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It'd have to be someone fun, so I could see Juggernaut working well with them for some odd reason. All of them making jokes randomly throughout the mini lol

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@Thunderscream said:

Establish a new X-Men team with Gambit, Jubilee, maybe she should lead the team
despite what current writers have said, i think she'd be a great leader. i'd rather have Dazzler & Northstar on her team (if we're talking trio)
This would be an awesome mini series. Maybe with one extra adult character who doesn't get much of the spotlight. But I would love to see the three of them in the forefront on a mission. Out of the 3 Betsy seems to be the most reasonable choice to lead.
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She was written the best during the original Age of Apocalypse. Her true potential, personality wise and power wise, was only shown here as she carried an injured teammate most of the time during her teams last mission, and she was the only member of her team capable of surviving a horde of attacking mutants in order to reach the exit, only to have Colossus let the door shut on her. She has never reached that level again in any other book. She is smart and tough, and IMO, her portrayal in the AoA was what she should've been like when she joined the X-Men. She was even shown to be able to copy other people's appearance and that has yet to be touched on at all. I've all but given up hope on Husk reaching any sort of potential in the 616 universe, which is quite sad.

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She never said she was a practicing Muslim. Judging from her background, I doubt her parents worked above and beyond to build religious morals in any of their children. Its been stated before that the kids simply got whatever they wanted and their parents (even though their mother was killed early on) didn't seem to ever be in the picture except to make executive decisions and give them money, so one could argue she was never taught how to be a practicing Muslim.

To me, this is a case of, "I don't care about this aspect of my life/upbringing/heritage until someone slanders it". And given her arrogant and hot tempered personality, its not surprising that she would bring it up just to continue or add to an argument.
So with that in mind, to me it makes sense, given her upbringing and where she grew up. I feel someone like Paris Hilton would get the same reaction if she brought up the fact that she is Christian just to say it in a debate lol

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I'm excited. I think Anne will do a great job, given the diverse roles she has done in more independent films. I also think her costume, minus the ears, looks very similar to what she wears in comics now. And like others have said, so far, she has been cast as Selina Kyle, not Catwoman. I don't think she will officially become "catwoman" until the end of the movie, if at all. 
Its the same as Harvey Dent. They gave him the nickname Two-Face, and only touched on it when he actually became "Two-Face", its not what he was actually called by other characters when referring to him and I thought they did a great job with that. Had he lived, I believe he would have eventually been called Two-Face by many people in Gotham.  
I think the same thing will happen for Selina Kyle. If she survives and keeps doing whatever it is she does in the movie, she will be nicknamed catwoman by the people of the city because they will need a way to easily refer to her in gossip and the press. 
I still cannot wait for this movie!

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@Shadowdoggy: eh, i figure we will get an arcade edition just like SS4, and they will have more characters. You know what they say about assuming though lol
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I think I'll wait for the arcade edition. Im excited for some of the guys, but disappointed with the lack of new women. Psylocke, being my top choice, but where are Ms. Marvel, Songbird, and/or Black Cat as well? 
Im assuming since this new group is all men, there will be a DL character pack of 6-12 female characters. 
Hawkeye's combo looks awesome since it includes Antman, thats a great touch IMO, and it makes me wish they would've added Northstar and or Quicksilver and then included their sisters in their combos (or even vice versa, since SW would probably be a good counter to Dr. Strange, but thats not likely to happen since they may have similar moves).

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@GraphicCasualFreak: That's Angel Salvadore, different character completely
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I liked the movie because I went in knowing it would not be like the comics. I just kept reminding myself all of the characters were young, and I kind of liked Banshee...a lot actually. 
Emma was pretty good, but like G-Man said, I had to remind myself that women in this era had a different role... 

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For the most part I like X-Men TLS, i just wish they had gone more comic book with it. I really wanted to see Phoenix in her actual costume, i wanted to see Rogue actually absorb someone offensively, they should have focused only on the phoenix, and then the fourth movie could have been about the cure and the sentinels due to the increased fear everyone had since a mutant that powerful went nuts. They wanted to do that in X-Men TLS, by showing that Phoenix was disrupting things all over the planet on alcatraz, but chose not to. oh well, it could have been better, but it wasnt focused and they didnt take it far enough in terms of a battle against the phoenix.