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Bought the season pass so I'll be using him tomorrow either way (One day later? not a big deal, but why? =.=) Can't believe hes not in the archives or no STAR missions, especially no alternate costume. Hopefully they'll fix this asap. Atleast we now know there will be more than just 4 dlc characters.

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Cheetah in Suicide Squad? Interesting, and glad I won't be wasting my money on it anymore, hopefully the new team will bring some interest back into the series.

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Flashpoint Batman is, the rest are paid DLC

"Jarrett Scortino, you will receive the Flashpoint Batman skin with the compatibility pack for free. The other skins revealed this week will also be available on May 7th, but will not be free."

Comment 250-300 on FB page.

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Yes I thought/think the same thing.

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Hey, I would really appreciate if someone knew, or could atleast estimate the value of New Mutants 98 on years:

1991 $1

1993 -








2009 $250


2013 $350

I'm basing this off the average CGC 9.8/NM

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and please include sources if possible

Or if anybody knows how to view ebay auctions from 2 decades ago, that'd be great too :P


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$8 >.>

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I hope it's Harper Row.


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Huge disappointment.

Three good things in this episode:

1.) The Governor executing his 'soldiers' was amazing and really pulled his character full circle from trying to help these people and doing 'what needs to be done' to being flat out frustrated at the situation and destroying those who disagree with him, no matter who they are.

2.) Besides her constant day dreaming, I feel Andrea's death was played out well. I didn't dislike her as all, shes not the same character from the comics, even if they may share the same name. Also, wish it was only MIchonne who found her rather than Michonne, Rick and Tyreese.

3.) Carl was 100% in the right. He told him to DROP the gun, not think about it. If he had the mindset to actually surrender, he would've dropped his weapon instinctively. I think if I was Carl I wouldn't have even given him the benefit of an option to surrender.

Overall, I feel as an episode this was well done, above average and a good episode, but as the season finale it was extremely lackluster and has left me with no anticipation for the fourth season. Welcome back, Game of Thrones.