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Posted by NightFang

Deadshot and Catman would be fun to see.

Posted by Ferro Vida

Deathstroke would be absolutely bad@ss! Bullseye would be too, if the actor playing him actually, you know, TRIED

Posted by Ferro Vida

btw, theres already a Venom movie in the works, so good call there ^^

Posted by Meteorite

Venom, Doctor Doom and Bullseye would all be good as.

Posted by Risky

Would die to see a Taskmaster movie. Excellent idea.

Posted by Talon/X23

Mysteque would be a nice movie to see

Posted by Djinn

Mystique would be the best movie to see

Posted by batlchip

lose catman and ragdoll and I'm in.

Posted by CrossKill

I'mma rootin' for DeadShot

Posted by likalaruku

I like Ragdoll's costume. The other guys make me gag.