, a revival of 1930s design had swept America. The clean, uncomplicated lines helped the fat cats forget the disorder around them.

She slipped on her black shoes and her coat, from her pocket she took her leather driving gloves. She slid them over her hands in a business-like fashion. From her inside pocket she took her Silver-7 earpiece, she took care not to switch it on just yet. It had a tracking device, and at this time it was not the organisation's concern to know where she was. The earpiece also conveyed to her Mister Lebeau's position and vital signs, this was just as a precautionary measure. As his bodyguard, she was meant to be by his side at almost all times.

"Are we ready to go?" She enquired.

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Alexandria Harkness says:

"Lilac says:
"Alexandria Harkness says:
"Lilac says: