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While I like that they are spotlighting Psylocke as a top tier character again (thank god and finally!!), I still feel like the Omega level telepathy status has lost some merit. I felt the same way when they started using it for Emma, since I liked that she was so powerful because of how skilled she was. I hope they don't suddenly ignore the skill that Psylocke has developed / maintained, just have her start relying solely on the fact that she has so much raw power now.

However, with that being said, her progression into getting so much power actually makes sense, esp after the big boost in power she got from Jaimie after being resurrected (which someone has already mentioned). It was done significantly better than what they did with Emma.

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lol I'm cool with Psyjitsu, also I asked Remender on Twitter and his response was ass-fu, so I'm pretty satisfied with the answers haha.

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@ScarlettAssassin: I'd probably agree with that. Even in her bio on here, it says the actual form she uses has never been stated, and I cannot remember any of the bios Marvel has released making a statement either. I'm not a big follower of the Hand members though, and if they use those forms, it would make sense

@Outside_85: That would make a lot of sense as to why they wouldn't explicitly state what form she uses

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Does anyone know which form of martial arts Psylocke actually uses. Is there a particular form that members of the Hand typically use, since Matsuo and Kwannon were obviously involved with them.

Just wondered if anything has been stated, or if she uses more than one more form.

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@Superguy0009e said:

Starfire is now tailored to be this free, independent and sexually liberated female force that no one can stop, and we have Lodbell to thank for that. I don't understand why some feminists can't see that.

thats my problem, why did she have to be so sexually liberated to the point where she just straight up had sex with roy? i agree confidence boost is good, but idk about this new "i hate earth and i can do what i want" additude

I took it as she is willing to sleep with people that she views as lesser beings (since all humans look alike and its difficult to tell them apart to her now) and that hints back toward her time as a slave, she is a strong fierce warrior, but def has issues due to being in captivity for so long. Thats my take anyway, and I like it.

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Looks like I will be sticking with Redhood and the Outlaws, He's got me more interested now.

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@xhavoc86 said:

Why I don't see Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, She Hulk or any other awesome female listed on there?

This! Where is Ms. Marvel?!?!

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Looks like she gets a new costume in Uncanny X-Force permanently now. Its similar to her old one, but finally updated!

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I was disappointed they didn't do more with Emma, I was really hoping for an epic telepathic battle. I'm hoping if there is a sequel, that it is even darker and focuses more on Magneto and his group, where Emma ends up defecting to the X-Men or something by the end of the movie.

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Wait there are no mutants in the Avengers movies? Like they don't exist? 
I really dislike this property rights bs the movies have done. I really want SW and Quicksilver in the 2nd Avengers movie, in a similar role that they had in the Ultimates 2. Sort of background characters who really shine when the other heroes get taken down. I have longed to see the last scene where Wanda and Pietro are the last of the Ultimates standing and trying to fend off the invasion. It would be epic in a live action movie and if something like that isn't in an Avengers sequel, I will be very disappointed.