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I dont think she really loves Thor, she loves the power he wields and being at his side gives her a much higher status. Even the alternate realities where they were married and/or had children, i dont think she loved him, I think it was just convient for both parties.

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Id prefer a prequel, id rather see more of the othe immortals who died and how all of them got along, it would be cool to see a war of Gods since thats what they were called back in ancient times.

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I agree, although it depends on the First in combat, if its a one on one battle, the elite members of the First will most likely come out on top, but if its some of the minor players, some of the eternals have a very good chance, as a team, thoug i think the First would win as well.

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Her warriors have been created in a similar manner that jackie creates his darklings. However because she tends to live for longer periods of time, and can recall all of her previous memories since the host is taken over by the Angelus personality, she has an easier time creating mortal life.

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Aurora is slightly faster, but Northstar has longer endurance and can go farther. The twins talked about it in an issue of Alpha Flight, dont remember which one though