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-------------------------------The Kingdoms-----------------------------------


Ta Meri


The entire world of Alkebulan is ruled by the God-King, Asaru, who's Kingdom is Ta Meri. He is a powerful immortal with a commanding presence.

Ta Meri

Ta Meri is the largest kingdom in all of Alkebulan. The metropolis spans over 913 square miles and consists of a population of 800 million residents. The city is powered by alchemy which incorporates both magic and science to create a more efficient, more safe and more clean environment. Residents of Ta Meri enjoy a life of comfort as poverty is almost non-existent.

The Alchemy District

The alchemy district is where Ta Meri's alchemists work to further their knowledge of magic and science. Thousands of years ago they had unraveled the secrets of DNA and to this day they have a greater understanding of the higher forces of nature than the other kingdoms.

The Order of Anubis

The Order of Anubis is the military of Ta Meri. Their main stations are strategically placed around the borders of Ta Meri in case of invasion but the corps has outposts within the city as well.

The Copper Guard

The Copper guard is the preliminary force of the order of Anubis. As such, they police Ta Meri's streets and serve as the infantry in war campaigns. Each guard is the physical equivalent of two Olympic athletes and is proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Their main weapon is a broad sword.

Jackal Enforcers

Jackal enforcers are the first tier of the Anubis Corps elite forces. They are capable of holding their own against peak humans as they have been trained in various forms of hand-to-hand as well as melee combat.

Jackal Drones

Jackal Drones are the second tier of the elite. Their strength goes into the 50 ton range and they are very durable.

Anubis Warriors

Anubis warriors are a creation of Ta Meri's alchemists who had infused the DNA of Anubis with humans to create this deadly breed of warriors. They are the fiercest in all of Ta Meri but do not use any weapons. They are one half of the top tier of elites.

Anubis Priests

Like the Anubis warriors, the Anubis priests are genetically altered humans. They stand as some of the most powerful mages in the land, and together with the Anubis warriors, they make the top tier of elites.


Nomo is the son of Asaru. He is highly praised for his great strength which is only matched by his own valor. He is the hero of Alkebulan.

The Tetians

Tetians are an ancient race of immortals. They have stood next to the rulers of Ta Meri since the beginning and have watched over humans from their home in the 9th dimension.


Suten is the power of gravity and darkness harnessed. He is a soulless immortal who's only purpose is to destroy what aims to destroy Ta Meri. He was a gift to the kingdom from the Tetians.

House of Asaru

Asaru's Palace

Ta Meri is ruled by the God-King, Asaru, who's palace resides in the center of the metropolis. Technology is scarce within the palace walls.



The Oyo Kingdom is overseen by Ogoun, a powerful alchemist who can wield the forces of electromagnetism and telekinesis. He schemes to overthrow Asaru and rule over Alkebulan.

The Metropolis

Ogoun's Tower

The Starseed Corps


The Infantry of Starseed Corps consists of armored troops. They are armed with some of the most technologically advanced weaponry in all of Alkebulan.

The Starseed knights are special units of serum-enhanced warriors with further enhancements from technology.

Lieutenant Letam

Lieutenant Letam was once a reputable knight within the Starseed Corps but he had sacrificed much of his body in earning his stripes. He is now a cyborg.

General Isenbane

General Isenbane is the leader of the Starseed Corps. He is an expert of the dual-wield and has an uncanny sense of military strategy.

The Destroyers

The Destroyers are Ogoun's personal guard and henchmen. They carry out the jobs that the Starseed corps are unable to.


Falco comes from a race of fierce warriors known as the Viraaj. They are masters of melee combat and gifted with telekinesis.


Aslan is a fearless human who's skills rival that of Falco. His twin blades can launch waves of fire or wind with a swing.


Xango is the prize of Ogoun's Destroyers. He was originally from the Kingdom of Muu and there he was the most gifted student at the academy of elements. He excelled in combat and went on to forge his own sword, infusing it with the power of the elements. Xango was also born with the power of telekinesis, which put him in a class of his own. A very promising student he was, the most talented in all of the academy's long history but he lusted for power and was banished from the kingdom.


Oyinbo is pure energy with a conscience. It's only purpose is to destroy that which it is ordered to destroy.

The Typhians

A great war took place thousands of years ago and between the Tetians and the Typhians, with the Tetians being the victors. The Typhians were forced to leave the universe afterward but now, thousands of years later, two of them have returned to exact vengeance.



The Kingdom of Muu is ruled by a powerful Alchemist named Lutalo. He is a wise man who holds a neutral position in Alkebulan. He does not wish to involve himself or Muu in the affairs of the other kingdoms. Lutalo has mastered all of the elements.

The City

The kingdom of Muu spans 245 square miles and is home to 60 million. It is a neutral empire with a lifestyle that places emphasis on oneness with nature and it's forces.

The Academy of Elements

All children of Muu learn from The Academy of Elements. The curriculum of the school focuses on the four basic elements but also incorporates art, literature, mathematics, self-defense, diplomacy and military strategy. The most promising students of the academy are rewarded with the extracurricular study of light, telekinesis and electromagnetism. It is said that the professors of the academy are so learned in the elements that they are able to fuse the elements to create hybrid elements.

Graduates of the Academy move on to become partake in various community roles including: Artisans, Leaf Soldiers, Blade Mages, and Clerics.

The Villages

The typical village of Muu can be seen with dome structures and waterways with clean water flowing between streets or homes. A statue or two at various corners. Bridges, exotic trees, doves and a never ending supply of fresh air. Technology is almost non-existent in Muu.

The Guardians of Muu

Blade Mage
Leaf Guard

Leaf Guards and Blade Mages are proficient in melee combat but have minimal powers. They are responsible for protecting the kingdom during invasions.


Female Cleric
Male Cleric

Most clerics typically lack combat skills but more than make up for it with their magic. Their duties revolve around politics and diplomacy.



Years ago the Academy of Elements had a promising student named Xango. He was the most gifted student the academy had ever seen and was thought to be the one who would take Muu to new heights but that hope was soon over when Xango was corrupted by his lust for power. Now another promising man has risen from the academy by the name of Zuberi. Unlike Xango, however, Zuberi has a strong sense of duty and is loyal to Muu and it's ruler, Lutalo. Zuberi is equally skilled as a combatant as he is a mage. This has gained him the top ranking in the kingdom.

His main powers come from light, wind and telekinesis.


Princess Inanna

I am Inanna, the daughter of Lutalo, but unlike my father, I will not stand idly by and let Alkebulan fall into chaos at the hands of Ogoun.

I will aid you in your travels through Alkebulan with the forces of water, wind and fire.