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Hair:Black and or Brown

Eye:Brown, Black


Bo is an ADHD, always-active video-game obsessed car enthusiast who against all odds has come into possession of superhuman powers. He usually wears a shirt with the number 42 on it. His best friend is Jayson, the over-the-top, do yourself, I dare ya type guy. Due to years of playing video games, he is an excellent pilot. He's not exactly the brightest person around, often lacking awareness of how serious the situation, Bo and his car are in — his amazing stunts are mainly just accidents, and he usually ends up destroying more than just a few city blocks. However, he has the capacity to display a strong sense of whats wrong and whats right plus compassion (for example his emotions during a 1-on-1 fight with Jayson after their arrival in what seems to be a completely destroyed city).

In spite of his apparent lack of intelligence, Bo possesses exceptional skill in mechanics, artistry and electronics, frequently "upgrading" Bessie and tinkering with video game consoles and cars, though more often than not they malfunction. Bo has an insatiable appetite, which runs throughout his life. Despite his physique, Bo is also quite strong, capable of punching through a brickwall barehanded — being a ex-boxer, he is good in the stamina department. Bo seems actually quite proud of his smarts, once correcting someone who called him "good smarts" by saying he's "below asshole status."

In an alternate timeline, Bo destroyed the all other worlds(not Earth), but his lust for challenge and battle has gradually turned him into an evil warlord, which may provide insight into his character and motivations. This Bo got very smarter and abandoned his '69 Bessie for a more killer-oriented car. He now drives a heavyly tuned 3009 'vette with weapon attachments eveywhere on it. However, this evil Bo may be fundamentally different from the Bo from the known timeline.