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Another good episode. Loved the Deadpool 'pop', glad I wasn't the only one who enjoyed that.

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Suicide Squad on the latest news? Sweet, loved the series since issues 1.

Last issue was a bit 'eh' though, this looks better.

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@Vortex13: The bow is easy too pull, but its pulled to a set length, leaving you handicapped at a small amount of power. Would love to have, not necessarily a longbow, possibly a composite bow, that draws back as far as you can pull/keep stable. And use gloves, haha.

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@Vortex13: Alot less than the 50 on the crossbow. Maybe around 20, its a breeze to pull back, only travels about 400 fps though.

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I wouldnt call myself a 'fan' but I do have a compound bow that I'll ocassionaly shoot in the backyard. Got a 50 lb mini pistol crossbow aswell.

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Flash foolhardedly charges at Bane, despite  Batmans protests. Bane pumps up his venom and quickly strikes Barry in the throat, grasping so tight that even Allen's super speed can't get through. With this said, Bane than pummels Flash into the ground, upliffting the surrounding terrain and knocking the naive Barry Allen unconscious.

Superman takes a breather and asks Batman for advice on defeating this unlikely formidable foe. Bruce explains that the tubes carrying Bane's venom is what keeps him powerful, without it, he'll be an easy match. Superman embraces this plan completely.

He lunges onto Banes pumping tubes to find that ripping them out would kill Bane, and as discussed in Superman vs The Elite, he won't kill anyone, no matter how dangerous they are. Batman announces to Kal-El he'll need to freeze the venom within the tube, so that can than shatter it, rather than pull it out. Superman attempts to use his freeze breath, but finds that Bane's venom is too heated when Bane retorts how Supermans 'cold shower' breath has no effect on him, and goes on to uppercut Superman into the air. Feeling the the freezing temperature of space as he leaves Earths atmosphere and enters the cold grasp of space, Superman gains an idea.

Superman turns towards Earth and launches himself down to Bane, causing a crater at the center of their epic battle for strength. To Bane's suprise, Superman lets go and grabs him by the knees, spinning in a windmill formation until finally hurling Bane into deep space where he is than frozen.

Batman stops Superman as he is about to gallop into space to retrieve the incapacitated monster, informing him he'll have one of his many satellites retrieve and disarm him.

Flash than wakes up from his snooze and asks in common comedic fashion, "What happened?"